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Creator Tips From Professional TikTok Snacker Lavelle Insights From An Ex-producer


Creator Tips From Professional TikTok Snacker Lavelle: Insights From An Ex-producer

With a bold and bubbly personality that sets him apart within his niche, Lavelle, who some may recognize from The Lavelle Show, is an LA-based ex-producer who leveraged his work experience to become a TikTok snack sensation.

Follow along with the story of his unprecedented journey illustrated by insights on brand collaborations, creative tips, and hurdles that paved the way for an ongoing upward spiral. 

Who is Lavelle Off-Camera? 

Creator Tips From Professional TikTok Snacker Lavelle: Insights From An Ex-producer

“I’m the same person you see on Camera, and many find it surprising when they run into me in person, but it is one of the key elements to my fast growth.”

“The only thing my followers do not see is the long periods of time off I take to recharge. I have my days, but I always return with a higher energy level. Hobbies, on the other hand, include reading, and most importantly, exercise to balance life as a food creator.”

Why Specialize In Snack Content?

“Because grocery shopping and snacking are my thing, I’d be doing them every day with passion, even if it wasn’t for content purposes.”

“Although being bright-eyed and bushy-tailed and showing up as my authentic self is another contributing factor to why things played out, I never thought I would be doing this to make a living.”

When Did You Realize You Had The Content Game On Lock? 

Lavelle tells us, “I never had that moment of realization; maybe I had a few moments where I thought that yes, this is going in the right direction, but Impostor Syndrome is real.” 

“But what made me take things seriously is the realization that I need to grow and get out of this bubble of doubtful thought and excel.”

Examples Of Lessons Learned Along the Way 

Expanding on his point with an illustration, Lavelle further explains how his first viral store video boosted his confidence but soon taught him that viral videos are not associated with brand deals or lifestyle-changing successes.

Lavelle also explains that through his journey of impatience and the ups and downs of the creator journey, he learned not to let emotions of the small moments take over, telling us, “You need to embrace the humility of the process at your start.” 

He adds emotionally, “Those moments when I felt discouraged and dissatisfied were only part of the process. I can confidently say that I’m that guy now!”

“From being featured on a show on the Food Network to building a supportive following, there are so many reasons to be proud. But I never let the pride get to me till the point of arrogance.”

How It Started Vs. How It’s Going?

Creator Tips From Professional TikTok Snacker Lavelle: Insights From An Ex-producer

Lavelle paints the broader picture, explaining, “I moved to LA to pursue and elaborate on my production career, striving to be the guy working behind cameras. I think I just didn’t have the confidence to be an actor back then, and it was more of a comfort zone thing.” 

Lavelle started posting content during the global pandemic to stay productive, and that’s when he connected the dots and realized the potential. 

He tells us, “After posting a few videos, I felt my work was powerful, organic, and genuine. Although being a creator wasn’t the original plan, it worked out because I already knew what works and how to communicate my ideas.

As far as social media goes, Lavelle explains that he is confident in reaching a million followers and can see it as a milestone in translating his influencer career into a more rewarding one. 

Transition Into Bigger Things

“The ultimate objective is to translate my influencer career into becoming an actor in major Hollywood productions and prove to people like myself that it’s possible to go from content creation to a global star.”

He wraps up his answer with, “I attribute this big vision to my friends, and with friends, I’m referring to my followers. They’re the ones who made all this attainable.”

Tips On Content Creation From a Professional Producer

Record In The TikTok App 

“This may be just a theory, but I think recording in the TikTok app allows for better reach and is favored by the algorithm more. Though it can take time to get used to, you’d be surprised by how much you can do without the need for an external app, and it also makes the process much faster.” 

Focus On The Video Pace With Editing 

“I really have an eye for editing, and even though many people will stress the importance of tools and equipment a lot, everything boils down to editing for me.” 

“TikTok specifically is pace sensitive, so paying attention to the overall flow and delivery without unnecessary pauses makes it much easier for viewers to consume.”

Add Some Ruggedness And Imperfections To The Mix 

“With a competition for perfection, people still want to see authenticity and ruggedness. Followers must relate with creators on more than just the delivered message.”

“An example is one of my videos where I record on my air fryer and intentionally showed that I’m recording on my air fryer despite having all the tools at my disposal. However, there is definitely a time and place for this. I’d never make an imperfect YouTube video or podcast.” 

You Have To Be Valuably Consistent 

“If you can’t show up for yourself, how do you expect others to show up for you?”

Lavelle adds to his point of consistency by suggesting that viewers must gain value from their creative performance.

He says, “People need to understand what to expect from you. What are they gaining from following you? It can be as simple as a laugh or information like my shopping insights. Being consistent alone won’t cut it.”

Be Authentic and Stay In Your Lane 

Lavelle points out how easily one can fall into the trap of comparing performance to fellow creators within the same niche. He highlights the unpredictability of algorithms, emphasizing that they treat individuals differently. 

As an example, he illustrates how some may skyrocket to celebrity status overnight, whereas others may toil for years to achieve comparable fame.

Lavell tells us, “Creating with passion and being true to yourself allows for a tunnel vision to reach your objective. Comparing yourself will sometimes lead you off track and even demotivate you. Stick to what’s working for you, and don’t be another version of someone else; that truly empowers you as a creator.”  

Tips On Brand Deals 

Creator Tips From Professional TikTok Snacker Lavelle: Insights From An Ex-producer

Lavelle explains that new areas of opportunity have appeared after signing up for TikTal management but attributes his solo success with landing deals to his public relations degree, which allowed him more control over the business element. 

He says, “I just signed and have been receiving nothing but value, but for those who are still managing both aspects solo, some insightful tips are: 

Understand Your Content Usage Rights  

“Before signing deals, know your rights and what you’re getting into. Good examples of that is whitelisting and organic promotion.” 

“Some brands will promote good videos and back them with a budget; in that case, they’re making a ton of money by promoting your video. You need to understand the value you’re providing and try to match your prices to the profit they’re getting from your products.”

Seek Creative Freedom When Promoting 

“Having creative freedom over your brand collaborations as an influencer will ensure exceptional results are delivered, opening up new doors of opportunity.”

“While some brands will paint the entire picture from script to posting, it’s better to come to a mutual understanding where personal touch isn’t overlooked.”

Don’t Settle For Brands That Don’t See Your Value 


Praying this LONG message inspires someone to stop underestimating their value 🥺🤍 #Traderjoes

♬ original sound – The Lavelle Show

“There was a point in my career where I worked to promote a specific store and didn’t receive recognition for my work. Although there are no hard feelings harbored from this matter, I found better brands that value my work more, and I recommend all creators to do the same.”

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Moe is freelance writer and content creator who enjoys interviewing influencers and learning about their journeys to success.

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