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Jalissa Queen Becoming An Amazon Influencer And Product Reviewer


Jalissa Queen on Becoming a Pro Amazon Influencer and Product Reviewer

Product reviews are a powerful part of influencer marketing, and authentic reactions and unboxings are undoubtedly helpful to shoppers. In today’s interview, Jalissa Queen shares her journey of becoming a top Amazon influencer and full-time product reviewer.

Who is Jalissa Queen?

Jalissa Queen is the owner of Jalissa Queen LLC and a top Amazon product reviewer in the United States. She has been professionally reviewing products for businesses for over five years and works with companies throughout the United States and internationally. 

In March 2021, she was invited by Amazon to their influencer program. She signed up and began live streaming and doing product reviews on Amazon. Today, she is a full-time product reviewer, product tester, and content creator. 

Jalissa Queen on Becoming a Pro Amazon Influencer and Product Reviewer

Jalissa’s Start as a Product Reviewer

Jalissa’s product review career originally started as a hobby. 

“I did freelance photography, so I found that creating content from products that I was, you know, purchasing, I found enjoyment in it, and I was able to include my photography work in doing that.”

Jalissa notes that she shared her product photos online and noticed that product photos would receive the most attention on her social media platforms. Eventually, sellers, agencies, and brands started reaching out to her about their products. 

In the beginning, “The challenge was time management… even now since it’s full time, time management because I needed to find the time to actually settle into it, to find my comfort zone, my place to do it.”

Jalissa Queen on Becoming a Pro Amazon Influencer and Product Reviewer

Jalissa specializes in a large variety of products, especially film and tech. She notes that she is also continually working on getting into reviewing more gaming, beauty, and clothing products, along with products for children since she has two young children. 

“I always look at it from a professional standpoint, so I”m thinking… about gaming [which] a lot of people don’t take really seriously, but I’m like no, there’s some high-tech products in the gaming category.”

She notes that she loves reviewing gaming products because she personally uses a lot of gaming products for her own enjoyment. 

Jalissa Queen on Becoming a Pro Amazon Influencer and Product Reviewer

Working with Brands

If Jalissa doesn’t like a product, she starts by talking to the brand. She also ensures that all products she accepts for review align with her interests, quality standards, and more. 

“So, if I’m accepting a product, it’s because I’m interested because they give you all the information, and they’ll give you a link so you can learn about it and stuff.”

Occasionally, products she receives may have defects, and the company will send her a new one when she reports this. However, if the product isn’t up to her standards, she won’t do a review for the company. 

Measuring Her Success

So, how is product review success measured?

“Views are important. Clicks are important.”

Jalissa Queen on Becoming a Pro Amazon Influencer and Product Reviewer

However, Jalissa shares, “I look at my live streaming analytics, so I see, you know, how many views I got … If you try to look at how many people are viewing you versus how many people are clicking. The views are important because, say, I’m talking about a certain product in a category that people are looking at.”

If the clicks are low, this doesn’t necessarily mean that she isn’t selling well. Jalissa still makes her commission, but it may indicate that the particular product she is sharing isn’t attractive to people. If this is the case, Jalissa will change the products she is reviewing to keep her audience interested. 

Jalissa Queen on Becoming a Pro Amazon Influencer and Product Reviewer

How does Jalissa Make Money?

Jalissa is one of Amazon’s top reviewers, so she gets special early review privileges. 

“So Amazon will actually send me an email if they select me… So when Amazon sends me this email, as a reward, they will say give me $3 in gift cards, so that’s one way that I can make money with Amazon.”

Jalissa also makes shoppable videos on Amazon, which she receives a small commission for. She also shares products on her Amazon profile and carousel. When shoppers click on those videos and purchase through that video, she receives a commission. 

Jalissa Queen on Becoming a Pro Amazon Influencer and Product Reviewer

In addition to her Amazon commissions, Jalissa offers many services through her website, where she reviews products on her personal social media, YouTube, etc. She also has services where she’ll create review or b-roll content for companies to use on their websites and social media. 

Jalissa Queen on Becoming a Pro Amazon Influencer and Product Reviewer

When asked about growing as an Amazon influencer, Jalissa shares, “How I got there is from the audience, it’s from shoppers, it’s from buyers, it’s from viewers. They are the ones that rate you because you get ranked from voting you up.”

She notes that consistency is key. She also doesn’t stress out as much about camera quality but focuses on creating authentic and genuine review content. 

The Power of Influencer Marketing

Jalissa shares that she didn’t understand how big influencer marketing was, especially in China, where they favor different platforms and shopping websites. 

“There’s a lot of people who have found huge success just being live streamers on, on those networks, kind of like QVC and stuff. I didn’t understand how big it was until this year.” 

She notes that she is always there for the shoppers first and foremost, which she credits partially to her experience working at Best Buy at 18 years old. 

Jalissa Queen on Becoming a Pro Amazon Influencer and Product Reviewer

“I was a computer specialist, and I stood on my feet for eight hours, seven days a week, and when shoppers came in, it was my job, not only to greet them but [to] be there for them if they had questions about any of the products in the store.”

Jalissa predicts that influencer marketing will be here for a very long time, especially with Amazon, which is leading the way in the states for shopping influencer experiences. 

“So, they’re [Amazon] expanding it, and it’s going to be a lot bigger than what it is. So I feel like they’re going to be using influencers, not only as product testers… reviewing products through written reviews, video reviews, live streaming reviews but also for advertising.”

Jalissa Queen on Becoming a Pro Amazon Influencer and Product Reviewer

Future Plans

Jalissa shares that she has been reinvesting in her business by purchasing new tech for live streaming and continuing to expand her knowledge in the tech field. 

She’s excited to see what the next year holds as she continues to grow her business. 

Jalissa also wants anyone reading to know that Anybody can do it [become an Amazon influencer.] It’s not hard.”

She recommends just getting started by signing up for the Amazon influencer program now before it becomes even more saturated.  

“Put all your insecurities and things aside and just go for it.”

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