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Kayne Dynell McWilliams “KD” On The Future Of Live Streaming And His Journey Building An Audience


Kayne Dynell McWilliams “KD” On The Future Of Live Streaming And His Journey Building An Audience

Born in Lakewood, Washington, Kayne Dynell McWilliams, “KD,” traveled throughout the state, settling in Tacoma during his pre-teen years. After graduating from Stadium High School, he began his professional journey as a choreographer before transitioning to music performance and sharing the stage with acclaimed artists and musical groups like Shoreline Mafia and Bebe Rexha. In this interview, Kayne shares his musical and live streaming journey, tips for aspiring creators, and thoughts on the future of live streaming.

Venturing Into Live Streaming

Kayne Dynell McWilliams’ digital journey began with Myspace and Trance before kicking off on Musically. At this time, he created dance videos to popular hits and lip-sync videos. 

After diving into live streaming, he was immediately hooked on the unique level of connection you can build with people you’ve never met. 

He explains, “When it came to picking a platform, LiveMe just made sense. I got to meet some awesome folks from their team in person, and they’re totally on board with what I’m bringing as an indie artist. It’s not just a platform; it’s a whole vibe with people who believe in the hustle!”

Kayne Dynell McWilliams “KD” On The Future Of Live Streaming And His Journey Building An Audience

Building an Audience Through Live Streaming

Kayne used consistency to build an audience through live streaming by performing a show every day from Monday to Friday between 10 am and 11 am. 

Following this, he was signed by an agency and teamed up with fellow streamers Lord Infinit3 & 7Figures1m. Together, they leveled up by joining LiveMe’s in-person events, Global Shows, and even showing off their skills in singing competitions. 

Overcoming Common Live Streaming Challenges

Many live streamers encounter obstacles with the unpredictability of live streaming — after all, everything is live, and you can’t plan for every outcome. One example of this is the unpredictability of the chat and head-to-head battles, which can have unexpected results.

Kayne shares, “However, I quickly realized that energy truly sets the tone for viewers. So, if my energy was off, it reflected in the audience. It’s like this magical connection where your energy influences their energy. Once I nailed that down, it was a game-changer for the whole streaming experience!”

The key takeaway is that you, the creator, set the tone of the live stream. Even when your chat isn’t buzzing, it’s up to you to create that energy and bring excitement to the stream. 

Turning Live Streaming Into A Career

So, how do you know when live streaming is a viable career?

Kayne says, “The turning point when I recognized the potential of live streaming as a viable career was truly inspirational. Witnessing the incredible retention and engagement from my audience on a live platform had a direct ripple effect on my music streaming. It’s mind-blowing – I’ve never physically been to Nigeria, yet now, I’ve got an amazing community there supporting my music journey. It’s a testament to the power of connectivity and the boundless reach that live streaming can offer artists like me.”

Some key strategies that helped Kayne reach this point include: 

  • Leveraging LiveMe’s “Global Show,” which helped feature his music on the forefront of the app, providing huge exposure and a more extensive audience base
  • Consistent, daily broadcasting to offer a reliable presence for viewers

Monetizing A Live Streaming Career

Most live streamers earn money through gifts they receive. Live streamers can convert gifts valued in diamonds into real money. 

Live streamers can encourage supporters to purchase products from their brand alongside in-app gifting to make up a significant income stream. 

Above all else, diversifying your income is KEY. As with any influencer or creator career, diversification is critical for ensuring you always have money coming in, even when waiting for payouts or going through slower months. 

Kayne recommends, “A key strategy for streamers to successfully monetize their content is by cultivating a distinctive brand and creating a product that actively involves their live stream supporters. This approach not only fosters a deeper connection with the audience but also provides a meaningful avenue for generating revenue through product engagement and brand loyalty.”

However, you must balance generating income and preserving authentic engagement with your audience. 

Kayne shares, “By consistently delivering content and staying true to oneself, a streamer can strike a harmonious balance between financial goals and fostering genuine connections with their audience.”

Kayne’s Advice for Aspiring Creators

Here are Kayne’s top three tips for aspiring content creators: 

  • Determine how consistency plays into your journey. Find the sweet spot between enough content that engages an audience but doesn’t burn you out. 
  • Embrace challenges as opportunities. Look at problems and turn them into solutions by letting your passion guide you. This mindset sets you up for growth and scaling your impact. 
  • Craft a brand that resonates with your current audience and future supporters. 

He shares, “Create something so compelling that people can’t help but want to be a part of it. Building a brand that others desire to connect with is a powerful way to cement your journey toward success. Keep pushing forward!”

Debunking Common Misconceptions About Live Streaming

One of the biggest misconceptions about live streaming is that the Internet is filled with bullies and haters. 

However, Kayne shares that many people online are not out to bring you down. If anything, he’s found the opposite to be true. 

Many people online may start as acquaintances but turn into true friends and supporters — a heartwarming experience and connection showing the online community’s positive side. 

The Future of Live Streaming and the Creator Economy

Kayne says, “Looking ahead, I envision the future of live streaming as a digital second life, where our online personas become as captivating and visually appealing as traditional cable and streaming content. I believe that live streaming has the potential to carve out a lasting space in the digital landscape, captivating the attention and providing visual delight for generations to come. It’s an exciting prospect that holds the promise of transforming how we engage with online content in the long run.”

Regarding the broader creator economy, Kayne believes that live streaming will shape it by providing a platform for creators to earn money as they explore the many possibilities out there. 

He adds, “This mindful integration of live streaming into the economic landscape underscores the importance of supporting and valuing the creative endeavors of individuals, contributing to a more sustainable and inclusive creative ecosystem.”

As for his plans, Kayne plans to continue enhancing his content and deepening his engagement with his audience, which includes a massive move to Los Angeles, California. 

During this, he plans to continue streaming, posting, and exploring new and diverse environments to showcase his music and journey within LA.

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