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Dubai Comedian Baselaughs On Globalized Targeting And The Best Creative Process


Dubai Comedian Baselaughs On Globalized Targeting And The Best Creative Process

Content creation careers are often built upon specific niches, but that is not true for Basel and his online career. Basel is a one-man team that makes inclusive content anyone can enjoy, no matter what language they speak or where they reside. 

Basel’s epic content is creatively out of this world, and in this interview, he’ll tell us more about appealing to a global audience and his success story. 

Dubai Comedian Baselaughs On Globalized Targeting And The Best Creative Process

Who is Basel Gazioglu?

Famed for his “English is a Stupid language skit, @Baselaughs Basel Gazioglu is an international content creator who recently located in Dubai for the abundance of opportunity. 

Any avid Tiktok user is familiar with Basel or at least encountered some of his most famous skits, such as the fun facts series, the translation of funny Arabic Sayings, and the all-time popular “English Is a Stupid Language. 

Now with less than 436k followers on Instagram, Basel is one of the unfortunate creators whose account of 5 million followers was randomly deleted for no reason. 

In this interview with Baselaughs, he unveils where all the creative energy comes from, offers the best strategies to make globally comprehended content, and gives tips to aspiring online comedians and actors. 

When And Why Did You Start Creating Content?

Dubai Comedian Baselaughs On Globalized Targeting And The Best Creative Process

Unlike creators that discovered their talents through hit-or-miss videos on social platforms, Basel perfected his craft, picking on relatives and making his family laugh. 

He tells us, “I noticed my talents as a kid by making my family and relatives laugh themselves to tears, and that’s probably where the passion to make people laugh comes from.”

“Even though comedy flows naturally, my ultimate objective and main motive has always been acting, as that’s what I went to school for,” he explains. 

However, like many successful creators in the comedy space, Basel gained the most exposure and went all-in on creating daily content during the Coronavirus pandemic in 2020.

How Do You Come Up With Viral Skits?

The first thing anyone who comes across Basel’s content notices is the creativity of every skit he makes. He tells us, “The creative process for me is lived from the moment I open my eyes in the morning. I have a list for every category or series on my phone’s notes, and I just add to each Idea daily until I create the full image.” 

In a wild comparison, he states, “It’s one of those things that get better with time, like a bottle of finely aged wine.” 

Some of Basel’s most popular videos include, Choosing a Rap Name, English is a Stupid Language, The Logically Speaking skit, and funny sketches about the “New World Order.”

Globalizing Your Content

Basel attributes his thorough explanation of different language content to the many places he’s lived growing up. 

He tells us, “Not to brag or anything, but I’m very well-spoken; I lived in England and Canada for the longest time, which granted me a better understanding of how to communicate differences and introduce new ideas.” 

However, Basel explains that communication in content creation isn’t limited to simply speaking in a thorough and engaging manner. 

He adds, “If the words are emphasized with body language and expressions enough, the overall story can be understood by anyone regardless of language.” 

What is the Ultimate Goal of Your Career As a Creative Influencer?

For Basel, the ultimate objective has always been taking his talent and experience to the big screen and establishing a career as a professional actor. 

He explains, “I’m getting closer to my goal every day, and it’s not just a feeling that I have; my work is getting noticed by officials in the industry, and I’m at a life-changing stage of my career right now.” 

Basel shares a moment of realization with us and tells us, “As a child, I didn’t find cartoons entertaining, and when I first watched a Jackie Chan movie, I fell in love with acting.” 

“In a nutshell, I want to give people the same feeling I got when I watched my first movie, so I dedicated all my time to becoming a better actor.”

What are your favorite moments as an influencer? 

The interview caught Basel at some of the best stages of his career, as he tells us, “This state I’m in right now is probably my favorite moment. I’m getting noticed by mega names in the industry, brands are reaching out, and things are headed in the right direction.” 

He adds, “I walked through all these years of content creation knowing that I have what it takes,

but the recent Interviews, publications, and podcasts I’m being invited to make these feelings as real as ever.”  

What are your tips for similar aspiring creators? 

“The algorithms don’t care” is Basel’s best advice for aspiring creators taking the same routes of acting and comedy.” 

He explains, “I see so many people start content creation and fail because they don’t take it all 

the way; if you want to reach profitable levels in your content creation journey, you must be completely invested.” 

“The algorithm wants you to be loyal, and that does not mean you should follow every trend and dance, but be consistent with whatever you’re putting out. It’s a battle for relevance in the online space, and creators that make relatable content and easily adapt to the market demands are bound to grow successful.” Basel elaborates.

Finally, Basel recommends every creator finds the perfect balance of relevance and controversy to thrive. 

Still, he warns, “There is a fine line, a balance that you need to figure out through calculated trial and error.”

Why did Your TikTok account get deleted? 

“I don’t know,” replies Basel. “it was certainly deleted by people working at a high level in the company because I reached out to officials in China, and they said it was deleted for violations.” 

He adds, “The pandemic period was a boom for my account, and all the effort that went into building my account to 5 million followers fell to pieces unexpectedly.” 

By diversifying his online presence on platforms like Youtube, and Meta, Basel is working to minimize any risks of being banned or deleted again and suggests other creators do the same as nobody sees it coming.

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