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All About The Florence By Mills Influencer Program


All About The Florence By Mills Influencer Program

If you’re a make-up or skin enthusiast, you already know that Florence by Mills is one of the more desired and sought-after brands. The line itself is the brainchild of Stranger Things Millie Bobby Brown and was officially launched in 2019. Originally only boasting a handful of items, the company now sells everything from foundation to mascara, and toner to face masks.

In 2019 when she launched, her brand became a success and was in competition with other big names like Kylie Cosmetics and  Huda Beauty.

Though the brand became popular, it wasn’t as instant or smooth as some may think. Like anything on the internet, people had many opinions about Millie and her company, and many people were accusing her of faking her tutorials. With Florence By Mills TikTok standing at 1.4 million and an IG that has 2.6 million, it’s safe to assume that business was not negatively impacted by the claims. 

If anything it had helped them, and there is evidence of that in the fact that they are one of the most Googled brands in the beauty industry last year. 

The brand is known for its cruelty-free approach, because of Millie’s renowned love for animals of all shapes and sizes. That being said it was of the utmost importance that the entirety of the collection product line was vegan-certified and PETA-certified cruelty-free.

Who are the Florence by Mills influencers, and what do they do?

It’s safe to say that Millie Bobby Brown is the face of the brand. After all, it’s her creation!

Thanks to her leading role in the hit Netflix series Stranger Things, Millie has accumulated millions of followers spread across all social platforms. She leveraged her celebrity and die-hard fans to launch her clean beauty brand. 

In fact, her level of fame got her featured in the Times 100 most influential people in 20018, which should come as no surprise!

What are the Florence by Mills influencer requirements?

Partnering with Florence by Mills is every teenage girl’s beauty dream. In fact, Millie has done such a good job at positioning her brand that fans, users, and content creators are producing UGC for free, with hopes of getting noticed.

I’m sure by this point you’re asking yourself if Florence By Mills has an affiliate program or some kind of brand ambassador program. And, well the answer no. The company doesn’t currently have an active affiliate program or influencer program of any kind..

But, don’t let this hold you back! If you love the brand and really want to partner with them, then it’s worth reaching out via email and sending them your media kit. Explain why you’d be a great fit, and talk a little bit about what type of content you share and audience stats. 

Hopefully, Florence considers altering its marketing strategy to make room for an affiliate marketing program at some point in the near future. 

In the meantime, reach out to one of the brand representatives and pitch yourself. You’ll be surprised at how open brands can be to partnerships.

How to promote Florence by Mills products as an influencer and make money

How Influencers Promote Florence by Mills on Youtube

There’s no better place for in-depth skincare routines and product hauls than Youtube, so we’re not at all surprised to find a bunch of micro-influencers and content creators sharing their opinions about the products after testing them.

Creating this type of content is a great way to promote brands online to your audience in a more personable manner.

Here are some of the ways that influencers are promoting Florence By Mills on Youtube:

First up we’ve got Carol Chang a Venezuelan content creator who shares vlog-style content about her daily life. This can include anything from beauty to DIY.

In her Florence by Mills video she can be seen showcasing and explaining different products to her audience. In some sections, Carol shares her own personal opinion or review about a specific product.

Next up we’ve got Mia Maples, a lifestyle influencer with a whopping 3.63 million subscribers on Youtube.

Mia is a popular lifestyle content creator whose videos amass an impressive view count.

In her Florence by Mills haul, she shares the products with her audience, tests a few of them out on camera, and then wraps up the video stating that the brand is worth a try.

Lastly, Cat Schreiber a Youtube lifestyle content creator also shared a Florence By Mills haul. What makes this video stand out from the other ones is that Cat also shares a makeup tutorial using Florence products.

How Influencers Promote Florence by Mills on Tik Tok

Some of our fave content creators who are using TikTok to promote Florence By Mills include, mbbflxrence, sushibymillss, and HydrationCEO.

First up is Sarah, an account that seems to be primarily dedicated to sharing content related to Florence By Mills. In her TikTok, she can be seen using different Florence products during her skincare routine.

The same can be said for sushibymillss. In her video, she can be seen showing off one of the kit boxes before highlighting each product that’s included inside.

Lastly, we’ve got HydrationCEO, an account managed by Rachel where she shares all things skin-hydration related, including hauls, reviews, routines, etc. In her video, she can be seen filming a Florence by Mills stand at a retail store. The TikTok is paired with her voice where she’s explaining what products worked for her and which ones didn’t.

The video is very raw, real, and authentic – Rachel doesn’t hold back one bit. She even mentions how one of the Florence products gave her a rash.

How Influencers Promote Florence by Mills on Instagram

When it comes to Instagram we couldn’t actually find any examples of influencers and content creators posting about the brand. All of the Florence by Mills related hashtags are being flooded by fan accounts using the tags, and new content seems to be going live by the minute!

All of the related posts are images of Millie Bobby Brown, and because IG doesn’t have a robust filtering system unlike other platforms it’s impossible to sift through all of the content and find genuine influencer promotions.

All About The Florence By Mills Influencer Program


Becoming a Florence by Mills influencer or being accepted into their exclusive program is something most Millie Bobby Brown fans aspire to and all you need to do is follow the tips we’ve outlined in this guide.

Whether you’re a micro or macro content creator, you can start sharing your own UGC online to catch the attention of Florence by Mills brand representatives and seal the deal on your partnership.

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