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Craft Influencers on TikTok


Craft Influencers on TikTok

Social media allows us to uncover new hobbies, interests, and passions, with influencers leading the way in new trends. Crafting and DIY has been a staple aspect of social media and the industry is set to be worth an impressive $620 billion by 2025. The combination of both long-form and short-form content on TikTok has allowed crafters to show off their skills in a plethora of exciting ways. Netinfluencer has delved deep into this niche to discover the most popular craft influencers on TikTok.


Amassing 206.9K followers, Getcrockd has everything you need to know about the alluring world of pottery. The team post on a very frequent basis, offering their devoted audience a series of projects to help inspire their next piece of work. They have shown their audience how to make speckled mugs without a kiln and have even produced a range of 15-minute warm-ups. This craft influencer is best known for its intuitive craft kits which they showcase on social media using a range of lo-fi overlays. Alongside TikTok, this brand also has an active Instagram account where they continue to share their product range with an additional 41.9K followers. 

Craft Influencers on TikTok
@getcrockd Leftover clay? 👉 here’s a quick and easy trinket dish that only requires a fraction of your Crockd clay 💌 #claycreations #clayideas #potteryideas #potterytiktok #arttok #claycarving #satisfying #giftideas #potterykit #creative #mindfulness #creativehobby #diyproject ♬ original sound – maya frfr • haizxliv


Using a range of vibrant colors and nuanced creative processes, craft influencer, Momscraft creates a wide assortment of family-friendly crafts. Whether it’s paper ferris wheels or origami cranes, this influencer produces sneak peeks of a range of popular craft ideas for their 639.2K followers to enjoy. Each of their videos shows four craft ideas, highlighting their intense content schedule and increased engagement. Although this influencer only began producing content in September 2021, their content has seen a great amount of success and has even earned 9.7 million likes. 

Craft Influencers on TikTok
@momscraft #GradeUpWithGrammarly #fyp #foryoupage ♬ Summer day – TimTaj


Teeming with popular culture references and unbelievable creativity, Craftingeek has managed to create a bustling community of 1.5 million followers on her platform. This Spanish-speaking content creator uses a range of materials to produce a collection of quirky DIYs such as a Minion calm jar as well as a miniature version of Buzz Lightyear’s helmet. Together with her crafts, this influencer also sells a selection of digital notebook templates on her Etsy shop. Craftingeek also produces more long-form content on YouTube where she has an audience of 10.5 million followers. 

Craft Influencers on TikTok
@craftingeek El #regalodecumpleaños perfecto hecho a mano😍 #buzzlightyear #diy #toystory ♬ Starman (From “Lightyear”) – Geek Music


Effortlessly blending cute items with the macabre, Caryscuttlefish turns the most adorable objects into creepy craft items. This influencer often uses polymer clay to produce tiny food items as well as show off their range of plush toys. Although her work may seem quite niche, Carscuttlefish has built a devoted community of 1.9 million followers and has amassed 31.6 million likes. This crafting influencer also has an expansive online store, where she sells small pins and stickers of adorable horror motifs. They are also active on Instagram where they promote their products to a further 92.3K followers. 

Craft Influencers on TikTok
@caryscuttlefish #fyp #foryou #polymerclay #hotdog #kawaii #tiktok ♬ original sound – cswiffoff

Haberlin’s Hobbies

As a master of crochet, Haberlin’s Hobbies uses her platform to show off her varied assortment of creations with her 103.8K followers. This influencer, otherwise known as Kacie, details her entire creative process from sourcing her materials all the way to the finished product. They have made adorable dogs and small replicas of the dinosaurs seen in Jurassic Park. Kacie’s work can also be purchased on her online store, where she sells a range of cute animals and even characters from Animal Crossing. Haberlin’s Hobbies also uses TikTok to create short vlogs, highlighting her latest travels and hauls. 

Craft Influencers on TikTok
@haberlinshobbies trends are hard lol #crochet #crochetdog #fyp #art #fupシ ♬ original sound – lourdslemons

The Vintage Journal

After years of collecting a variety of materials, The Vintage Journal shows how just about anything can be transformed into something beautiful. This creator uses a selection of stickers, scrap paper, and stamps to turn her humble journal into a spectacular piece of art. She also showcases how she finds these materials, producing thrifting hauls from shops across her area. Every video tells a different story, helping her to stay engaged with her 572.4K followers. The Vintage Journal also provides reviews and tutorials of some of the most popular crafting tools on the market. 

Craft Influencers on TikTok
@the_vintage_journal #Using the #CropADile’s 1/8” #holepunch with the #gold “C” & “3” #eyelet #cube #settings. You can do this! #C3PO#StarWars#tutorial#stepbystep#simplified#ificanyoucan#nub#golden#crunch#metal#sosatisfying#tags#circles#rosegold#vintagejournal ♬ original sound – ✨The Vintage Journal✨


This incredible craft influencer uses TikTok to showcase their considerable pompoms. Karynaroo guides her 243.4K followers on how these enormous creations start from very humble beginnings. They also host a collection of Q&A videos to help educate their audience on this amazing process. Due to the success of her platform, Karynaroo has also partnered with iconic brands such as Cricut to highlight how she uses various machinery to help her in her work. This influencer also hosts a diverse Etsy shop where they promote a variety of their creations as well as the option for custom orders. 

Craft Influencers on TikTok
@karynaroo #sponsored ✨ I wanted to create something on the Cricut Maker 3 that felt hand drawn and also helpful for my art practice/small business! 🍥 I think this adds a playful touch to my nOm•pOms 🍽😋 I’m excited to explore what else is possible with @Cricut !! 💘 link in bio for more! #cricut #cricutpartner #diyproject #pom #pompom #pompomart #crafting #craftingtiktok #craftersoftiktok #tiktokcrafts #artistsoftiktok #handmade #fiberart #fiberartist #fyp #play ♬ Paper Crown – Cricut


Purplesandpot is a very experienced craftsman who uses TikTok to share his handmade creations. His videos show him using a range of pottery wheels and materials, helping him to produce an assortment of delightful pots and bowls. At fifty years old, this influencer is dedicated to producing relaxing videos to help soothe his audience. This craft influencer also includes an inspiring message in every one of his videos, securing a positive bond with his growing community of 11.9K followers. Despite only having a handful of videos on his page, Purplesandpot has managed to earn 212.7K likes in just a few months. 

Craft Influencers on TikTok
@purplesandpot May be persistence is what makes me happy✊🏻#art #diy #handmand #traditional #foryou #fyp ♬ FUTURE HOUSE – Sergey Wednesday


With only 8 videos posted to their account, Thecraftylodge is seeing an impressive amount of engagement. This influencer uses their platform to offer unique advice such as how to cut fringes as well as how to achieve a vintage vinyl look. Thecraftylodge has also begun sharing their own craft projects, including an ornate Stranger Things night light. They also run a unique Etsy shop that sells a ranger of artisan hair bows. Thecraftylodge is quickly seeing success with 6772 followers and an amazing 256K likes. 

Craft Influencers on TikTok
@thecraftylodge my favorite project to date #strangerthings #craft #crafts #crafting #crafty #crafter #craftproject #craftersoftiktok #crafttok #craftingeek #crafttok #strangerthings4 #strangerthingsfan #runningupthathill #eddiemunson #eleven #elevenstrangerthings #strangerthingscast #netflix #thecraftylodge #handmade #handcraft #handcrafted ♬ original sound – Netflix


Presenting her range of quirky handmade greeting cards, Cardsbygretch has managed to gain a very devoted audience of 195.2K followers. This creator, better known as Gretchen Scotland, uses a wide selection of techniques to produce her art such as origami and pop-ups, helping her to diversify herself from the standard cards we see on the market. This craft influencer has also produced a mini-series that gives a simple step-by-step process on how she makes some of her most popular designs. Scotland also contributes to a detailed blog that helps young people feel more confident and comfortable with growing up.

Craft Influencers on TikTok
@cardsbygretch mini series pt. 2 💗 #anniversarycard #cardmaking #handmade #howto #diy #fyp ♬ Somewhere Only We Know – 𓆩♡𓆪

Craft influencers on TikTok have managed to use their platforms to gain more awareness and traction for their products. As a result, these influencers have seen increased revenue as well as engagement across a majority of their active platforms. To discover more about boosting engagement on TikTok, visit our website

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