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Democratizing Video Content Creation How Minvo Aims To Unlock For Everyday Experts


Democratizing Video Content Creation: How Minvo Aims To Unlock For Everyday Experts

Founded in June 2022 by David Salib, Minvo (formerly provides a platform to streamline video creation and distribution workflows.

As Salib explains, Minvo aims to “eliminate barriers for content creation” by automating time-intensive aspects of video editing and delivery. The company taps AI to power features like “magic edits,” which can automatically modify clips – for example, switching camera angles in interviews.

Democratizing Video Content Creation: How Minvo Aims To Unlock For Everyday Experts

Democratizing Video Content Creation: How Minvo Aims To Unlock For Everyday Experts

Compared to alternatives, Minvo focuses on usability, accuracy of its AI, and supporting comprehensive video workflows. The platform assists users with steps ranging from copywriting to multi-platform distribution.

Democratizing Video Content Creation: How Minvo Aims To Unlock For Everyday Experts

Notably, Minvo enables anyone with a message to produce video content more easily. Salib believes professionals across fields could utilize video, from lawyers to therapists to subject matter experts. By centralizing technical complexities, the company intends to empower these users to focus on their core stories and messages.

As Salib explains, “Our vision is to eliminate all the barriers for content creation that prevent people today from sharing the valuable information and content they have.” He believes video is now “the atomic unit” of marketing, an “effective way to communicate and build a brand.” Yet many lack the expertise and time needed to produce quality video content.

He continues, “I think the entire world [can] benefit from all the content that people can start sharing at high quality with very little effort.” Ultimately, Minvo strives to make video creation smooth, simple and within reach of everyday experts.

Video as the Atomic Unit of Marketing

According to Salib, “most of our social media feeds are a very good mix of [entertaining and educational content], because the algorithms, especially the companies building the algorithms, have figured out that if you mix entertainment content with educative content, you get maximum time spent on these platforms.”

Democratizing Video Content Creation: How Minvo Aims To Unlock For Everyday Experts

Salib predicts that more and more businesses will begin creating social media content themselves rather than solely relying on influencer sponsorships. He says, “I think that we’re entering a new phase where businesses prioritize content more than ever before.”

In the next few years, Salib expects that “all the time consuming jobs of creating content will be pretty much eliminated.” He explains that “[all] the repetitive tasks, all the repetitive edits, the repetitive searching through content to find the best part…will be automated.” This will allow creators to “focus on what story do I want to tell?” resulting in “way higher quality content.”

New AI-powered creative tools will also enable “crazy content creation” over the next decade, transforming the types of social media content that gets produced.

However, Salib notes that “monetizing an audience as a creator that doesn’t have a business or a brand behind you is actually quite difficult.” He has observed that “the most successful [creators]…the products they sell make them more money than the sponsorships.”

His advice to creators without an established business is to think about “[what] kind of business can you run?” whether that’s coaching, consulting, online courses, a partnership with a small business, etc. As he puts it, “the opportunity to make money as a creator is more in the real world and the business side than just like the actual platforms.”

What’s Next in 2024 for Minvo

Minvo  envisions a future for his company where it can transform content creation by being “the easiest way for somebody to create content.” As he explains, the goal is to provide “a magical experience when you enter Minvo and you have no idea what to do,” seamlessly guiding users through a simplified workflow.

When it comes to incorporating the latest AI advances, Salib says “as new technologies come out we’re always at the forefront of bringing them to the product.” He wants to deliver “the latest and greatest in AI” to users “in the simplest, most user friendly way.”

If Minvo achieves scale over time, Salib believes it can have tremendous impact across content creation. In his view, Minvo has the ability to “save hundreds of millions and billions of human hours” on repetitive video editing and production tasks. This would “release a lot of the stress of creating content” and “increase the focus on what’s the actual story.” Ultimately driving more authentic, narrative-focused video content within the creator ecosystem.

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