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All About The Glassons Influencer Program


All About The Glassons Influencer Program

As a nation of avid consumers, it seems that social media can effectively sway our purchasing decisions like never before. Data from 2021 states that 51% of consumers purchased a piece of clothing on Facebook after seeing it advertised on their feed. This leads us to believe that influencers and content creators play a key part in the grandiose impact of e-commerce and social media marketing. In turn, Netinfluencer will detail everything you need to know about the Glassons influencer program and how it can benefit a new generation of influencers. 

Company Background

Glassons operates under the prestigious Hallenstein Glassons brand, which has been a staple part of New Zealand’s shopping malls since 1873. Though Bendix Hallenstein opened his first department store in 1876, it did not become affiliated with Glassons until the early 1990s when it formed a merger with the fash fashion store. Glassons now boasts 72 stores across the country and Australia and is best recognized for its premium selection of womenswear.

The brand is also commended for its focus on environmental sustainability and its wider impact on the looming climate crisis. In 2020, Glasson managed to make 30% of its entire range sustainably sourced and is striving to hit the impressive target of 50% in the next coming years. It also received an A grade in the Ethical Fashion Report back in 2021. 

Who Are the Glassons Influencers, and What Do They Do?

In order to better interact with its predominantly Gen Z and Millennial audience, Glassons has embarked on a wealth of successful influencer marketing campaigns. In 2020, the brand collaborated with acclaimed fashion blogger Cartia Mallan to create an exclusive swimwear piece. This collaboration was considered to be an overnight success, helping the piece to become Glasson’s best-selling swimwear, just five days after its initial launch. 

The brand has also created a collection of admirable Instagram campaigns, using some of the platform’s most impressive talent to help attract a range of new customers. Australian influencer Shani Grimmond modeled a selection of detailed garments on the brand’s official Instagram page, aiding the post in gaining 4.5K likes. Glassons also supplied its customer base with an exclusive discount code so that they could purchase the item for themselves at a reduced price. 

On TikTok, the brand follows a similar strategy, recruiting various models and influencers to sport some of its most popular garments. As such, the account has amassed 178.3K followers and a further 2.8 million likes. 

@glassons Carmina from our Eastgardens store styles Valentine’s outfits. Shop yours online now #glassons ♬ Music Sounds Better With You x Fake ID – J-Key

What Are the Glassons Influencer Requirements?

Glassons has worked tirelessly to establish itself as a premium brand, working alongside a collection of highly sought-after influencers to help elevate its strategy and delve into rich and lucrative markets. Thus, the brand often seeks out content creators who also adhere to this mission, those who are also well recognized for their work and impact on the luxury fashion niche.

The brand also recruits a series of brand ambassadors such as Olive Cooke, who became a Sustainability Journey Brand Ambassador in December 2020. This influencer is the founder of Cooke and Kin, a swimwear brand that relies on responsible manufacturing practices and sustainability initiatives. Cooke was brought on board to help guide Glassons through its wealth of CSR projects and make its audience more aware of its plans to become more environmentally friendly. 

How To Promote Glassons Products as an Influencer and Make Money

Since this is a business that values the work of influencers and can help them to see high levels of success, creators are encouraged to reach out directly and ask about a potential collaboration. This discussion can be carried out in a variety of different ways, such as via email or DM. It is vital that you promote your work effectively and give examples of any prosperous brand collaborations you have completed in the past. It is also good practice to include a collection of relevant contact information so that Glassons can continue the conversation if they feel that you are a good fit for its brand. 

Glassons also hosts a prominent affiliate program. This means that influencers can earn a commission on any products sold using a link they have posted on their active platforms. As such, this is a useful platform if you are looking to achieve a more stable and accumulative source of income. 

How Influencers Promote Glassons on TikTok


Tuesdaylily uses her TikTok platform to successfully promote Glassons’ new activewear range whilst also deepening her connection with her 208.3K followers. This influencer conducted a unique GRWM video, showcasing how she styles each garment as well as her comprehensive makeup routine. 


@Glassons new active 🖤 #glassons ad DC TUESDAY15

♬ Selfcare-demo – Bella Moulden
All About The Glassons Influencer Program

Shivana Nicole

This influencer decided to take a trip into one of Glasson’s many brick-and-mortar stores, creating a try-on haul for her 5461 followers. Shivana Nicole highlighted the versatility of the brand’s summer range, sporting a collection of sleek tops and fitted trousers. 


Replying to @Shivana I went back 👀 part 3 coming. Ignore dirty mirror ick #fashiontiktok #nzfashion #fashiontok #glassons #outfitinspo #styleinspo #aus #nz @Glassons

♬ original sound – Shivana
All About The Glassons Influencer Program


Sophadophaa, better known as Sophia Beg, is a popular influencer who has been promoting Glassons for many years. On TikTok she often produces hauls for her 1.2 million followers, providing them with close-ups of what the garments actually look like in person. 

All About The Glassons Influencer Program

How Influencers Promote Glassons on Instagram

Jane Grace Hill

With an avid community of 14.3K followers, Jane Grace Hill decided to tag the brand in one of her joyful fashion shoots. This post showcased Hill in a blush pink dress, highlighting how the brand can suit just about any type of style. 

Emma Claiir

Emma Claiir is often commended for her unfiltered personality and relatable content, helping to appease her vast audience of 94K followers. In an adorable pregnancy photoshoot, Claiir tagged Glassons, indicating that the brand also sports a wealth of attractive maternity options. 

Jacquie Alexander

Glassons also uploaded a collection of Reels to its Instagram page, showcasing Jacquie Alexander in a wealth of contemporary pieces. Alexander depicted a carefree attitude that helped to exemplify the brand’s accessible style to her 233K followers. 

How Influencers Promote Glassons on YouTube

Catherine Ada

Clothing hauls are a key element of fashion videos on YouTube and Catherine Ada effortlessly adhered to this successful format when promoting Glassons on her channel. Her 1.93K subscribers were able to see each piece in detail, giving them a more expressive look at the brand’s product range. 

All About The Glassons Influencer Program

Allyssa Larson

Allyssa Larson was able to explore Glasson’s diverse collection of seasonal options, helping to establish the brand as versatile and progressive. In her August Glassons Haul video, Larson presented a wealth of different outfits for her devoted community of 1.51K subscribers. 

All About The Glassons Influencer Program

Elizabeth S

As a budding fashion YouTuber with a growing audience of 338 subscribers, Elizabeth S used a collection of attractive camera angles and transitions to highlight how she styles Glasson’s clothing to suit her own preferences and shape. 

All About The Glassons Influencer Program


Though it is now tied to one of New Zealand’s biggest retailers, Glassons has seen a wealth of success and prosperity in its own right. By using a collection of influencers and brand ambassadors, Glassons has managed to dominate a vast variety of diverse audiences and has become a pioneer in modern fashion. 

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