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Full Send Podcast - A Comprehensive Guide


Full Send Podcast A Comprehensive Guide To One Of The Most Popular Podcasts On Pop Culture And Entertainment 

About Full Send Podcast

Full send is among the most popular podcasts out there, and there are many good reasons for that. Founders of the famous hard seltzer Happy Dad The Nelk Boys are all you can ask for in a podcast. 

Full Send Podcast A Comprehensive Guide To One Of The Most Popular Podcasts On Pop Culture And Entertainment 

Full Send first launched in 2021 when Kyle Forgeard met up with Jessie Sebestani on an MTV-hosted reality show Careless Teens, at the time both were extremely popular for their Youtube content focusing mainly on pranking people. 

Full Send Podcast A Comprehensive Guide To One Of The Most Popular Podcasts On Pop Culture And Entertainment 

Starting off as a prank channel on Youtube the Nelk boys was created by a Canadian friend group who lived a ruthless “Work hard, Play Hard”  lifestyle. 

As they grew to become more recognized,, the Nelk boys introduced new members to the team including SalimTheDream, and SteveWillDoit, Aron known as Stieny. 

The Nelk Boys gained popularity back when pranks were a big thing on Youtube, and one of their most viewed pranks is the Coke prank. 

The takeoff of the Nelk Boys, was back in 2015 when they pranked cops, civilians, and more asking them if they want “Coke” and then giving them a can of coca cola. 

Just like siblings, we love the Nelk Boys for the wholesome brotherly vibe they put out and their dark sense of humor towards one another. 

However, if there is one thing everyone can agree on, it’s that Jessie is needed back on the podcast. Jessie, originally one of the founders has decided to resign as a host, leaving everything in the hands of Kyle. 

Themes and Topics Covered 

The Nelk Boy’s podcast discusses anything trending and popular, and interviews by far the most controversial characters on the internet. 

You can expect to learn about everything from innovative business ideas to the latest trends among celebrities, influencers, and even themselves. 

Unlike any other podcast. The Nelk boys are a bit harsh on each other and have internal “Beef” especially when it comes to Stieny and Stevewilldoit. 

Some of the most popular episodes from the Full-send podcast include Donald Trump’s interview, Aidn Ross and Speed in a guest interview, and even Elon musk who revealed a little bit of his knowledge about outer space.

While the Trump interview was deleted by Youtube for violating guidelines, and accused of misinformation, you can still find it on Apple Podcasts and Spotify. 

However, here’s the latest Aidn Ross interview where the team from Full Send understands from Aidn his relationship with Andrew Tate, and why the two are very close. 

The boys troll Aidn until speed crashes the podcast with his attempt to speak Portuguese which everyone bought for a second until realizing it is all gibberish. 

By far one of our favorite episodes from the Nelk Boys’ Full Send Podcast, the collaboration is gained over 5.8 million views. 

However no podcast the boys did managed to top the banned Trump episode, ranking it as the most-watched podcast for Full Send. 

With 15 million views the boys managed to get Elon Musk on the podcast and listen to him speak freely about Aliens, Vladimir Putin, and WW3. 

Reach of the Full Send podcast

With two different Instagram pages one dedicated to merch and the other to promote clips and moments from the podcast, collaboratively come to around 1 million followers just on Instagram. 

On youtube where statistics are readily available, it appears that the average podcast receives between 2 – 3 million views per episode. 

As of January 2023, The Full Send Podcast was ranked 171 on Apple Music, a drastic drop from the usual top 10 charts.

Based on the analysis we estimated that The Full Send Podcast receives over 3 million views across all platforms per episode release. 

The format of the podcast 

Unlike many other popular podcasts, the full send podcast is a freestyle of Kyle asking some of the most daring questions, while the boys interpret and analyze each answer according to their personal perspectives. 

What makes thes interviews a massive success is the way each question is articulated and how everyone reacts with true honesty. 

Guests on the pod are the key ingredient to modern day Full Send Podcast episodes, inviting all the big names you can think of. Whether it be online personalities, politicians, or fighters they all pass by the boys for a quick analysis. 

Everyone from the famous Hasbulla, Mr. Beast, to Mike Tyson, as soon as someone makes it big, their next stop is the Full Send podcast. 

Reception and Impact 

Nothing coming from the boys is taken seriously as they are just there for laughs and a good time, but if you’re looking to learn and pick up some of the most random information, all the Full Send guests are OGs. 

Popular amongst mainly young men of college/University age, their vibe, pranks, and silly arguments is how they target their audience and draw attention. 

Using a combination of humor, serious talk, and team-level arguments. The Full Send podcast is one you’d watch or listen to in order to kill time or laugh with your buddies. 

Overall the pod is big on different kinds of merch, and make its main revenue from selling merch, as they are not on good term with Youtube. 

Banners, shirts, hoodies, and more can be seen all over different college and uni Campuses, and are synonymous with the partying lifestyle. 

Pioneers of pranks and podcasts, The Full Send Podcast paved the way for many other podcasts, proving you don’t really need to change who you are to provide informative popular content.


Despite the constant change in team members and their attention to every big and small in the online world, some Full Send Podcasts are a must-watch. 

If you think the podcast is not for you, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try a few Happy Dads, the edible version of the Full Send podcast. 

You can find the podcast on almost all hosting platforms such as Youtube, Apple Podcasts, and Spotify, better yet,  you can also follow the boys individually if you don’t like Stiney. 

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