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Paws And Partnership Hammy And Olivia’s Adventure With A3 Artists Agency


Hammy And Olivia: Net Influencer Interviews Hammy And Olivia

Discover the extraordinary tale of Hammy and Olivia, two corgis whose playful antics turned them into social media sensations. With the guidance of A3 Artists Agency, their heartwarming journey from viral videos to influencer stardom unfolds, showcasing the power of humor, authenticity, and the unique bond between pets and their owner. Dive into their unexpected collaborations, meaningful connections, and upcoming animated adventures that continue to brighten the digital landscape.

Discover the extraordinary tale of Hammy and Olivia, two corgis whose playful antics turned them into social media sensations. With the guidance of A3 Artists Agency, their heartwarming journey from viral videos to influencer stardom unfolds, showcasing the power of humor, authenticity, and the unique bond between pets and their owner. 

Dive into their unexpected collaborations, meaningful connections, and upcoming animated adventures that continue to brighten the digital landscape.

Can you share with us the story behind how Hammy and Olivia became influencers? What inspired you to embark on this journey?

The pandemic’s monotony pushed Chris, Hammy and Olivia’s owner, to seek an outlet. “I was in my home, and I had no idea what to do,” he tells us. In a quirky turn, he filmed Olivia barking at a vacuum and voiced her thoughts. He shared it on TikTok, unaware of the impact it would have. “My phone was blowing up. Something was resonating with people,” he says.

The video’s success made Chris and Sarah see potential beyond friends and family. “We realized there was more to this,” Chris explains. They embraced their dogs’ charm, deciding to continue sharing. 

From Olivia’s witty commentary to Hammy’s playful antics, each post brought light to viewers. The journey from mundane to influencer was unexpected, marked by humor and the joy dogs bring. “The world needs a smile,” Chris emphasizes, reflecting on the simple yet profound appeal of a Corgi barking at a vacuum.

When asked about the source of his creative narratives for Hammy and Olivia, Chris replies, “You know, I was dropped on my head at a very early age.” He humorously credited this for the whimsical ideas that flowed.

Exploring the genesis of his scenarios, he shares, “It’s been just so fun to think that, you know, these are kids.” Chris highlights his representation of millennials embracing fur kids over human children. “I just imagine what it would be like to talk to children and to deal with them.”

Chris also shares how he crafts relatable moments, saying, “Injecting their personalities into these daily occurrences and seeing how they’d react to any given moment.”

Corgis have an adorable appeal that resonates with many people. How did you identify their potential to become social media influencers?

When discussing corgis’ rise as social media influencers, Chris’s insights illuminated their appeal. “I see a corgi, and I see a dog you just really wanna root for,” he muses. He highlights their unique features, like their short legs and docked tails, calling them “true underdogs.”

Chris’s genuine attachment shone as he explains, “I just wanna root for them, and I feel like the world wants to root for corgis.” Amid a sea of dog breeds, corgis stood out as relatable figures. Chris captured their essence, saying, “They’re these lovable losers that are probably picked last for kickball at the dog park.”

With so many pet influencers out there, what unique qualities do you think set Hammy and Olivia apart from others in the digital space?

Chris explains, “Well, they talk.” He humorously shares, “I do their voices. They can be tough on the throat.” Despite the makeshift sound studio in his closet, this became their defining factor.

“They get to vocalize and have a two-way conversation with their owner,” Chris emphasizes. This distinctive quality resonated. “People enjoy the fantastic thought of actually communicating with their pet,” he adds.

Their content offered a glimpse into that possibility, making it “somewhat of a reality, just 15 seconds at a time on a daily basis.” This imaginative connection struck a chord, allowing people to envision what it would be like to converse with their pets.

From YouTube to Instagram and TikTok, your adorable corgies have amassed a large following. How did you strategize and adapt your content for each platform?

When asked about their strategy, Chris responds, “Yeah, that’s such a great question. We get asked that a lot, too, for creators that are looking to get started, and the blunt answer is we don’t.”

He explains further, “We don’t do anything different when it comes to sharing our content with the different platforms.” Their core belief was simple yet impactful: “We like to think that regardless of where you’re watching us, you’re a human that can smile, has emotions, can seek joy. And that’s really all we try to do.”

Chris clarifies that the content’s essence was key. “And I think so long as our content is funny, it can be heartwarming, it can evoke an awe, so long as you get something like that,” he noted, “it really doesn’t matter where you’re watching us.”

This approach resonated across platforms, contributing to their success. “And I think that’s why we’ve been able to benefit so well from sharing Hammy and Olivia on YouTube, Facebook, TikTok, and Instagram,” he adds. In essence, their content’s universality spoke to the shared emotions that unite audiences, regardless of the platform.

As influencers, collaboration can be crucial. Could you tell us about some of the memorable collaborations that Hammy and Olivia have been a part of?

Transitioning into the world of collaborations, Chris shares some standout moments for Hammy and Olivia. With a move to Washington, DC, they reminisce about their initial years in Las Vegas and the unique collaborations that arose there.

Reflecting on their time in Las Vegas, Chris mentions, “Las Vegas comes with its own sort of stigma to it. And when your family-friendly content, Las Vegas sometimes isn’t always the best place for that.” Despite this, they continue to engage in collaborations that left a mark.

He highlights two memorable collaborations. The first involved an unexpected partnership with the Chippendales, a male revue show known for bachelorette parties. Chris marvels at the contrast, saying, “So to think that these two corgis were on stage with them, having a fun time was really sort of out of bounds and very contrasting to what we would typically do.”

Another collaboration close to his heart was with another corgi account, MadMax_FluffyRoad. Together, they recreated a famous scene from “The Hangover,” playing on Vegas folklore. Chris recounted, “That was sort of our wink at Vegas folklore as well. So we’ve really enjoyed doing that.”

The world of influencer marketing is fast-paced and ever-evolving. How do you stay ahead of the trends to keep your content fresh and engaging?

In the ever-changing world of influencer marketing, Chris emphasized their commitment to originality. “We like to be pretty original,” he notes. Their content, from scripts to outfits, reflects this uniqueness, positioning them ahead of trends.

Rather than follow every trend, they focus on moments that captivate global viewers. Chris explains, “It’s very original content. And I think that always allows us to stay ahead of trends and what’s trending.”

Their content path diverged from some popular trends, like dances on TikTok. Chris highlights, “You’ll rarely find us doing dances or anything that you might find on TikTok.” Their aim was authenticity, ensuring their content stayed true to their approach.

While they would occasionally explore trends, their core remained rooted in originality and authenticity, creating content that resonated with their audience.

Being represented by A3 Artists Agency is an impressive feat. How did this partnership come about, and how has it influenced your journey as influencers?

Being represented by A3 talent agency has been a significant milestone for Chris and his corgis. The partnership was born when Ian, one of their agents, reached out on Instagram, expressing interest in collaborating. Chris tells us, “A3 has been such a blessing to us.”

Reflecting on their journey, Chris shares, “You’ll never know you have a good agent until you’ve had a bad one.” However, A3 proved to be a dream partner. They approached Chris during a challenging time of relocating from Las Vegas to a new home 2,800 miles away. Chris highlights their exceptional empathy, saying, “They were so empathetic with our situation, and all they wanted to do was inject themselves into how they can help and make this really easy for us.”

Unlike the typical agent or manager relationship, A3’s approach stood out. Chris explains, “Typically, an agent or a manager just wants to see when your next video’s coming out… maximize the potential of your brand.” In contrast, A3 became teammates, offering more than just managerial guidance. This unique approach made the partnership feel like a blessing.

Behind the camera, there’s often a lot of hard work and dedication. Can you shed some light on the effort it takes to produce content and manage Hammy and Olivia’s online presence?

Behind the scenes, producing content and managing Hammy and Olivia’s online presence demands a blend of inspiration and adaptability. Chris acknowledges the uniqueness of working with his corgis, who are both his pets and his “children,” saying, “I work with animals who are my children.”

Crafting content involves scripting, selecting outfits, and envisioning ideas. However, Chris humorously shares that his plans sometimes face a roadblock when the corgis decide they’re not in the mood. “They’ll never know that they have over 12 million people that rely on seeing them every single day,” he says.

Despite the challenges, Chris finds joy in the authenticity of their interactions. The corgis are unaware of their massive online following, which adds a heartwarming element to their content. Chris marvels at their journey from the first video to now, where they embrace performing for the camera. He emphasizes their adaptability and good nature, suggesting that their comfort in the spotlight has grown over time.

Pet influencers can bring joy and entertainment to people’s lives. Have you received any heartwarming or touching messages from your followers that stand out to you?

Around three years ago, a 9-1-1 operator reached out to Chris, sharing a remarkable story: “You saved a life.” The operator revealed that a person in distress had turned to Hammy and Olivia’s videos for solace: “They make me realize that the world is just a silly place.” Watching the videos together over the phone changed their perspective, preventing a tragic outcome.

Chris reflects on the impact, stating, “Just to think that one specific moment ended up saving a life was heartwarming for us to learn.” This experience shifted their focus, underscoring the power of their content: “There’s more than just levity to this, that there’s power to the content we make and people rely on us.” This realization guided their direction, reinforcing their commitment to creating meaningful connections through their content.

With the rise of social media, animal welfare and ethical treatment of pets have come into focus. How do you ensure that Hammy and Olivia’s work aligns with responsible pet ownership?

Chris is committed to aligning Hammy and Olivia’s work with responsible pet ownership and ethical treatment. “We put them in some silly scenarios,” he explains, acknowledging that early on, they learned to listen to their following’s feedback. Chris emphasizes, “Nobody loves Hammy and Olivia more than me,” highlighting that every choice made is for their well-being, from nutrition to their overall health.

Discussing content ethics, Chris recalls an experience that illuminated the importance of aligning with values. He candidly shares, “We got our wrists slapped on working with a company.” A lack of due diligence led them to collaborate with a brand whose practices didn’t align. “Our followers were quick to let us know about their production practices,” Chris says, reflecting on the power of community guidance. He believes that this two-way street dynamic shapes their approach, helping them remain responsible and authentic.

Facing the scrutiny of social media, Chris reflects on the negative comments that sometimes arise. He humorously quips, “No one likes the six-foot redhead.” He acknowledges that hate comments are a part of the territory, a reality in the digital landscape. 

Chris advises, “You’re not playing a game you can win; you’re playing a game that you can only play.” He shares the lessons he’s learned from his experiences, emphasizing the importance of thick skin. “Social media can be a very toxic arena,” he warns. He also reminds content creators to approach it with a grain of salt. Chris encourages focusing on the positive impact, noting that for every critic, there are countless others smiling and supporting.

Has being influencers opened up any unexpected opportunities or experiences for you and your corgis?

Embracing unexpected opportunities, Chris recounts the remarkable journey that his corgis, Hammy and Olivia, have embarked upon. Amid the pandemic, Chris’s culinary endeavors for his dogs led to the creation of a cookbook titled “Barkcuterie.” The cookbook, comprising 25 delightful and pet-friendly snack boards, has graced the shelves of Barnes and Noble, an unexpected achievement that fills Chris with excitement.

The creator economy has seen significant growth. What advice do you have for aspiring influencers looking to turn their passion into a career?

Reflecting on the rapid growth of the creator economy, Chris offers sage advice to aspiring influencers. He emphasizes the significance of starting and maintaining consistency. He humorously warns against becoming a comedy account, despite his own humorous approach.

Chris also acknowledges the dedication required behind the scenes, where a short video takes hours to produce. He encourages authenticity, urging content creators to express their genuine selves and unique personalities, allowing audiences to connect on a deeper level.

Finally, can you give us a sneak peek at what exciting projects or plans you have for Hammy and Olivia?

Chris is eager to offer a glimpse of the captivating plans ahead for Hammy and Olivia. He acknowledges, “The one fear every pet owner has is, we know that we’re not going to have our fur babies every single day for the rest of our lives.”

To preserve their legacy, he shares, “I’ve wanted to try to memorialize Hammy and Olivia, so that future generations can enjoy them.” An exciting endeavor with an animation studio is in motion. “We’ve been blessed to work with an animation studio to create the animated adventures of Hammy and Olivia,” Chris reveals.

The highlight of this venture is a forthcoming cartoon series, which he is co-creating with Frederator Studios. Targeted for ages six to eleven, the series will offer lively animated escapades reminiscent of Saturday morning classics.

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