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Linktree vs. Instapage


Linktree vs. Instapage — Feature comparison for creators and influencers

Which link-in-bio tool works the best for content creators?

There are many different alternate tools that help you create these pages. But today, we will be looking at two competitors, Linktree and Instapage, to help you decide which one could be the right one for you.

The link in your social media bios may be one of the most important aspects of your profile. That link is the first impression your followers will get when they go to see what products you’re promoting, your newest blog post, or if they’re trying to learn more about you as a creator. So, you want to make sure you’re making the best possible impression.

Back in the day, you used to have to constantly change out that link every time you had something new you wanted to share. But these days, it is much more common to create a customized landing page.

But first, what is a landing page?

In digital marketing, a landing page is a single web page designed with the intention of being a page visitors “land” on. Unlike your personal portfolio or another social media page, this page has one goal. The goal could be anything – usually campaign specific. Maybe it’s to show your latest sale, or promote your newest blog post. These personalized landing pages have one goal in mind as well. To showcase your social media links, website, and create your personal brand.


Linktree vs. Instapage —- Feature comparison for creators and influencers

Linktree is the oldest link-in-bio tool on the market, and so it may be the one you are most familiar with. In 2016, Australian brothers Alex and Anthony Zaccaria, as well as their business partner Nick Humphreys, found themselves with a problem many creators faced –changing out the link in their bio became far too tedious.

 It could oftentimes create confusion for followers if the link was constantly changing, and there was no consistency with your profile, which could lead potential subscribers to want to click elsewhere.

They would change the bio game forever when they created Linktree. Now, the company has over 30 million users, from small, everyday social media users to mega celebrities and brands, like Selena Gomez and Comedy Central.

What features does Linktree Offer?

In order to create your perfect customized landing page, Linktre.e offers a range of features, both for free and available under different tiered pricing.

Linktree offers multiple themes and templates to choose from, ranging from different color schemes to fonts to help you customize your page to your liking. 

Below are an example of some of the many templates you could choose from:

Linktree vs. Instapage —- Feature comparison for creators and influencers

You can connect payment services like Paypal, Square, and Shopify in order to collect payments for your content. And, you could collect even more revenue from your affiliate links by placing them in your linktree. 

You are also offered analytics, such as unique clicks, total clicks, total views, and location of where your clicks are coming from.

Below is an example of what your analytics could look like:

Linktree vs. Instapage —- Feature comparison for creators and influencers

The pricing tiers for Linktree are as follows:

 the Starter plan for $5 USD per month, the Pro plan for $9 USD per month (recommended by Linktree), and the Premium plan for $24 USD per month. 

The Starter plan includes more customization options, like a spotlight link and scheduling feature, as well as the ability to upload custom images and videos to your page.

The Pro plan includes most of the features of the Premium plan, with a few exceptions, such as unlimited themes, advanced analytics, the ability to remove Linktree’s branding, and enhanced customer support. 

The Premium plan is tailored for large businesses and includes a customer service manager, quick support response times, an onboarding call, and access to exclusive content. This plan is Linktree’s “VIP” option, proven best for large businesses.


Linktree vs. Instapage —- Feature comparison for creators and influencers

Founded by American businessman and entrepreneur Tyson Quick, Instapage is an international company that focuses on personalized landing pages. Designed specifically for businesses wanting to increase their digital advertising results, if you run a small business, or are focused on wanting to create a high conversion rate, this could be the link-in-bio tool for you.

Boasting themselves as the #1landing page for marketers, Instapage claims that consumers will get 400% more from this digital ad spend, and that it is the most advanced landing page on the market. This is because their focus is on maintaining high conversion rates. This means the focus is not on just receiving a high amount of clicks on your website, but rather on what happens with those clicks. 

Whether that be buying products from your affiliate links or reading your articles, it is important that your landing page doesn’t just attract viewers, but keeps them around as well.

Instapage is used by major brands such as Hello Fresh, vimeo, Honey, Ebay, and Skyscanner, many of which are brands that offer sponsorships for influencers and content creators.

This company differs slightly from Linktree, in that they do not just offer you a simple tool to create a list of links for your social media profile.

What Features Does Instapage Offer? 

Instapage offer ad maps, which can help you visualize ad campaigns and help you connect advertisements to your landing page, as well as help lead collaboration with your team, “lightening” fast page speed, advanced analytics, and again, the promise that what your conversion rate will be higher than any other landing page. 

They promise this through precise A/B testing to understand customer behavior. 

Here are some examples of what your data could look like, sourced from the Instapage website:

Linktree vs. Instapage —- Feature comparison for creators and influencers
Linktree vs. Instapage —- Feature comparison for creators and influencers

However, the pricing tiers are significantly higher than Linktree.

For $199 USD a month, you can access the Build plan, which features include unlimited domains, no conversion limits, dynamic text replacements, Salesforce integration, Thor Render Engine, which provides the fastest speeds, and more.

The other two plans are called Convert and Ignite, which you have to inquire to customize based on your needs. These will include features such as: audit logs, A/B testing & optimization, which will create and test page variations based on your conversion goals, extra design services, heatmaps to visualize consumer behavior, and the option to use ReCaptcha, to prevent spam. 

There is not a free option for Instapage, only a 14-day free demo before paying the nearly $200 monthly fee. This is in direct contrast from Linktree, which offers a free plan in which you never have to upgrade.

Clearly, this is a more advanced tool and not necessarily the best option for beginners.

Both these tools offer very different approaches to the landing page. For a more simple approach, you might feel more inclined to choose Linktree for the cheap and easy plans, as well as the accessibility in creating a clickable link for your bio. 

But if you are a small business owner or very focused on turning your clicks into profit, it may be worth it to invest in the advanced Instapage. 

Which link-in-bio tool will you use? Do you have another alternative you would like us to cover? Let us know down below.

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