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All About The Hello Molly Influencer Program


All About The Hello Molly Influencer Program

As the global apparel market is expected to earn $2 trillion by 2026, many brands are looking for new and intuitive ways to remain competitive. Influencer marketing allows these dynamic brands to enter new markets with the help of an already-established content creator who has the ability to sway a plethora of purchasing decisions. To discuss the impact of this further, Netinfluencer will explore the Hello Molly influencer program and how it has allowed content creators to embark on a wealth of interesting projects. 

Company Background

Hello Molly first arrived on the fashion scene in 2012, with founder Ena Hadziselimovic looking to break into the highly competitive Australian fashion market. Though Hadziselimovic was still a student when the brand first launched, the company managed to make an impressive $510,100 in its first year of trading. The brand works at an incredibly fast pace, releasing over 100 new garments each week, helping to constantly adhere to up-and-coming trends. 

In 2018, the brand embarked on a new marketing venture, asking university students to spin a wheel for the chance to win a collection of unique prizes. This project was a huge success and allowed the brand to become associated with an array of top models such as Emily Ratajkowski and Jasmine Tookes.

Who Are the Hello Molly Influencers, and What Do They Do?

This brand is well known for using influencer marketing to its fullest potential, relying on key content creators to help promote its vast selection of clothing to a wealth of customers. On YouTube, Hello Molly creates a series of engaging backstage content, highlighting how it is using influencers to produce an assortment of unique campaigns. To help bring more awareness to its new line of activewear, Hello Molly introduced Isabella Stephenson, a part-time basketball player, and Fashion Marketing student. In this video, Stephenson shows how she styles these pieces to help give her best performance on the court. 

On Instagram, the brand pulls upon others within the online fashion niche to model a collection of garments for its audience. Styledivulge offers comprehensive fashion inspiration for her 11.9K followers and appears in one of Hello Molly’s Instagram Reels. Here, she sports a variety of dresses, highlighting the range of daring and eclectic styles available. 

What Are the Hello Molly Influencer Requirements?

Hello Molly often seeks out influencers that adhere to its young and vibrant brand image. Previously, the brand recruited Mina Marlena to promote its latest back-to-school styles. Marlena was part of a detailed social shoot that saw her experiment with a range of different themes to give the impression that she felt confident for the next semester. In turn, it is important that potential influencers also follow these guidelines and are able to successfully interact with younger audiences on their platform.

If you feel that you would also be a good fit for Hello Molly’s next influencer campaign, why not try reaching out to them directly? You can do this on social media or via email, ensuring that you effectively detail your strengths as a content creator and within the modern fashion niche. It is also good practice to include a contact email so that you can continue communicating if a project arises in the future. 

How To Promote Hello Molly Products as an Influencer and Make Money

Alongside its highly successful influencer program, Hello Molly also conducts a profitable affiliate marketing program. Influencers can now earn up to 7% commission on all items sold using one of their exclusive links. The platform also states that the average customer order is around $100, giving creators a better chance of securing a hefty source of income. 

If you are looking to show off your skills as a writer as well as an influencer, you can enquire about guest writing on Hello Molly’s blog. Here, the brand posts style tips, recipes, and updates from popular culture. Thus, you can produce a collection of written content surrounding the topics you are most passionate about. 

How Influencers Promote Hello Molly on TikTok

Gabby Male

After struggling to pick an outfit for an upcoming wedding, Gabby Male relied on her 149.6K followers to pick out the perfect dress from a large Hello Molly haul. By including her audience in the decision-making process, Male was able to gain 80.5K likes and a plethora of engaging comments. 


Number one is just too perfect! I’ll wear the second to the rehersal dinner! 🎉 #fancydress #dresses #outfit #weddingoutfit #hellomolly @Hello Molly

♬ original sound – Gabby Male


Angelynn used TikTok to show off the brand’s wide variety of prom dresses, giving an abundance of style tips to her bustling community of 49.2K followers. In this video, they referred to the brand’s website to make it easier for her community to purchase the items for themselves. 

All About The Hello Molly Influencer Program


With an impressive 15.9K followers, Ashlee.png has produced an assortment of entertaining hauls for her audience to enjoy. For her Hello Molly haul, this influencer notes how the items fit on her body and compares them to how they were depicted on the website. This helped her growing audience gain a better understanding of the brand’s sizing practices. 

All About The Hello Molly Influencer Program

How Influencers Promote Hello Molly on Instagram

Brittany Dickson

In a stylish Instagram photoshoot, Brittany Dickson highlights the pastel nature of one of Hello Molly’s iconic dresses. She also tagged the brand and asked for a range of new color options. This post also received a lot of positive comments from her 4462 followers. 

April Spritz

April Spritz used a set of Hello Molly’s most popular items to play a game of Rate My Outfit with her partner. This Instagram Reel indicated the versatility of the brand’s product line and made for an entertaining watch for her 38.7K followers. 

Alisha Isaacs

As a high-profile model with 104K followers, Alisha Isaacs never fails to give her fans the most intricate fashion advice. In one post, she sports a vibrant pink dress and tags the brand to increase engagement. This photo managed to amass a collection of likes and encouragement from her followers. 

How Influencers Promote Hello Molly on YouTube

Tahlia Skaines

Tahlia Skaines has been producing lifestyle content on YouTube since 2018 and also includes fashion in her content strategy. When discussing Hello Molly, Skaines created an enticing haul and also offered her 64.9K subscribers a 20% off discount code. 

All About The Hello Molly Influencer Program

Emily Philpott

Amassing 161K subscribers, Emily Philpott offered her bustling audience a glimpse into the brand’s varied assortment of styles. By discussing new arrivals and best-sellers, Philpott was able to effectively introduce her followers to this transformative fashion brand.

All About The Hello Molly Influencer Program

Lana Oneill

Lana Onelli focused on the affordable nature of Hello Molly’s product line, showing off a garment that she planned to wear as a wedding guest. This video gained a wealth of acclaim with her growing audience of 361 subscribers and managed to collect an impressive 1.3K views. 

All About The Hello Molly Influencer Program


Hello Molly is determined to dominate the fashion market, using influencers to attract a new generation of young shoppers. As a result, the brand has managed to work alongside a collection of popular social media personalities to extend its presence online and beyond. 

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