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How To Use Influencer Marketing For Generation Alpha


How To Use Influencer Marketing For Generation Alpha

Social media has revolutionized how we interact with each other online, particularly with regard to younger generations who seem to use these apps a lot more than their elders. These differences also impact general consumerism with data suggesting that 28% of Generation Alpha will use social media to shop. To further explore the buying potential of this vibrant demographic, Netinfluencer will express how you can use influencer marketing to form a stronger bond with Generation Alpha. 

What Is Generation Alpha?

Generation Alpha, also described as Gen Alpha, refers to the demographic that follows Gen Z. These individuals are born between 2010 and 2025, making them the most technologically-savvy group to date. Like many other generations, these consumers are shaped by the political events of their time, making eras like Brexit, Covid, and the Trump election key influences in their purchasing decisions. 

It should also be mentioned that their preferred marketing style is developing in real-time, making them a prime target for contemporary marketing campaigns such as influencer marketing and chatbot marketing. 

How To Use Influencer Marketing For Generation Alpha


Why Are They So Important?

Alongside their love of technology, Gen Alpha is also working to determine the success of many up-and-coming trends. Since a majority of these people are young teenagers, they have the potential to alter the movement of certain markets, making it paramount that brands continue to adhere to their developing needs.

This generation is also pivotal to the future of social media marketing, as some of its youngest assets haven’t even been born yet. Due to the far-reaching nature of this generation, brands are required to keep their marketing tactics up-to-date so that they can always push their products and services to the most modern consumer base. 

10 Best Practices for Marketing to Gen Alpha

  1. Adhere to Parents’ Needs

Though brands are expected to always keep their target audience in mind at all times, this may not be the most successful approach when marketing to Gen Alpha. This generation may have a phenomenal amount of buying power but are not actually old enough to earn their own income. Therefore, it is beneficial to promote your brand in a way that is also attractive to parents. For example, fidget toys are extremely popular with this demographic as they promote a fond sense of stimulation and are relatively cheap to buy. As such, parents of Gen Alpha children are more likely to purchase these products on their behalf. 

How To Use Influencer Marketing For Generation Alpha


  1. Use Other Young Influencers

Influencers usually see the most success when they are effectively able to relate to their respective audiences. Thus, when creating an influencer marketing campaign for Gen Alpha, it is important that you recruit a content creator that reflects the age range of this audience. As such, it is good practice to use other children in your campaign to help effectively communicate the aims of your brand to a young audience. Be sure to conduct various safeguarding techniques to ensure that both your desired content creator and their audience are always being protected online. 

  1. Create Content Surrounding Their Passions

Data informs us that 3 in 10 Gen Alphas aged between 12-15 would like to see more diverse representation in popular culture, highlighting their views on inclusivity and equality. With this data in mind, it is paramount that your influencer marketing campaign reflects these needs. Try to include a wide variety of unique content creators in your campaign and also refer back to marginalized communities as a way to gain a more comprehensive overview of modern America.

  1. Use a Variety of Platforms

As social media continues to grow into a staple part of our modern society, marketing campaigns must use each of these platforms to their full potential. Be sure to experiment with a plethora of different platforms such as TikTok and Twitch to ensure that you can gain a full scope of this elusive generation. This tactic can also help brands to implement a wealth of creative features, giving brands the chance to show off their creativity and stand out from their competitors within the market. 

  1. Experiment With a Collection of Mediums

Studies have also expressed the impact that video games will have on this generation, making mediums such as livestreams a key part of interacting with these individuals. In order to adhere to these needs, brands must produce a wide range of long-form content, with an emphasis on gamification. For example, collaborating with gaming influencers or promoting your brand at gaming conventions can help you form a more realistic and profitable relationship with this demographic. 

How To Use Influencer Marketing For Generation Alpha


  1. Produce Age-Appropriate Content

Although the advent of the internet has meant that children are exposed to an abundance of content at all times, it is still vital that brands produce age-appropriate content. This means removing any foul language and working with a content creator that prides themselves on being a good role model for children. However, this does not mean that you should sugar-coat your campaign as it seems that Gen Alpha is also concerned about worldly topics such as climate change, particularly due to the influence of Gen Z. 

How To Use Influencer Marketing For Generation Alpha


  1. Use Short-Form Content To Increase Engagement

Short-form content also seems to be incredibly popular, meaning that brands may soon have to learn to condense their marketing tactics to help capture the shorter attention spans of younger audiences. This type of content is also very useful for brands looking to adhere to viral trends as platforms such as TikTok and YouTube Shorts give businesses the chance to use a collection of visual effects to truly interact with their audiences. 

  1. Stay Away From Controversial Topics

In the same vein as any other influencer marketing campaign, it is paramount that you steer clear of controversial talking points when trying to market to Gen Alpha. This is mainly due to their ages and how their developing interpretations of the world around them can lead to your campaign being misunderstood and dismissed. Instead, try to focus on positive topics and emphasize the carefree nature of youth. This can be done by encouraging viewers to share the campaign with their friends or asking them to join in on a comical trend. 

  1. Assess the Previous Work of Your Chosen Influencer

In order to gain the best result from your influencer marketing campaign, you must ensure that your chosen influencer is the correct choice for your brand image. Thus, it is important that you carefully examine their previous work to make sure that they have not experienced any mishaps or controversies throughout their career. If you value creating a more personal relationship with a content creator, try inviting them for a meeting to discuss their work history and how they plan to create a positive relationship with their Gen Alpha audience. 

  1. Practice Online Safeguarding Measures

Online safeguarding is the practice of keeping children safe online, particularly on social media. These guidelines often refer to online bullying, digital safety, and other child safety protocols so it is important that your campaign does not breach these rules. You should always keep in mind what your campaign is asking audiences to do and ensure that you never require them to release personal information or harass others. These simple efforts will help you follow the needs of this growing generation without unintentionally placing them in danger. 

Many marketers are keen to push their efforts toward Generation Alpha due to its modern influence and surprisingly high levels of buying power. With these key practices in mind, your brand now has the potential to produce an effective and prosperous influencer marketing campaign that is bound to see tremendous levels of engagement. 

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