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Media Kit Template How to Create a Professional PDF for Sponsorship Opportunities


Media Kit Template: How to Create a Professional PDF for Sponsorship Opportunities

As a social media influencer, your greatest and most satisfying goal is securing sponsorships. Getting remunerated for your creativity, hard work, and accumulation of, and influence over, your followers is rewarding and should be guaranteed. What’s standing between you and sponsorship opportunities? A professional Media Kit, that’s what! This article takes a step-by-step approach to create the ideal media kit that is professional and sure to land sponsorships. With each step broken down, plenty of examples, and helpful links, you will soon be set up to bring in sponsorships.

Media Kits are mandatory for all influencers (micro–influencers, too!). This vital piece of documentation serves as a visual resume and business profile. Your media kit represents your personal brand and promotes you, professionally. It declares your capabilities as a social media influencer, informing brands and sponsors of your services, products, analytics, strengths, and highlights. Remember, your brand is an investment, and hiring brands need to know what they are investing in. Your media kit must demonstrate that you are worth their investment.

1. What do brands look for in your media kit? 

Who you are

This section is not about you, personally. This is about your professional self. In this section, you will state the category or niche you create content for. Include keywords that assist hiring brands in understanding your brand and establishing if you are compatible with them. 

Audience and Reach Statistics

include analytics and statistics, specific to location and demographics. This type of data enables brands to identify who your audience is in relation to their target audience.

Include your number of followers, even if this number is low. Brands don’t necessarily need influencers with a higher number of followers. Your lower number of followers could align with the brand’s target market, rendering you more suitable for their campaign. For example, if the brand is targeting young females in Canada and your audience is largely made up of females from Canada, between the ages of 18-26, you will be a better fit than the influencer with a higher number of mature followers in the U.K.


Apart from merely stating the services you offer, show hiring brands examples of the services you provide. Keep it visual with the use of graphics. Ensure these examples are of your best work that performed well. This is evidence of your originality, creativity, and capability as an influencer.

Remind yourself that this is not a detailed presentation of your entire complete body of work. It is a bird’s eye view of your highlights.

Contact Information

Include your contact information, especially your social media handles.

Include testimonials and references 

These are vital to building trust and proving competence and compatibility with the brand. Be sure to include positive comments and feedback from followers. It proves you can successfully connect with your audience and drive sales.

2. What to consider when compiling your media kit.

  • Do not send generic media kits. 

Personalize your media kit based on the brand you are submitting it to. This requires some research. Certain sections of the media kit can be customized accordingly or added to the media kit to satisfy this aspect.

  • Never lose sight of the fact that your media kit is a visual representation and exhibition of your work and your brand on paper. It must be professional and polished in every way. Use of graphics, design, and special attention to layout, font choice, colors, and the actual look and feel of your media kit are assessable aspects too. You don’t need special design skills. There are plenty of design apps and tools on the market. Canva is a free and professional choice that shouldn’t be overlooked. Adobe Photoshop is a helpful tool and offers a free trial.
  • Keep the length of your media kit short – a maximum of 10 pages for media kits that will be emailed. 
  • Exclude the randomness and fluff. 
  • Make sure that you update your media kit regularly. The information must be relevant, accurate, and verifiable.

Quick tip: 

If you created your media kit using a word template or PowerPoint Presentation, make sure you PDF it before emailing it. Here’s a step-by-step how to:

Convert word document to PDF 

Convert PowerPoint Presentation to PDF

3. Examples of media kits

Now, let us find some inspiration by reviewing examples of media kits out there. 

Media Kit Template: How to Create a Professional PDF for Sponsorship Opportunities


This 2-page media kit is formatted well. The imagery and color scheme work well together. You immediately get a sense of the influencer and her brand. The information is easy to grasp due to the layout. 

Media Kit Template: How to Create a Professional PDF for Sponsorship Opportunities

Here the use of color in this 1-pager, packs a punch and visually represents the influencer appropriately. One might think this is short but it covers everything it needs to while maintaining an at-a-glance approach. 

Media Kit Template: How to Create a Professional PDF for Sponsorship Opportunities

This artistic 2-page version of a media kit, makes use of a creative style that matches the platform very well. It definitely stands out from the rest.

4. Top media kit templates available 

To ensure you present yourself in the most flattering light, and to eliminate any heavy lifting, we have included some of the best unpaid sites for media kit templates. Together with the guidelines above, you will be able to effortlessly create a visually appealing and professionally popping media kit that will attract brands in record time. 


Media Kit Template: How to Create a Professional PDF for Sponsorship Opportunities


Canva has a free option, with a variety of customizable options. It gives you a head start with regards to design and allows for easy inclusion of information and stats. It cuts your work in half and makes for an awesome media kit. Sign up and follow this tutorial.


Media Kit Template: How to Create a Professional PDF for Sponsorship Opportunities


Later is an industry specific, free, influencer media kit template creator. The download includes an editable Photoshop template and how-to guide. This is an Instagram only service, that offers a 1-week free trial, which is all you really need, actually. Get the template and give it a try!

Adobe Express

Media Kit Template: How to Create a Professional PDF for Sponsorship Opportunities


Adobe express has a free trial option and 2,769 media kit templates. These are highly customizable with countless options. Consider your look and feel before jumping in, head first.


Media Kit Template: How to Create a Professional PDF for Sponsorship Opportunities

The free basic version of Visme is more than enough to get started with your professional and polished media kit, which is what they offer. They have templates for every type of press and media kit. Social media influencers are on the list, so don’t stress.  

And that wraps up our media kit workshop. You have the know-how, tips and tricks, looks and feels and tools and templates to create a winning media kit. So, what are you waiting for? Try your hand at a few templates, if that’s what it takes to successfully convey your brand through paper. It requires less time than you think and can always be edited and updated. Get cracking and get hired! It’s as easy as that.

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