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Influencer Trends You Should Care About 2023


Influencer Trends You Should Care About 2023

As an abundance of new trends seemingly appear on the market every day, it can be hard to decide which trends are most important to your specific brand. The influencer marketing industry is no different, boasting a wealth of unique ideas that have the potential to revolutionize how we promote and buy products online. To explore this idea further, Netinfluencer will discuss a variety of key findings shown in the Influencer Trends You Should Care About 2023 report by Ogilvy. 

Who Conducted the Survey?

The Influencer Trends You Should Care About 2023 was conducted by Ogilvy, an advertising firm that works to support businesses throughout the entire branding process. First established in 1948, Ogilvy has been striving to help brands recognize their strengths and continue to pursue them in a lucrative and creative manner. This business also hosts a diverse array of subsections including PR, Health, and Consulting to give emerging brands a more comprehensive overview of their respective industries. 

Throughout its history, this company has worked alongside a plethora of immense brands to help them move into new sectors. For example, Ogilvy collaborated with eBay to create a deeply immersive VR shopping experience. During this campaign, eBay partnered with Australian retail giant Myer to offer customers the chance to browse and purchase products from a virtual department store. 

Alongside these campaigns, Ogilvy also works to produce a selection of insightful resources to help keep its clients up-to-date with crucial updates from the global marketing industry. The team at Ogilvy creates a wealth of engaging videos, stories, and podcasts, all of which center around current affairs and how they have the potential to impact the global marketing industry. 

Survey Methodology

This report aims to assess every aspect of the influencer marketing industry, giving us a more detailed look into its inner operations and exceptional potential for growth. Ogilvy states that it hosts one of the world’s leading influence teams, known as InfluenceO. This subsidiary uses a variety of technology and data sets to give the report a more diverse landscape to base its findings on. 

Ogilvy also uses its past experience in talent and recruitment to assess what type of influencers are most popular and attractive to lucrative brands. In turn, this report compiles both qualitative data and campaign findings to express six key discoveries about the future of influencer marketing. In addition, Ogilvy also accompanies each finding with a collection of best practices to ensure that brands can implement the same success for themselves. 

Three Key Takeaways

Ogilvy’s report presents a collection of insightful findings, allowing us to deepen our understanding of how influencer marketing continues to grow at an exponential rate. Described below are just three key takeaways from this report. 

  1. Live shopping purchases rose by 76% and had conversion rates that were 10x higher than traditional forms of shopping.
  2. Consumers engage with influencer content 3x more than branded content.
  3. 40% of candidates used social media to find support for their chronic health conditions. 

What Does This Mean for Influencer Marketing?

The first finding within this report explores the prevalence of live shopping and how it has seen immense levels of success on social media. With conversion rates so high, it is no wonder that many brands are moving over to this form of marketing in order to reap the same benefits. Ogilvy also brings our attention to TikTok and how this platform has managed to accommodate this trend and help iconic brands see incredible levels of revenue. As such, we can assume that influencers will be more likely to appear on a live shopping stream than a sponsored post as it allows brands to engage with their customers in real-time and gives them the opportunity to purchase items all within the confines of one app. 

Influencer Trends You Should Care About 2023

Following on from this, Ogilvy discusses the rise of paid subscriptions and how they have helped influencers secure a more financially stable future. Since influencer-generated content is 3x times more successful than traditional branded content, this report suggests that audiences are more likely to subscribe to a content creator’s paid work. This finding gives us more insight into the popularity of social media content and how it also has the potential to exceed conventional media such as books and television. The report also notes the undeniable success of OnlyFans and how the platform is now looking to transform itself into a more traditional streaming service. 

Influencer Trends You Should Care About 2023

The third finding within this report notes the arrival of health and wellness influencers and how they are able to create supportive and educational environments for their audiences to enjoy. With audiences now looking to these content creators for advice and information, we can now see how impactful influencer marketing can be for a wealth of inspiring sectors. In turn, this highlights how brands are eager to use influencers as thought leaders and ambassadors as a way to form stronger bonds with their ever-growing audiences. 

Influencer Trends You Should Care About 2023

Link to the Report

The Influencer Trends You Should Care About 2023 report can be found on Ogilvy’s website alongside a plethora of insightful case studies and demos of their products. 

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