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Liteup By For Game Influencers On TikTok


Liteup By For Game Influencers On TikTok

There is a need for performance-based influencer marketing on TikTok, especially for game developers. Recently, Audiencly and Flexion helped launch Liteup, a scalable influencer marketing platform that charges brands based on performance, such as app installs. Liteup tracks campaign performance and saves companies time by connecting them with the right influencers and reducing manual work spent looking for influencers. Adrian Kotowski, the CEO and Founder of Audiencly, shares some insights on Liteup’s success and how the app works with us today.

The gaming industry is highly competitive, and it can be difficult for game developers to stand out and find the right influencers to work with. Liteup and newly launched service, helps game developers create effective TikTok campaigns with the right creators while reducing manual work and unnecessary costs, like paying for vanity metrics.  

Today, we speak with Adrian Kotowski, the CEO, and Founder of Audiencly, an influencer marketing company connecting companies to influencers and content creators, about Liteup’s success and why addressing this gap in the gaming market is so crucial.

“At Audiencly, we do influencer campaigns for many game developers worldwide. We achieve very positive results in terms of the return on investment, and we approach each campaign with a very tailored approach for creating a strategy for each of the clients.”

Previously, Audiencly’s campaigns for game developers were primarily run on YouTube and focused on reaching and acquiring new users for the gaming platforms. 

“We are always in close touch with our clients, with our game developers that we work for, and we have seen a new need, and this need is towards the TikTok platform, which has grown big [over] the last couple of months and years.”

Adrian shares that the Audiencly team recognized a growing need for TikTok influencer marketing for gaming developers. However, it  can be difficult to plan influencer marketing campaigns on TikTok because of its unpredictable nature. Brands can also experience poor results from campaigns if they don’t choose a creator that aligns with their product. 

“Audiencly now offers a cost-per-install service, and that is an offering that is dedicated towards TikTok influencers… which works in a very similar way than before, but automated. The well-known ad buying service is created by LiteUp Media and is working very well so far.”

Liteup By For Game Influencers On TikTok

How Liteup Works

Liteup is a mobile app enabling creators to monetize their TikTok accounts consistently. Liteup is trusted by leading mobile game developers, Gliding Deer, SuperPlay, and Gigantic, and it creates detailed data analytics to maximize returns and save brands time and energy.

The app removes the need for negotiations and allows creators to select campaigns and begin earning money based on the app installs linked to their specific tracking link for the campaign. Whenever someone clicks on the tracking link and downloads the app, the creator’s earnings grow. Unlike many apps, creators can withdraw their earnings from liteup at any time. 

Adrian shares, “This is very exciting because we are solving a big problem which no one is addressing, and this is possible thanks to the unique offering and the vision of the Flexion mobile group.”

He adds that the target market for Liteup is mobile game developers looking for ways to increase user acquisition. 

There is no cost to start the service as a brand. Instead, brands pay for each app install. Likewise, creators are not charged to use the platform. 

When asked about the effect Liteup has had on Audiencly, Adrian shares the following. 

“We are starting to consolidate influencer marketing for games, and we are allowing user experts to reach a range of influencer types through a single point of contact, the Flexion Mobile Group, and they’re getting a variety of services in order to acquire new users.”

In addition, he notes that they have had a great return on investment for their early campaigns with game developers through Liteup. He expects significant expansion within this area. 

For brands looking to grow using TikTok,, “it is necessary to have a strong strategy and effective approach towards marketing and acquiring new users, and the overall strategy should include influencer marketing.”

Liteup By For Game Influencers On TikTok

Case Study: Clawee

Gigantic games, one of the leading arcade mobile gaming developers, used the Liteup service to reduce manual work from influencer activations on TikTok, while reaching high-quality users on a large scale and increasing ROAS for mobile app Clawee.

Clawee is Gigantic’s flagship game featuring a live, 24/7 claw machine game with real-world prizes. 

Using Liteup, Gigantic had access to an extensive network of content creators. The Clawee game was able to scale using influencer marketing through the Liteup app, without increased risk to their budget, thanks to the pay-per-install, performanced based model.

@claweeapp I just found this! 💯 you can win real #squishmallows when you play #clawee! 🧸#squishtok #squishmallows #squishmallowsquad #squishmallowcheck #squishmallowfinds ♬ original sound – Clawee

Gigantic could track each creator’s performance and optimize individual payments to increase the campaign’s success. As a result of the campaign, Gigantic has had increased organic growth from viral social campaigns. Most of the creator videos continue to generate new views and downloads as well. 

@claweeapp When your dad becomes a #clawmachines addict and plays on the #clawee app all day long #lol #prizes ♬ original sound – Clawee

The results of this campaign include over 50 million views generated from over 100 content creators on TikTok and over 100,000 installs from Tier 1 countries. The return on ad spend was 135%. 

Future Plans

Audiencly that is part of the Flexion Group are planning to consolidate the influencer marketing area for game developers and have some exciting plans in the future together. 

“Liteup is one example of how we want to broaden our offering, show those game developers that there are so many new ways of doing influencer marketing and having an effective influencer marketing strategy,” says Adrian

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