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The Strategy Behind Cinematic Food Content With Jason Ortynski


Jason Ortynski: The Strategy Behind Cinematic Food Content

A visionary ex-creative marketing professional from the picturesque mountains of Canada, Jason Ortynski is a food creator who combines a passion for cooking with cinematic interests to introduce a fresh take on short-form food content. 

However, Jason Ortynski is no “newbie” to content creation!

With over eight years of experience crafting captivating content and helping local businesses thrive, his working insights brought to life new creative avenues of success in the digital realm.

Join us as we interview Jason Ortynski, exploring his journey to cinematic perfection and delving into the world of a foodie turned professional online chef.

When and Why Did You Start Content Creation? 

The Strategy Behind Cinematic Food Content With Jason Ortynski

He tells us, “I’ve always loved cooking, but never took it professionally, and it was more like a game of what can I create with today’s groceries, that I played after a long day of work.” 

“It wasn’t until two years ago that I started putting out content, and that’s when cooking became more of a profession because seeing it as content had me always striving to improve. Cooking is different than watching yourself cook.” 

Jason Ortynski explains that his best-performing videos were a byproduct of his urge to constantly improve and his passion for cinematic production from a young age. 

Though Jason’s approach to exceptional content contradicts with creators who perceive short-form content as a space of ruggedness and imperfection, it’s what sets him apart in the saturated world of food content. 

Creative Inspirations 

Jason Ortynski tells us, “Max The Meat Guy, Nick DiGiovanni, and Cooking With Lynja are a few of the many creators that inspire me, but Max The Meat Guy was certainly one of the reasons I saw the creative career possible before starting.” 

What Makes A Viral Food Video? 

Besides the many elements of quality, filming, and more, I think that one of the best ways to go viral is to opt for out-of-the-box ideas, and although this is not limited to cooking, the examples I’ll give are. 


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Examples Of Out-Of-Box Viral Ideas

“A good example of a creative idea is one I didn’t come up with, but it performed exceptionally well because of how relatable and straightforward it is.” 

Chili Pepper Cooks made a Deviled Egg Burger, which is simply a burger patty between two deviled eggs, and I attempted the same dish, resulting in a hit piece of over 72 million views.

“Fun and simple but defying the norms of what the globally agreed upon burger is, the basis of this video is a perfect example of ways creators can broaden their reach beyond enthusiasts and professionals.”

Is There a Creative Team Behind Your Cinematic Videos?

The Strategy Behind Cinematic Food Content With Jason Ortynski

“I do all the work alone, and although it has served me well in the past few years, I need to venture out to new pursuits, and I am currently working on training a video editor to take over part of my tasks.” 

Jason Ortynski tells us, ”When growth is evident, creators must consider expanding teams and optimizing processes, but focus on delivering the same, if not better, value.” 

In other words, he emphasizes that you need to keep providing followers with the same content they’ve grown used to, and you do that by creating a set process of steps they can follow to match your work.

Breaking Down Cinematic TikToks 

“There are many contributing elements to creating the videos you see today, and it all boils down to critiquing your work. From angles to voiceovers and the tools used, with the growth of my account came the growth of skill.”

While the enhancements Jason describes often require the collaboration of a full creative team, his gradual progress and remarkable influence serve as proof of what can be achieved as a solo creator.


“Looking back at my voiceovers, I found that my tone was slightly sales focused, and improvements in this area included mastering a low-pitch engaging tone that followers and viewers will grow familiar to.”


According to the food expert’s opinion, there are two essential elements that make up the perfect video and help tailor it to the shortened attention spans: 

Keeping Frames Centered 

“There is nothing more annoying from a viewer’s perspective than having to shift their focus to different screen points. This shouldn’t mean you don’t get different angles and sides; that is also essential, but when filming and editing, make sure your product is always in the same spot.”

Focusing On Lighting 

“Fancy gear and accessories are not as important as having good Lighting; it is the basis of a professionally shot video. This is also a budget-friendly way to boost quality, and the first step creators should make before investing in an expensive camera.”

Cinematic Analysis 

“Analyzing different videos, movies, and more for ideas is one of the best ways to figure out your next move towards improving viewer retention as a video creator.”

Jason explains that cinematic analysis relies on the creator’s perception, encouraging influencers to find scenes that capture their attention and then dive into why it appealed to them and how it can be incorporated into their videos. 

He elaborates, “I could be watching a movie and like a specific scene; my first thought after that is how I can make this into food content, and is there a recipe that would be good for this shot?” 

Adding to his point, he suggests that launching a dedicated notepad to save these thoughts and ideas is the best way to keep track of impulsive creativity and build a resource of improvements and fresh perspectives.

The Choice Of Food 

“Choosing the right topic, which in my case is choosing the right dish to make, is the basis of a video’s overall performance. In the cooking space, the more difficult the food is, the more likely connoisseurs will show appreciation.” 

Jason Ortynski shares a supporting example of his Beef Wellington video, one of his proudest creations that was seen as a challenge. 

He states, “A brand approached me to make this video, and after hesitantly accepting their challenge, the final product opened my eyes to the fact that I’m no longer a passionate creator; Instead, it was the work of a professional chef.” 

Tell Us About The Food Niche On TikTok 

When asking Jason if he would recommend other creators to pursue a career in food content creation, here’s what he said: 

“It is a highly profitable profession. In fact, it might be one of the most profitable niches to build your influencer career upon; everyone loves to eat!” 

He adds, “There are so many brands to work with, from additive ingredients to kitchen tools and restaurants; brands will reach out to you even at an earlier level of your career.” 

What Do Brand Deals Look Like For You? 

Jason answers, “I don’t want to seem egotistical or arrogant, but I don’t work just with any brand or promote any product, especially if I do not use it myself.” 

“At this point in my career, I’m very picky with who I work with because, like I said, there are endless brands that want to collaborate. So, I always have a bare minimum price that is based on what other time-worthy brands are paying.”

“There was a time when I was accepting more collaborations, but with the advancements, improvements, and number of followers came an increase of prices to match the value I provide.” 

What’s Next For Jason Ortynski? 

“Focusing and expanding upon long-form content on YouTube is the goal. I do not know what that will look like at the moment. I’m sure followers have high expectations, but I’m working to match the same level of professionalism of what they’re used to as I expand my team to take over some of my current tasks.”

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