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How I Became a Social Media Influencer By Influencers for Influencers


How I Became a Social Media Influencer | By Influencers for Influencers

The journey and experiences of social media influencers can inspire. It also serves as an example of strategy building and improving your influencer game. But first, you must determine if the Influencing game is worth pursuing. 


Why should I become a social media influencer: Pros and Cons

The power of social media lies in its ability to influence. Through the screens of mobile phones and laptops, social media influencers and marketers are able to connect with millions of viewers and followers, leveraging their talents and promoting products and brands to produce a substantial return on investment. This coveted profession, akin to the world of celebrity, offers both fame and fortune, making it an enticing pursuit for many. With so many benefits, it’s no surprise that influencers are increasingly prevalent. But is the reward truly worth the effort?


The pros and cons

RemunerationBased on the number of followers, the remuneration sometimes outweighs the amount of effort expended in creating and posting content. Oftentimes, it is more than worth the effort.The off buttonSocial media influencers are in character when promoting and influencing, even though they do not portray anyone else but themselves. And since every opportunity can be used to influence, they are always switched on and can never really push the off button. With time, much like celebrities, influencers can experience burnout from not being able to hit pause or have healthy and defined boundaries that separate their onscreen personas from themselves.
PassionMost influencers are passionate about their niche categories and brands and enjoy the process of creating and publishing content. Die-hard fans are the easiest to turn into influencers or brand ambassadors. It is a genuine and authentic adoration and zest for the brand and niche. If done correctly it pays off.Here today, gone tomorrowAs an influencer, your success is determined by your followers and critics. What they say and how they respond to you can make or break your career as a social media marketer. To a large extent, your career expectancy is determined by the audience, trends, the market and your conduct on and off camera. There is no job security and even if you played all your cards right, you could be blown out of the water as soon as your trend-time ends and a new social media star enters the scene and claims the spotlight. It may be considered a fickle industry that is difficult to predict.
Flexible space and timeYou have flexibility in your schedule which means you can work according to what suits you. You also have flexibility with your work location. Your gift of greater control over your time and space is one that keeps on giving.The hatersIf you cannot handle critics, hate speech, online trolling, or even cyberbullying, which we do not condone, we suggest you opt for a profession that is less critical. Thicker-skinned individuals fare better in the long run.          

How lucrative is social media influencing?

A nano-influencer can make approximately $195 per post on Instagram

A mid-tier influencer can make approximately $1,221 per post on Instagram

A macro-influencer can make approximately $1,804 per post on Instagram

This article by Hootsuite will provide more clarity on social media’s earning potential in 2023

The influencers and their guidance

Kat Norton

Also known as Miss Excel, Kat is an enthusiastic and energetic online Microsoft Excel teacher. She launched Miss Excel in June 2020, as a side hustle. One of her early TikTok videos earned her 100,000 followers in a few short weeks. You can read the details about Kat’s journey in this article

Kat’s success comes from developing a niche, based on her skills and knowledge, that people have responded well to. Kat also paid attention to her audience’s responses and created the content they requested. More light is shed on her winning strategy in this article by Thinkific Blog. Forbes named Kat Norton as one of the Top Influencers of 2021. 

Loren Gray

This 20-year-old American singer, beauty vlogger, and model is a TikTok sensation, who rose to fame at 16. Bullied at school for her online success, Loren was removed from school. She and her family moved to L.A., where Loren’s career grew. Loren got a music contract at 16 and has since released over a dozen songs on Apple music. She also made the Forbes 30 under 30 list in 2021.

Loren’s success comes from honing her talent, despite the challenges and setbacks. Her parents played a pivotal role in the continuation of her career. Perseverance and self-belief goes a long way when combined with hard work. 

Ash Brown

Ash is a CEO who has appeared on several T.V shows, has her own podcast with over 1000 episodes under its belt, a successful blogger and emcee. She has taken influencing to the next level. Her best advice is to be yourself. Be original. Read more about Ash and how she achieved success in Voyage ATL’s article, Meet Ash Brown of Ash Said It in North Atlanta.

Lauren Mayhew aka Lolo

Actress, singer, DJ, ring announcer and social media influencer, Lauren is a performer of note. Having performed at the Superbowl and appeared on popular series like Dexter, Lauren is a force!

Her tips and guidelines include being bold and upgrading your content and brand and she encourages collaboration. She is on trend and has remained relevant using these tips.  Find out more about her with this article.

Alexandra “BahaYogi” Kaufmann 

Alex is 31-year-old and from the Bahamas. She is an internationally known yoga specialist who promotes yoga, wellness, and a healthy lifestyle. 

Alex speaks about representation, authenticity and inclusivity in her interview.

She has 497K Instagram followers. Her TikTok following sits at 6924 followers, while YouTube has 1,24K subscribers. Alex’s popularity and growth come from the accessibility of her skills, without tampering with the authenticity of the practice, while driving inclusivity.

Jeff Bullas

He is a blogger, author, strategist and speaker but most importantly a mentor to digital creators. He is the man to seek advice from. Jeff’s journey began in 2008 when he began his blog. His focus was on quality content and marketing. He built his brand through steady and relentless content creation and pushes this with email marketing.

Other Resources: For strategy building and boosting your influencer game!

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