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How To Write a Creative Brief for Influencers


How To Write a Creative Brief for Influencers

With 17% of companies devoting more than half of their annual marketing budget to influencer marketing campaigns, it is vital that brands learn how to effectively collaborate with content creators. As businesses continue to focus on gaining a high ROI on their campaigns, they run the risk of neglecting their influencer’s professional needs. Netinfluencer will explore the best practices for writing a creative brief and discuss why they are so important to influencers. 

What Is a Creative Brief? 

A creative brief is a document that aims to summarize and explore the key steps needed to complete a certain project. This document essentially serves as a roadmap, helping both businesses and influencers to understand what is required from them.

They can also be used as a selling tactic, encouraging other brands or stakeholders to keep investing in a business’ future ventures. Ideally, a creative brief should contain all the information needed to fully understand a brand’s core values and what it aims to achieve in its future projects. 

How To Write a Creative Brief for Influencers


Why Are They So Important?

Creative briefs are more than just a few bullet points on a page, they are designed to guide every person involved in a project and ensure that all members remain on the same track. Briefs also make sure that people outside of your business are aware of your actions and know what to expect from the coming phases of your project. 

With regard to influencer marketing, creative briefs can help streamline a campaign and help an influencer make the best choices for themselves and your business. In addition, these documents also provide valuable insight into your mission statement and values, which is something that an influencer may not know when first collaborating with your business.

Briefs can also help refine your marketing strategy, giving each member of staff a key goal to strive toward. Overall, this can help to increase motivation and productivity across the workforce. 

How Should It Be Formatted?

A positive aspect of creative briefs is that they are incredibly versatile, meaning that there are no strict formatting guidelines. However, they should include the following information.

  • The purpose of the campaign
  • Brand name and details
  • Target audience
  • Campaign requirements and KPIs

Best Practices for Writing a Brief for Influencers

  1. Show That You Are Aware of Their Work

A generic brief can sometimes help businesses to foster creativity in their work. However, when working with an influencer it is important to show an interest in their work and let them have a large amount of creative freedom. This could be expressed by adding a short description of the influencer at the beginning of the creative brief. If you are creating your brief using a digital format, you could add links to their platforms to help gain more understanding of their work. Plus, this can help to make an influencer feel more included in the project, which can lead to an increase in the quality of their performance.

How To Write a Creative Brief for Influencers


  1. State the Appropriate Platform

If you are working alongside an influencer who has a large amount of experience and engagement, it is good practice to specifically explain what platform you would like to collaborate on. For example, if a business wants to showcase a new line of products, a platform such as Instagram or TikTok would be best suited. This can give the influencer a sense of guidance and clarity and also ensures that the content they produce is suitable for your desired platform. 

  1. Set Measurable Goals

Goals and objectives are obviously a key aspect of a creative brief but they may not be applicable to your influencer, especially if they operate outside of your business. Thus, it is paramount that businesses provide a set of measurable goals for an influencer to achieve. An example of this is a content schedule to which a creator can adhere to throughout the project. Due to the ever-changing nature of social media, it is best to avoid setting goals surrounding follower counts or likes, as they may not be achieved within a single campaign. 

  1. Offer a Deadline

Although it can be tempting to show leniency throughout a campaign, it is best to give an influencer a specific date on which you would like the content to be completed and posted. Many influencers are often working on a variety of campaigns and brand deals, meaning that they have to work on a strict schedule. By offering your client a deadline, you are establishing professional boundaries which can help an influencer maintain a healthy work-life balance

  1. Express a Project Timeline

Influencer campaigns can span across a number of months, meaning that content is often produced at an exponential rate. Thus, a project timeline can guide an influencer through this lengthy period and helps them to better manage their content calendar. It can also provide key insights into changes in consumer behavior, which can ultimately lead to a more engaging series of content. For example, an influencer may want to increase the amount of content they publish during the Black Friday period. A project timeline can also be formatted in a number of ways, leaving a lot of room for freedom in design and analytics. 

How To Write a Creative Brief for Influencers


  1. Explain Payment Details

Payment details are very important for influencers, particularly as many of them are self-employed and work toward a sense of financial stability. Your creative brief should explain how much you are paying the influencer as well as when they can expect to receive the payment. Some influencers, especially if they are international, prefer to take payments via a third-party platform such as PayPal. Therefore, this information should also be presented in the creative brief. Also, be sure to check their media kit or website for more information about their pay rate and any other financial details. 

  1. Add essential contact information 

Keeping in close contact with your influencer is very important throughout your campaign as it means that both parties are continuously working toward the same set of goals. To keep this relationship amicable and productive, try assigning a point of contact to an influencer. This is an individual that they can reach out to if there are any issues or questions about the campaign. The point of contact’s details should be listed in the creative brief as well as the best times to contact them. 

How To Write a Creative Brief for Influencers


Creative briefs may not be a novel concept within marketing circles but they are often overlooked in influencer marketing campaigns. These documents can help content creators achieve profitable goals within a business and ensure that they can tap into saturated segments within their respective markets. To discover more about working with influencers, visit our website

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