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Joseph Sottile's Vision Diffraction's Exciting Partnership With TikTok LIVE US


Joseph Sottile’s Vision: Diffraction’s Exciting Partnership With TikTok LIVE US

Learn about Joseph Sottile and Diffraction’s groundbreaking TikTok LIVE partnership, empowering rising creators to thrive on the platform. With data-driven strategies and personalized coaching, the program fosters community engagement and inclusivity while staying ahead of TikTok’s ever-evolving algorithm. Discover how it aims to revolutionize the influencer marketing landscape with ambitious long-term goals, empowering creators to achieve their creative aspirations.

Learn about Joseph Sottile and Diffraction’s groundbreaking TikTok LIVE partnership, empowering rising creators to thrive on the platform. With data-driven strategies and personalized coaching, the program fosters community engagement and inclusivity while staying ahead of TikTok’s ever-evolving algorithm. Discover how it aims to revolutionize the influencer marketing landscape with ambitious long-term goals, empowering creators to achieve their creative aspirations.

Who Is Joseph Sottile and Diffraction’s Partnership With TikTok Live US

Joseph Sottile, co-founder of Diffraction Agency, is a marketing expert specializing in data-driven strategies with a focus on influencer marketing. He shares exciting news about their recent partnership with TikTok Live US to offer a free program for rising creators.

“We’ve recently partnered with TikTok Live US to offer a free program for rising creators utilizing TikTok Live,” Joseph tells us. “The program is aimed at helping any creator under 200,000 followers in the United States over the age of 18 to grow on the platform powerfully by using TikTok Live.”

The program’s mission is to empower rising creators and provide them with valuable resources to thrive on TikTok. With this initiative, Diffraction aims to support young and emerging talent in the content creation space, enabling them to reach a wider audience and achieve their creative aspirations.

He explains the inspiration behind launching the free TikTok Live program in partnership with TikTok Live USA. The agency’s data-driven approach led them to explore various streaming platforms for potential partnerships.

“When we looked at TikTok Live, the partnership gave us a wealth of empirical and in-depth data to analyze,” Joseph says. “This data allows us to identify creators who are thriving and those who need assistance in leveraging TikTok Live’s features effectively.”

TikTok’s unparalleled discoverability and influence in the content creation space made it an obvious choice for Diffraction’s initiative. Joseph emphasizes that while rising creators often possess great content, they may struggle to reach a wider audience. The program’s primary goal is to help these creators grow their following, build a community, and increase their revenue.

How does Diffraction’s TikTok live program differ from other existing programs aimed at helping creators on the platform?

What sets Diffraction’s TikTok Live program apart from other existing initiatives is its personalized coaching approach and focus on individual creator needs. Unlike niche-focused or large-scale programs, Diffraction’s program takes a structured, tailored approach to help rising creators thrive on TikTok Live.

“We’re more focused on the coaching element,” Joseph emphasizes. “Instead of just training a large group of creators, we break it down to individual needs. For example, we strategize with a Fortnite creator who may be more introverted in their streams, so they can engage viewers and maximize their potential on TikTok Live.”

The agency’s emphasis on utilizing TikTok Live features effectively and immersing viewers in the content sets it apart. While some may view TikTok as solely a platform for viral trends, Diffraction recognizes its true essence: a place for discoverability and community. The agency’s personalized coaching and tailored strategies help creators utilize TikTok Live to its fullest potential and cultivate their following organically.

What specific features and support does Diffraction offer to rising creators through this program to help them grow their followings?

Joseph enthusiastically shares the comprehensive offerings of their TikTok Live program. “We offer everything,” Joseph explains, “…early access to key information and updates, exclusive official live events, in-person gatherings, and discoverability boosts” and more!

Diffraction’s features are grouped into two: Monetization and Growth. Under Monetization, creators can enjoy bonus campaigns (where they can earn top-tier rewards), discoverability features, exclusive official events, early access to key information, and additional monetization options within TikTok and Diffraction. 

As for Growth, creators can maximize exclusive one-on-one coaching, creator ban support, and collab opportunities and have access to expert training materials and resources on best practices and strategies to set them up for powerful growth. 

Building a community is vital for creator success. Could you elaborate on how your program fosters community engagement among TikTok creators?

Joseph talks about the importance of building a community for creator success. When asked about how their program fosters community engagement among TikTok creators, he states, “Amongst Diffraction’s creators, we have an active Discord server where we handle the majority of communications and coaching.” They also have specific chats for different gaming niches, allowing creators to promote their live streams, seek collaborations, and strategize together.

Joseph reveals that their community is very active, and whenever a new creator joins, others immediately show support by hopping into their streams and sending wave emojis or engaging in chat. He says, “We’re creating waves in the industry with emojis, but also with that content because every time those Diffraction creators leave, they’re still buzzing with excitement.”

He emphasizes the value of viewer engagement, stating that it teaches new viewers how to interact with streamers effectively. Joseph highlights the immersive elements of TikTok Live and Diffraction’s strategies that make viewers feel like part of the stream, fostering a strong sense of community.

Joseph clarifies that they don’t require their creators to engage with every content creator they find. Instead, they encourage organic interactions, knowing that engaging and entertaining interactions will naturally attract more viewers. This, in turn, creates a natural, organic boost in discoverability for the creators involved.

The creator economy is ever-evolving. How do you envision this program adapting to the changing needs and trends within the TikTok ecosystem?

The program stays ahead of the evolving creator economy with an advantage over TikTok Live. Joseph explains, “We offer our creators key information about updates and new features early.” This allows them to strategize and “implement those new features” effectively. They adapt their approach to hit algorithm updates and utilize new features for better discoverability. Joseph highlights, “We’re able to hit those updates and strategize around them earlier than the general public.” This way, they remain a whole month ahead in the dynamic landscape of the creator economy.

What is Diffraction’s Selection Process?

The process for creators to join the program involves meeting certain eligibility criteria. Joseph explains, “You have to have less than 200,000 followers, be in the United States, and be over the age of 18.” Additionally, they should have made less than 500,000 diamonds in the previous 30 days. 

To apply, creators can visit and register through the application process. After providing their TikTok handle and agency center code, they’ll receive an invite through the TikTok app. Joseph emphasizes, “All of our exclusive campaigns and the invitation processes are through the app, all of the data is within the app, and it’s all found within the Agency Center in the LIVEcenter as well.”

How does Diffraction’s program ensure inclusivity and diversity among the creators it supports?

The program ensures inclusivity and diversity among creators by personalizing coaching based on individual needs. Joseph explains, “We cater our coaching strategies around the tech the creator has, their availability, and their specific circumstances.” The program offers incentive programs to empower rising creators. 

Joseph adds, “We have incentive programs where creators can earn gifting and coins on their live streams, which encourages the algorithm to boost their discoverability. We also offer cash prizes and are working towards partnerships for giveaways like PC setups, tech peripherals, and vacations. Our goal is to incentivize and boost creators’ lives outside of streaming as well.” This approach ensures that every creator is supported and included in the program.

The influence of data-driven insights is undeniable. How does your program leverage data and analytics to help creators make informed decisions about their content?

Data-driven insights play a significant role in the program, with over 1,000 data points analyzed to help creators make informed decisions about their content. Joseph shares, “We look at tap-through rate, which measures the conversion from impression to viewer, and use it to develop strategies based on different setups, titles, and stream duration. Our personalized coaching includes data visualization and explanations, empowering creators with valuable information to enhance their content quality and performance.” 

Nurturing talent requires a supportive environment. Could you share some success stories or testimonials from creators who have benefited from your program?

The program has already undergone a soft launch in early July, and they are currently in a full launch phase. Joseph mentions, “We’ve been posting content and promoting the program through various channels. This interview and the content released in the past week serve as our hard launch.” 

As for the success stories, the program has seen significant improvements for creators. For example, a content creator named Tryf went from averaging 10 viewers and low gifting and chat interactions to now averaging 250 viewers that are highly engaging after joining the program. Here’s his testimonial:

“Hey, my name is Tryf, and I’m a streamer and competitive content creator. I have been streaming for around a year, but the last 3 months are where I found my most success.

I used to be averaging 10-30 viewers per stream and receiving barely any gifts or donations.

This was until I found the TikTok live agency diffraction, which is a data-driven market firm.

After doing some research, I realized the program was free for all creators of any size.

I immediately signed up through their website, which was super easy, and joined their private discord.

I met everyone and instantly saw the vision of collaboration opportunities with brands and other creators. you always want to surround yourself with people that will help you grow, so being in a community of people working towards a similar goal will always help.

I did a couple of streams, and then we went over them in my private voice channel within the server. We reviewed my analytics, I learned ways to keep viewers engaged in the stream, how to not experience burnout, and so many other things.

Something I really liked about the server was the monthly challenges Diffraction holds for all its creators, so there is an incentive and motive to stream more to possibly win prizes such as money.

After trial and error and using all the advice I gained, I am now averaging 100-500 viewers on stream, and I am receiving a big gift, such  as a TikTok universe, almost every time I stream.

You can always find success doing anything yourself, but if you are actually trying to get serious and take things to the next level, Diffraction is where you want to be”

TedFeds, a Mario 64 speed runner, jumped to the number six spot on the gaming rank leaderboards after joining the program. Numerous other creators have experienced over a thousand percent increase in viewership on their live streams, reigniting their passion for streaming and engaging with their audiences.

With TikTok’s algorithm regularly evolving, how does Diffraction’s program equip creators with the knowledge and tools to stay ahead of the curve?

Diffraction’s program empowers creators to stay ahead of the curve on TikTok Live by providing exclusive resources, personalized coaching, and strategic guidance. In collaboration with TikTok Live, they create articles and training sessions focused on algorithm changes and best practices. As Joseph explains, “We take any algorithm updates and release resources around the best practices… But then we take it that step further and have personalized coaching sessions to explain those strategies.” 

This tailored approach helps creators, including those in niche areas like Beat Saber or ASMR, adapt to algorithm changes and optimize their content. The program’s early access to information allows them to effectively strategize with creators to achieve success on the platform.

Engaging with the audience is vital for content creators. Does your program offer any guidance on how to interact effectively with viewers during live sessions?

Joseph understands the significance of engaging with the audience during live sessions. He emphasizes, “Engaging with the audience is vital for content creators. It’s like, at its core, you can use features to immerse yourself in a streamer’s content.” TikTok’s unique features provide a perfect platform for connecting with viewers and making the live experience memorable.

Diffraction’s program offers guidance on effective interactions during live sessions. Joseph explains, “We look at those features and create strategies on how our viewers can interact. Is it a certain gift, or can I join a game? Is it a community unlock or a one-on-one with a random viewer?” Personalizing these interactions is key to keeping the audience entertained and engaged.

The focus on authenticity is a central theme for Joseph. He believes in empowering creators to stay true to themselves and create content that genuinely excites them. “We empower creators to focus on what makes them happy and what content they are passionate about,” Joseph asserts. Authenticity resonates with viewers and sets creators apart from those who prioritize monetary gains over genuine connections.

Joseph concludes, “Authenticity is crucial in the content creation world. People easily swipe away from something that doesn’t captivate them or feels inauthentic. It’s important to be true to your core values and create content that genuinely excites both you and your viewers.”

Looking into the future, what are the long-term goals for Diffraction’s TikTok live program, and how do you envision it contributing to the broader influencer marketing landscape?

Joseph shares his ambitious long-term goals for the Diffraction Agencies’ TikTok Live program, envisioning significant contributions to the influencer marketing scale. He expresses his passion and dedication to creating incentive programs and campaigns for exclusive creators, including super cool giveaways, brand partnerships, and outlandish prizes like vacations and cruises.

In addition to this, he aims to dominate the ranking leaderboards on TikTok for various live categories such as gaming, chat, interview, ASMR, and music. Joseph envisions at least 50% of those leaderboards to be occupied by Diffraction creators, symbolized by their signature “Diffraction wave” on their profiles.

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