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How to Boost Your Engagement on Tumblr


How to Boost Your Engagement on Tumblr

Data from February 2021 informs us that there are over 518.7 million active Tumblr blogs, signifying that the platform has maintained its high level of popularity over the years. Although it may not be the most prevalent platform, frequent users and influencers are still interested in upkeeping their follower count and reach. As such, Netinfluencer has some top tips to help you boost your engagement on Tumblr. 

What Is Tumblr?

Tumblr was first launched in 2007 as a niche microblogging site, designed to help users post a wealth of content to their own short-form blogs. It also encourages users to interact with each other in a multitude of ways such as through comments, reblogging and sharing. 

In April 2013, the site reached a momentous milestone, receiving an incredible 13 billion global page views. Tumblr then became associated with the early 2010s fandom craze, with users posting about their favorite popular culture trends. 

The platform has also produced a collection of high-end brand collaborations such as its work with Adidas. This was a month-long paid advertising campaign that saw users purchasing select items directly from their dashboards. 

How to Boost Your Engagement on Tumblr


Why Are Celebrities Now Using It?

Since Elon Musk announced his acquisition of Twitter, many celebrities and public figures have shown great disdain. In turn, many of them are seeking new social media platforms to use. Most notably, Ryan Renoylds has declared his move over to the platform with many others following in his footsteps.

Tumblr has now become a key asset for many celebrities as it allows them to share a wide variety of content with their fans without having to pay for verification. In fact, the site has parodied this move by allowing users to buy two verification checkmarks for $7.99.

10 Ways to Boost Engagement on Tumblr

1. Include Relevant Hashtags

Hashtags are a key element of Tumblr’s algorithm as they allow users to organize their content and cause it to show up when others search for key terms. For example, if you use #trending, your content will become associated with the most popular and contemporary posts on the platform. This is a unique way to acquire more followers as it means that new users can discover your blog with ease.

2. Post at the Right Time

Tumblr is most associated with Gen Z, particularly those aged between 13-24. Thus, experts suggest that the best time to post is between 7pm and 10pm on Monday to Thursday. In particular, activity is highest at around 4pm, giving you a prime time frame to share your content. It is good practice to post at more active times as it ensures that more people can see your content without it being overlooked by other posts in the timeline. 

3. Create Content for Tumblr Post +

Tumblr Post + was first launched in September 2021 as a way for creators to designate select posts for their most devoted followers. This subscription service starts at $1.99 a month and offers your followers an assortment of exclusive benefits. Influencers can now monetize the content they post on Tumblr and create a stronger relationship with their audience as a result. Try posting unique video content and text content to interact with your follower base at a more personal level. 

How to Boost Your Engagement on Tumblr


4. Reply to Comments and Notes

In a similar vein to other social media platforms, engagement is recorded through comments and other performance metrics. A lot of this data is expressed through Notes, which is the collective number of likes, reblogs, and replies that a post has received. As a result, it is beneficial for influencers to communicate with their followers through these means. This can be achieved by reblogging fan art or completing a Q&A session within the comment section of a particular post. 

5. Upload a Variety of Different Content Forms

Tumblr effectively differentiates itself from other platforms by encouraging users to post a wide collection of different content forms. This includes GIFs, audio files, and quotations. This gives influencers a large amount of creative expression and an assortment of new ways to produce and monetize their content. All of this content is also presented in one place, offering influencers the chance to experiment with their content style without having to switch platforms. 

How to Boost Your Engagement on Tumblr


6. Make Your Blog Attractive

Like many other blogging sites, Tumblr hosts an array of customization features, meaning that influencers can produce a blog that best suits them. Users can even build their own custom HTML, allowing them to change the theme and layout of their platform. This can help your blog to stand out from the crowd and ensures that it can perform effectively against its competitors. 

7. Reblog Other Content in Your Niche

If you are operating in a very nuanced niche, Tumblr may be the best platform for you. It is well recognized for its unique content, giving influencers the chance to interact with others in the same circle. By reblogging content that resides in your niche, you are better able to show your understanding of that particular industry. Moreover, this offers the opportunity to meet new people and potentially set up projects and collaborations with like-minded individuals. 

8. Focus On Image-Rich Content

Tumblr values photo content, especially animated GIFs, as it allows the platform to become more competitive against platforms such as Facebook, which often focuses on superficial status updates. Therefore, this inspires users to express themselves differently and has the ability to create a wealth of shareable content. Furthermore, no matter how many times an image gets reblogged, the original creator will always be accurately credited. Thus, you will not lose credibility for your work, even if it excels. 

How to Boost Your Engagement on Tumblr


9. Implement Affiliate Links

Research has shown 64.48% of affiliate marketers generate organic traffic via blogging. In turn, this makes Tumblr a key platform for this type of marketing. The platform allows users to implement affiliate links as long as they are not using their blog for the sole purpose of building a portfolio of links. As a result, this is a great way to earn an additional commission, whilst still producing a variety of engaging content.  

How to Boost Your Engagement on Tumblr


10. Post Frequently

Tumblr relies on a large influx of content in order to maintain its high levels of engagement. As such, influencers are recommended to post at least once to three times a day. This gives creators a lot of flexibility and inspires them to continuously post content that attracts their audience. With a variety of content forms to choose from, influencers should have no trouble finding ideas for new posts. 

Tumblr still stands as one of the most popular social media platforms in the US, helping influencers to build an unwavering community of engaged followers. Boosting engagement on Tumblr can help you to tap into new niches and receive a collection of prosperous opportunities. 

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