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Heyscribe The First Platform to Monetize All Stages of Content Creation


Heyscribe: The First Platform To Monetize All Stages Of Content Creation

CEO and Founder of Heyscribe Egor Aizen launched Heyscribe, the first platform monetizing all stages of content creation, even work-in-progress, and creating a vibrant social ecosystem that allows anyone to become a paid creator. Heyscribe launched on August 16, 2023, and is free for everyone. Keep reading to learn more about this innovative launch combining a social media feed, content creation and organization features, and monetization opportunities.

About Heyscribe

On August 16, 2023, the all-in-one platform Heyscribe launched in the United States, helping countless creators address monetization challenges. Heyscribe is free for all creators and allows creators to pocket up to 90% of their subscription income. 

Creators from all industries, such as TikTokers, vloggers, YouTubers, podcasters, musicians, artists, and influencers, are encouraged to use the platform to diversify their income. The Heyscribe platform allows creators to earn up to 20% more by sharing content in progress with others on the platform’s unique Instagram-like interface. 

The Heyscribe process is straightforward. Creators publish their content creation process on Heyscribe, receive feedback from their community, and earn Patreon-like monetization benefits. After refining their content with the help of loyal followers, the content is published on the creator’s “main” platforms, such as TikTok, YouTube, or Instagram.

Unlike other platforms, creators can monetize their content during creation, not just after publishing. It also encourages creators and subscribers to collaborate through feedback and planning features. 

Other benefits include the platform’s Trello-like management tools to reduce the time required for content creation, features for boosting audience engagement and retention through collaboration and allowing users to contribute to the creator’s content. 

The Inspiration Behind Heyscribe

CEO and Founder of Heyscribe, Egor Aizen, came from a family of creatives, which inspired him to launch Heyscribe, the first platform to monetize every step of content creation. Using Heyscribe, creators can scale their income by monetizing and managing creative works in progress. 

Heyscribe: The First Platform To Monetize All Stages Of Content Creation

Egor explains, “Currently, no other existing platforms offer the ability for creators to monetize and manage their creative focus progress. That’s what sets Heyscribe apart. I would say Heyscribe stands out by functioning as a social media feed that allows creators to grow their audience through a spillover effect.”

Subscribers can directly provide feedback on a creator’s content, giving creators immediate insights and allowing them to perfect their content and grow faster. 

As for the creator selection process, Heyscribe is open to anybody

Egor shares that everybody is a creator. If you make posts, you are creating content. Small, mid, and large-sized creators are welcome to join, although the platform may best suit small and mid-sized creators with the most to gain from feedback. 

Heyscribe: The First Platform To Monetize All Stages Of Content Creation

Heyscribe Features for Creators

Some of Heyscribe’s most prominent features for creators include: 

  • Subscription models provide your audience with members-only content and an exclusive experience. (The creator sets these prices.) 
  • Crowdfunding to raise money for your creative ideas and pursuits. 
  • Rewards for devoted followers. 
  • Private posts that have a custom price. 
  • Polls, comments, and other feedback tools to learn what your audience does and doesn’t like or how they feel about specific topics. 
  • Trello-like organization tools, including the ability to track content ideas from your followers

All of these features are available to creators at every step of the creative process.

Monetization Challenges in the Creator Economy

Many creators struggle to monetize their platforms effectively, often due to time constraints, since most creators work jobs outside their creative pursuits. As a result, a creator’s growth can stagnate if they are constantly splitting their time between work and content creation

Heyscribe’s platform addresses these challenges by providing creators with an additional income stream, whether they are new creators or well-established ones. 

Egor says, “According to our research, creators usually have one main platform that brings the most profit, so the other platforms either bring nothing or less and are more for helping to drive traffic to the main platform. Regardless of which platform is the main for creators, they create the content on our platform and keep a record of work tasks here as well.”

Creators can withdraw money on Heyscribe on the same day if they earn at least $20. This fast payoff differs dramatically from other creator income streams, like brand deals, where the creator may need to wait several months after the deal is complete to receive payment. 

The 90% revenue creators retain from their work is also higher than many platforms and is estimated to increase creator earnings by 20% on average, according to the Heyscribe team. 

Key Takeaways from Egor’s Previous Ventures

Egor is a serial entrepreneur with five years of startup experience and eight years in technology and business development. Here are his top three key takeaways: 

  1. Failures are essential because of the lessons you can learn from them. 
  2. Criticism is your friend. It’s difficult to hear criticism from others when creating content or building a business, but taking constructive criticism and acting on it will create a stronger product. 
  3. Flexibility is key. Flexibility is vital for entrepreneurs and creators who may need to make quick changes to their businesses. A bonus of being a creator or having a small startup is your flexibility, which larger companies can’t keep up with. 
Heyscribe: The First Platform To Monetize All Stages Of Content Creation

How Heyscribe Will Shape the Creator Economy

Egor shares that Heyscribe is a new page in the history of the creator economy. 

He explains, “It’s a new way of monetizing the content, and from my point of view today, when it’s getting harder to become the creator, you don’t need [to exert] so much effort with all the AI technologies.”

The Heyscribe social network element will help grow a creator’s audience and ultimately be a social networking tool that combines content, social followings, and monetization.  

A crucial part of how Heyscribe will shape the creator economy is its user-friendliness, which allows creators to make content from start to finish on one platform. 

He adds, “It’s going to save creators a lot of time, but also give them the tools to create better content as well.”

Another distinguishing factor is there is no difference between creator and non-creator accounts. Everybody has the potential to earn money and receive feedback on their content on the platform, which is unique compared to other social media platforms that distinguish creators from their audiences. 

Continuing Innovation & Future Creator Economy Trends

The Heyscribe platform launched on August 16, 2023, but the team is already taking steps to continue empowering and supporting creatives with their future pursuits. 

Egor shares, “The next step will be mobile applications and locations. Next, we are going to integrate AIs. I won’t tell you the exact [details yet.]”

As for the rest of 2023, Egor predicts that there will continue to be a considerable number of AI platforms for creators popping up. 

He adds, “I can’t say I am against artificial intelligence because I think it’s like the new instrument. When Photoshop or laptops appeared, it was a new way to create, and I think [AI] it’ll increase the amount of content.”

AI tools will also lead to the rise of new jobs for people and creators who can work with AI successfully and make fantastic art and content. 

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