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Linktree vs. UnBounce


Linktree vs. UnBounce – Feature Comparison for Creators and Influencers

Which link-in-bio tool is the best for content creators?

In this article, we will be looking at two different link-in-bio alternatives, Linktree and UnBounce.

The link in your bio is the gateway to your online presence. This link will lead followers and potential customers to your store, podcast, and all your affiliate links. It is one of the most important aspects of your social media, and so you have to make sure you have the best link on the market.

In the early influencer days, you had to update the link in your bio each time you had a new blog post to share or a product to promote. But now, you can create a personalized landing page and keep one link in your bio.

There are many different landing page tools to help you create this link. 

A landing page is a single webpage that has one specific goal in mind. In this case, the goal is to make a personalized web page that redirects your followers to all your different links.  


Linktree is perhaps the most popular of the link-in-bio services. Founded in 2016 by brothers  Alex and Anthony Zaccaria and their business partner Nick Humphreys, Linktree has now serviced over 30 million users. 

You or someone you know probably has used Linktree, which makes it a great choice for brand recognition. Perhaps a potential follower will see that familiar name in your bio and feel more inclined to click. 

Linktree has some powerful names connected to the company, including mega celebrities like Selena Gomez and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. They are two of the most followed people on Instagram.

Many influencers and content creators use Linktree as well, including Brooklyn and Bailey, two popular twin influencers. Below is their Linktree, and an example of what yours could look like, too.

How does Linktree work?

Once you sign up, you can start to work on your custom link-in-bio. Simply pick a domain and you can start inputting your links onto your page.

Linktree is easy-to-use and requires no extra design skills. 

You can directly insert a link such as your portfolio or online store, or choose from their pre-approved list of apps. You can insert unlimited links on your page, so no worries about having to decide which ones to pick.

You can also change your templates and color patterns. Below are a few of your theme options:

You can also see analytics such as unique and total clicks and views, as well as your click through rate. Below is an example of what your data could look like

However, for more advanced templates, analytics, and other features, you will have to upgrade to one of Linktree’s three premium plans.

The starter plan is $5 USD a month and comes with the ability to spotlight and schedule links, extra themes, and the option to see analytics from 90 days.

The pro plan is $9 USD a month and Linktree’s most popular plan. You gain access to all themes and designs, lifetime analytics, Google Analytics integrations, and more. You can also see your commerce analytics if you choose to connect payment apps such as Paypal or Square, and remove Linktree’s branding.

The premium plan is $24 USD a month and comes with priority support in 4 hours or less, exclusive features, and a dedicated success manager. 


Unbounce is a digital marketing platform that specializes in many different online tools. One of their main products is creating personalized landing pages. UnBounce was one of the first landing pages on the market, and they have over 15,000 companies who utilize their products, including Indochino, and Zola.

Founded in 2009, they are different from Linktree due to the fact there are several different tools you can use. From personalized landing pages to pop-ups to AI copywriting tools, when you sign up for UnBounce, you gain access to a large range of different products.

There’s two different landing pages you can build with UnBounce, the Classic Builder or the Smart Builder. 

The Classic Builder is their original design with the ability to “Drag and Drop” any information you want into the web design. Insert text, change up the colors, and have full control over your website design. 

Below is an example of what your dashboard would look like. This is mostly for those who have experience in website design and want to make sure they are inc control of the little details. 

However, if you have limited design experience, you should still be able to figure out their design interface, as they teach you how to use their platform, and you are given access to customer support. 

The Smart Builder, on the other hand, is AI designed. Instead of picking out every detail of your page, this AI powered website builder will help you design your website in half the time. 

If you don’t need full creative control over your website, this could be a quick and easy solution and allow you more time to focus on other aspects of your career.

Smart Builder will ask you a few questions, such as what type of website you’re trying to build, and what the purpose of the website is before providing you with a chosen template. 

The “Copy Assistant” tool allows you to write a paragraph of text and the tool will promptly change it into marketing gold.

With a design assistant, copy insights, pre-built templates and style guides, your website is practically pre-designed to be a memorable, clickable page.

You can even connect to payment apps, gain access to conversion maps, receive smart traffic reports, and generate copy in 6 different languages. 

How much will this cost?

Due to the amount of tools you receive from UnBounce, the prices are significantly higher than Linktree. 

You can use any of their premium plans free for 14 days, but after that, there is no free option, and you have to commit to one of 4 pricing tiers.

The first plan is the Launch plan, which is $74 USD a month. You can make unlimited landing pages, pop ups, and sticky bars. You also receive AI copywriting, and 20,000 visitors per site. You receive one custom domain as well.

The second plan is the Optimize plan, at $109 USD a month. This allows you to have up to 30,000 visitors per site, and 5 custom domains. 

The third plan is the Accelerate plan, which is $180 USD a month. Your page can have up to 50,000 visitors and you can make up to 10 domains.

Finally, there is the Concierge plan, at $469 USD a month. This plan allows 100,000 visitors, 25 domains, and a dedicated success manager. You have to contact a specialist to begin this plan.

For a full list of feature differences between prices, you can visit their pricing page here.

Which service should you choose?

If you are looking for a simple, wildly used landing page that allows you to put all your links in one space, Linktree is probably the tool for you, especially for individual influencers and creators. But if you run a small business, have website design experience, and want to try out the incredible tools, Unbounce has to offer, this could be the service for you.

Which link-in-bio service will you use? Let us know down below, and let us know if there’s another alternative you want us to check out.

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David Adler is an entrepreneur and freelance blog post writer who enjoys writing about business, entrepreneurship, travel and the influencer marketing space.

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