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Most Popular Brand Collaborations With Minecraft


Most Popular Brand Collaborations With Minecraft

Minecraft has easily established itself as one of the world’s most popular video games and has even seen growth during tumultuous economic times. For example, during 2020, the platform increased its user base to over 130 million players. In order to reap the benefits of this pop culture phenomenon, a multitude of brands are looking to collaborate with Minecraft and its plethora of creative assets. To explore this further, Netinfluencer will discuss the most popular brand collaborations with Minecraft. 

Most Popular Brand Collaborations With Minecraft


Why Are Brands Deciding To Collaborate With Minecraft?

Alongside its immense popularity, Minecraft is a celebrated pastime amongst children and adults alike. Though the game is marketed towards those aged 7 and up, the platform’s most active demographic is actually 24-year-olds. This is a key market for dynamic brands who are eager to work with brands who can communicate with the ever-growing Gen Alpha, whilst still monetizing the nostalgia related to the older generations. 

This game is also well recognized for its off-beat art style, presenting a plethora of vibrant colors and signature blocks. As such, this is a very simple design for brands to replicate and blend into their own image. In turn, brands are able to monetize Minecraft’s unique look without losing sight of their own branding and vision. 

Due to the integral Sandbox nature of this game, brands can experiment with its features and work to produce an abundance of merchandise that best suits them. From toys to clothing, brands are now able to highlight the game’s immense potential for creativity but can still utilize key figures within Minecraft such as Steve and Creepers.

Most Popular Brand Collaborations With Minecraft


Top 10 Brand Collaborations With Minecraft

  1. Burberry x Minecraft

Burberry was first established in 1856 and has gone on to become one of Britain’s most notable fashion brands. With its prolific tartan-check and weatherproof garments, many were surprised when the brand announced its collaboration with Minecraft. However, this collaboration worked to bring these affluent pieces into the digital realm, allowing players to implement a range of unique clothing into the game. As such, players could better customize their avatars using the Burberry: Freedom to Go Beyond mod found on the Minecraft Marketplace. This free piece of DLC also offered four diverse worlds and 15 new skins. 

Most Popular Brand Collaborations With Minecraft
  1. AAPE Collab

By becoming one of the hottest streetwear brands on the market, AAPE has managed to build a positive reputation with young fashion fanatics. As a subsidiary of A Bathing Ape (BAPE), the brand’s work with Minecraft saw a collection of oversized hoodies that effortlessly blended both brands’ key images. These sweatshirts were teeming with a dark camo print and showcased the signature Minecraft logo in the middle. This limited edition collection was highly sought-after and was available in both adult’s and children’s sizes to help accommodate Minecraft’s extremely vast customer base. 

Most Popular Brand Collaborations With Minecraft
  1. Croco Island (Lacoste)

Croco Island was a detailed and immersive DLC package that was in partnership with influential sportswear brand, Lacoste. Here, gamers could explore a range of new features including a considerable tennis court, an addictive mini-game, and an array of attractive skins. To promote this new island even further, Lacoste recruited a wide variety of popular gaming influencers to compete in a high-stakes tennis match within the game. In addition, Lacoste also released its own line of clothing related to the game. As such, players could sport a cream-colored jumper that showcased a blocky rendition of the seminal crocodile. 

Most Popular Brand Collaborations With Minecraft
  1. Angry Birds DLC

Although many are led to believe that the Angry Birds franchise is now defunct, the game has recently been sold for an astonishing $776 million. Back in 2022, the Angry Birds and Minecraft mash-up was a key aspect of both games’ lucrative marketing strategy. This DLC gives gamers the chance to fling a range of birds towards a volatile army of pigs, whilst still reveling in Minecraft’s rigid art style. Moreover, when a player managed to save a bird, they were then able to unlock a unique character within the game, making this an extremely comprehensive package for players to enjoy. 

Most Popular Brand Collaborations With Minecraft
  1. Minecraft x Puma

Minecraft’s work with Puma was an incredibly creative and amplified campaign, using a range of awe-inspiring builds and memes to showcase the partnership. In January 2022, Minecraft posted a Tweet presenting a vast Puma shoe that has been built within the game, which managed to gain an impressive 12.9K likes. The actual shoes were impeccably creative, using a diverse color pallet to resemble key characters within the game. For example, one of the products presented a striking collection of bright whites and purples as a way to evoke the thrill of the Enderman. Each shoe also came with a character charm to accentuate the game’s talent for world-building. 

Most Popular Brand Collaborations With Minecraft
  1. Crocs

These unconventional clogs have made an incredible comeback over the last few years and their collaboration with Minecraft exemplifies their ability to dominate new markets. Crocs’ work with Minecraft allowed the brand to produce a series of green camo shoes that could be elevated using a range of branded charms known as Jibbitz. Therefore, gamers could now work on their latest creations in Minecraft whilst still enjoying a unique sense of comfort and style. Crocs also produced a wealth of mini-games which players could access by scanning a unique QR code found on the shoes themselves. 

Most Popular Brand Collaborations With Minecraft
  1. Lego Minecraft

The Minecraft Lego sets are arguably the game’s most popular line of merchandise with a growing portfolio of 92 sets to date. These sets typically focus on houses and lodges, such as The Fox Lodge and The Pig House, allowing players to act out their favorite scenarios at home. These sets can also be combined to help build a comprehensive world for gamers to expand for themselves. A collection of adorable keychains are also available, meaning that you can carry figures such as Alex and Zombie wherever you go. 

Most Popular Brand Collaborations With Minecraft
  1. Nick’s Ice Cream

This popular ice cream brand has worked alongside Minecraft to produce a collection of flavors that can also be used as a healthier alternative to other mainstream brands. Nick’s Ice Cream focuses on the more conscious consumer, promising no added sugar and 4-5 net carbs per pint. This collaboration was more than just a simple overlay with Nick’s producing a series of exclusive flavors including Enchanting Apple Pie and Emerald Minta. Even though this collaboration does not include any in-game benefits, it still highlights the versatility that Minecraft can offer for even the most niche of brands.

Most Popular Brand Collaborations With Minecraft
  1. Dungeons & Dragons

Over 50 million people have played Dungeons & Dragons since it first first released in the 1970s and with the latest film release, it seems that the franchise will continue to see immense levels of growth. With regard to Minecraft, the tabletop game recently announced a new DLC package that would allow gamers to conduct lengthy campaigns within the video game. Using a collection of voice features, gamers will also be able to enjoy 10-hour games within a range of recognized worlds including Candlekeep and Icewind Dale. Users can also interact with the shop to help level up their players and defeat the creatures that lie within these realms. 

Most Popular Brand Collaborations With Minecraft
  1. Pringles

The limited edition Suspicious Stew flavor enabled Pringles to delve into the profitable world of Minecraft and still maintain its reputation for great taste. Despite the unappealing name, this product is teeming with smoky paprika and hearty flavors, bringing this fictional meal to life. Pringles also offered a generous 350 Minecoins for every purchase, giving players the chance to treat themselves to a variety of products to use in their virtual world. 

Most Popular Brand Collaborations With Minecraft

Minecraft’s diverse collection of brand collaborations exemplifies the game’s ability to adhere to any genre and demographic. In turn, the game’s vast popularity indicates the power of digital media and how brands can use this medium to promote their products to an entirely new audience. 

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