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Arshia Moorjani's Journey With A3 Artists Agency Navigating The Influencer Space


Arshia Moorjani: Net Influencer Interviews Arshia Moorjani

Discover the captivating journey of Arshia Moorjani, a prominent influencer for over seven years, as she transforms the beauty industry with authenticity and representation. With the support of A3 Artists Agency, Arshia bridges gaps in the beauty community and nurtures lasting partnerships, all while maintaining a genuine connection with her audience. From YouTube to TikTok, explore how Arshia’s evolution spans platforms and topics, offering a unique perspective on the influencer landscape.

Discover the captivating journey of Arshia Moorjani, a prominent influencer for over seven years, as she transforms the beauty industry with authenticity and representation. With the support of A3 Artists Agency, Arshia bridges gaps in the beauty community and nurtures lasting partnerships, all while maintaining a genuine connection with her audience. From YouTube to TikTok, explore how Arshia’s evolution spans platforms and topics, offering a unique perspective on the influencer landscape.

Arshia Moorjani’s Journey With A3 Artists Agency: Navigating The Influencer Space

Can you please start by introducing yourself? Tell us about your background and how your journey as an influencer started. 

Arshia Moorjani, an influencer for over seven years, traces her journey back to her teens when she fell in love with YouTube beauty videos. Frustrated by the lack of representation for her Indian background in the beauty community, she decided to fill the gap herself. “I didn’t see anyone that looked like me,” she recalls.

Armed with a makeup background, she began posting YouTube videos as a side gig, providing makeup tips for those with similar needs. What began as an escape from her nine-to-five job evolved into a passion that resonated with her audience. “Slowly but surely, it started building momentum,” Arshia explains.

Now, her hobby-turned-career serves as a testament to representation’s power. Arshia not only pursued her passion but also bridged a gap in the beauty industry, making it more inclusive, one video at a time.

Can you share a pivotal moment that made you realize the potential of the influencer space?

Arshia’s entry into the influencer realm was ignited by a moment at Cosmopolitan India magazine. “I was looking to do a story,” she recalls. “I wanted to feature a South Asian and Indian beauty blogger.” But her search yielded emptiness. “I was like, what? This is so wild.” It was in this astonishment that she glimpsed her own potential. “I saw the potential for myself to really go all in.”

She recognized the evolving influencer landscape. “Even seven years ago, the influencer space was very different than it is right now.” But her motivation wasn’t financial. “I didn’t go in thinking that I was gonna make money or make this my full-time job.”

Arshia’s vision was clear: “I just saw a very genuine void in the market of Indian women talking about beauty.” Her conviction was unwavering. “I thought I could fill that void.” This realization transformed her path, and everything else just carried on after that.

How did you transition from creating content on YouTube to the rest of the platforms since you are on Instagram and TikTok?

Transitioning from YouTube to platforms like Instagram and TikTok was a surprising journey for content creator Arshia. She admits, “I don’t even know what I’m doing on TikTok. I just hit like a hundred K followers, and I’m like, really wow?”

Arshia initially clung to her YouTuber identity, loving long-format videos. But she recognizes the need to adapt quickly, saying, “You have to adapt and be open to change.” With Instagram, she joined when it was mostly for photos, saying, “I’ll join it, no big deal.” The transition felt organic for her.

Arshia’s journey highlights the need for creators to evolve. She notes, “Every platform changes constantly… you have to continue to evolve.” Her success was unexpected; she began without money-making intentions, remembering, “I don’t think you could even make money. Like I couldn’t even really monetize my videos.” Her story encapsulates the evolving nature of digital content creation.

From beauty to lifestyle content, you cover a diverse range of topics. How do you maintain authenticity while catering to different interests?

Arshia seamlessly shifts from beauty to lifestyle content, maintaining authenticity with diverse topics. “It started off very beauty-focused for me,” she notes. Her expansion into fashion and relatable moments, like sharing meals, reflects her multifaceted personality: “I don’t consider myself a chef… but I just like to share parts of other aspects of my life.”

Her audience’s deeper connection is evident as “Your audience really connects with you as a person.” Arshia’s rule of thumb is clear: “If I like something or if something simplifies my life… I need to share this with my audience because if I love it, I know that they’re gonna love it too.” Her content remains genuine across various interests.

Since you’re a mom, have you created and posted any mom-related content on your social media profiles?

While Arshia is a mother, she doesn’t consider herself solely focused on mom-related content. She clarifies, “I don’t consider myself like a mommy-focused or family-focused… blogger, but I do sprinkle in content around my daughter.” However, she consciously limits featuring her daughter in her posts, explaining, “I actually don’t feature her a lot in my content. And that’s a very conscious choice I’ve made with my husband.”

Arshia’s decision to maintain a certain level of privacy about her family is evident: “Everyone’s different, and I just choose not to share so much of my family. That’s just what I feel comfortable with.” Instead, she prefers sharing content like the foods she makes for her daughter or useful tips like baby must-have travel items that other moms might find helpful.

Over the years, you’ve built a strong online community. What strategies have you found most effective in fostering meaningful engagement with your audience?

Arshia highlights authenticity as the cornerstone of her thriving digital community. “I’m going to sound like every other blogger, but you have to be authentic and be yourself,” she asserts.

Drawing from her experience as both creator and consumer, she underlines the unmistakable detection of insincerity. “I can quickly tell when someone is being fake. It shows. Absolutely.”

Even financial incentives don’t sway her commitment to authenticity. “Even if it’s sharing a product they don’t use and they’re just sharing it because they’re getting paid for it, you just have to be so authentic if you want a lasting community.”

Arshia’s unwavering dedication to her audience’s well-being shines through. “I always think about the best interests of my audience. I will be 80 years old and still sharing content,” she adds.

Rooted in shared experiences, she explains, “When I find something that simplifies my life, I’m like, ‘Oh my God, I need to share this. Because I know it’ll simplify their life.’” Her commitment resonates, reflecting her genuine care for the community she cherishes.

Collaborations with brands are a key aspect of influencer marketing. Could you describe a particularly successful brand partnership and what made it stand out?

“I think the one that really sticks out to me is I was part of a campaign called ‘Blend and Stand Out’ with Makeup Forever,” Arshia recalls. “This was years ago, kind of at the start of my career.”

The collaboration’s scale was extraordinary. “Our pictures and our billboards were all over Manhattan, and actually, I think in other countries as well. All over the US, I know for sure. It was in-store at Sephora. It was in the subways. It was like the craziest thing I’ve ever seen.”

Arshia’s authenticity paved the way for this exceptional partnership. “I was such a genuine user of Makeup Forever. I used their foundation when I got married, the day of my wedding,” she continues. “So it was just so authentic. I told them that story, then they picked me to be part of this campaign, and it was just such a 360 [degree] moment for me.”

Balancing privacy and sharing is a challenge for influencers. How do you decide what aspects of your life to showcase and what to keep private?

Arshia’s approach to balancing privacy and sharing is grounded in conscious decisions and practical strategies.

“I actually have two phones. One is my personal phone. I don’t have any social media on this. And then my work phone is where I have all of my social media,” Arshia explains, highlighting her clear separation of personal and professional space.

With deliberate intention, she differentiates between her roles. “I can just put my work phone away when I’m at home with my family. And then I don’t have to share anything.”

Arshia’s principle is succinct: “Whatever you wanna share, you share, and whatever you’re not comfortable with, you don’t share. But I do have to because social media is my job.”

Yet, she acknowledges the challenge of disconnecting. “It’s very easy for me to mindlessly scroll because I’m technically working. But I’m not really working, you know, does that even make sense?”

The influencer marketing space has evolved rapidly. In your opinion, what emerging trends are reshaping the industry, and how are you adapting to them?

In the ever-evolving landscape of influencer marketing, Arshia perceives an intriguing trend that has caught her attention.

“I’ve seen a lot of people that started with short format content, whether it’s on Instagram or TikTok, now actually switch over to YouTube,” Arshia notes. “I’ve seen people transition or move their audience over to long format content.”

As for the future, Arshia admits she’s not a forecaster, but she does offer an intriguing insight. “I’ve seen beauty brands do this too, but they use AI a lot… They almost create this persona of a person, it’s like a fake person, but this person has that personality.”

Arshia adds, “AI influencers. I can’t wrap my head around that. That is so… wow to me, but I definitely see more brands and just that whole space taking off as well.”

Brands now value long-term relationships with influencers. How do you establish genuine, lasting partnerships that benefit both parties?

In today’s saturated influencer landscape, Arshia shares her strategy for fostering genuine, lasting partnerships. “Go out of your way to network,” she advises, highlighting the importance of personal connections. Authenticity is paramount: “I wanna continue to talk about this product… even when I’m not being paid,” she states. 

Arshia believes in partnerships that endure, even if not lengthy. “It can be maybe three months,” she suggests as she acknowledges the dynamic nature of social media. Yet, relationships take time: “I met them seven years ago, and we’re still friends today,” she reveals, emphasizing the importance of trust in the influencer industry.

Arshia’s approach centers on authenticity and connection. “This is why I want to work with my favorite brands long term. And they’re very open to listening to that,” she concludes.

Metrics like engagement and reach are crucial. Could you shed light on how you analyze these metrics to assess the effectiveness of your content and campaigns?

Assessing content and campaigns through metrics like engagement and reach is a nuanced process, as highlighted by Arshia. In sponsored content, she notes a significant engagement drop, attributing it to platform algorithms or audience preferences. She underscores that genuine endorsement can counterbalance this effect by telling us, “If you really genuinely love a product and you organically mention it… that can offset maybe a campaign that didn’t do so well in engagement.”

While brands acknowledge the platform dynamics, Arshia empathizes with influencers’ aspirations for successful outcomes: “I wanna make sure I give them great results. That’s what they deserve.” Yet, she acknowledges that the post-publishing fate rests beyond an influencer’s control, making the engagement outcome an unpredictable aspect of the influencer-brand relationship.

With the rise of platforms like TikTok and Instagram Reels, short-form video content is booming. How do you tailor your content to these platforms while maintaining your brand identity?

Navigating the realm of short-form video content across platforms like TikTok and Instagram Reels is an ongoing learning process, according to Arshia. Tailoring content while retaining brand identity involves a nuanced approach.

Arshia notes that her Instagram content is more curated, especially catering to her audience’s preferences. “I’ve learned what performs,” she states. This involves strategic swatching and topics that resonate.

On TikTok, the dynamics are different. The platform thrives on authenticity and spontaneity. Arshia reveals the unpredictability of what resonates, highlighting how quick, raw, and real videos often shine. Trend hopping is also crucial on TikTok. “If you hop on a trend, whether it’s a filter… TikTok is really good with trends,” she observes. 

As a member of A3 Artists Agency’s roster, what advantages have you experienced in terms of networking, collaborations, and growth opportunities?

A3 Artists Agency has been transformative for Arshia’s career, opening doors to networking, collaborations, and growth. “They have brought me incredible partnerships,” she enthuses, acknowledging their role in connecting her with renowned brands.

Arshia credits the agency with believing in her potential, even more than she did herself initially. They’ve translated her ideas into reality: “If I have a crazy idea, somehow they make it happen.”

Their collaboration has evolved to a point where they instinctively understand each other. “They know what I’m gonna say yes to, and they know what I’m gonna say no to,” Arshia shares.

While she hasn’t explored collaborations within the agency roster, Arshia recognizes the potential. “I should be doing more of that… It’s super fun.” Collaborations, in her view, offer mutually beneficial exposure to new niches and creative ideas.

The creator economy is fostering entrepreneurship. How have you expanded your brand beyond content creation, and what advice do you have for aspiring creators looking to do the same?

Arshia is venturing beyond content creation into new endeavors, although she doesn’t disclose the specifics yet. Her insights for aspiring creators looking to expand their brand are invaluable.

She advises creators to “find something that you love, that’s so authentic and genuine to you” and explore if it can be turned into “a product, a service, or maybe it’s like a guide… something that’s really gonna bring value to someone.” Arshia emphasizes the importance of approaching this expansion from the perspective of creating something meaningful.

While not delving into the details of her new project, Arshia highlights the essence of moving beyond influencer collaborations and brand partnerships to explore uncharted territories within the creator economy.

Influencers often face burnout due to the constant demand for content. How do you maintain a healthy work-life balance while consistently producing high-quality content?

Maintaining a healthy work-life balance in the face of content demands has been a journey for Arshia. She acknowledges facing burnout and emphasizes the importance of aligning her mood with her content creation, as authenticity is key.

Arshia has found success in setting clear boundaries. Weekends are devoted to her family, offering a complete break from work. During the week, she practices task batching. For instance, she dedicates specific days to filming, enabling her to produce quality content efficiently. This approach also prevents the exhaustion of daily filming.

In Arshia’s words, “I wake up, and I feel really good, I’m like, you know what, today’s gonna be my filming day. And I’m just gonna film all day… quality content versus quantity.” This method, combined with structured task grouping and taking breaks, has proven to be a game changer in maintaining balance and quality.

The relationship between influencers and their audience is unique. How do you handle criticism and negative feedback while staying true to your personal brand?

Arshia addresses criticism and negativity with a balanced perspective. While negative comments can still bother her, she’s learned not to engage with trolls or seek validation online. Responding to negativity rarely leads to positive outcomes, so she opts to ignore such comments.

Arshia values constructive criticism from genuine followers and remains open to differing opinions. She distinguishes between well-meaning feedback and outright hate, stating, “I can’t change your mind. All right, well, okay.”

Her approach centers on understanding that negative comments often reflect the commenter rather than herself, allowing her to maintain authenticity and focus on her genuine followers.

Looking ahead, what goals do you have for your influencer career, and how do you see the influencer marketing landscape evolving in the next few years?

Looking ahead, Arshia anticipates a busy holiday season with numerous brand collaborations continuing throughout the year and beyond. The influencer marketing landscape seems poised for diverse collaborations, both small-scale and massive, as brands seek authentic ways to promote their products.

On a personal level, Arshia’s focus remains on motherhood and family as she prepares for the arrival of a new baby. She’s also actively building a team to ensure her business thrives, even during her time off. Alongside these efforts, Arshia is excitedly working on a dream project that she looks forward to sharing with her community and the world.

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