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All of the Details About Fiverr’s Influencer Program


All of the Details About Fiverr’s Influencer Program

Data from December 2021 informs us that 44% of the American workforce are now considered to be freelancers and have a vast impact on the nation’s ever-growing gig economy. As the influencer marketing industry also continues to expand, we are seeing more creators leave their conventional roles to produce profitable content on social media. To further capitalize on this trend, many businesses are also looking to work with influencers who can help promote their producers and services to a wide selection of audiences. As such, Netinfluencer will discuss how you can join the Fiverr Influencer Program. 

What Is Fiverr?

First launched in 2010, Fiverr is a popular online marketplace that allows freelancers to seek out new work projects. Businesses will often post Gigs, which are developing ventures that are in need of a freelancer.

These workers are known as Sellers on the platform and are asked to create a comprehensive profile that highlights their strengths and experience. Sellers are also able to add their own payment terms, set personal deadlines, and promote bundle deals to help expand their earnings. 

Businesses are required to pay freelancers in advance to help form a culture of trust and accountability. However, Fiverr does take a 20% cut of all Sellers’ earnings, leaving freelancers with the remaining 80%. 

All of the Details About Fiverr’s Influencer Program


How Popular Is the Platform?

Although the gig economy is becoming increasingly competitive, Fiverr is still able to dominate this lucrative market. In fact, the platform saw a 10% year-on-year increase in revenue in 2021, earning an impressive $297 million. It also processes over $600 million worth of transactions every year, signifying the growth of its avid customer base. 

Fiverr also boasts of an extended global reach, seen as 70% of its revenue is derived from a collection of five countries including the US, the UK, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. In addition, US businesses accounted for over half of the platform’s annual revenue, adding more insight into the country’s growing selection of freelancers. 

The platform has also seen a tremendous amount of growth in its services. When the business was launched over a decade ago, it only provided eight service categories. Fast-forward to the present day, Fiverr now offers over 300 services in around nine different niches, allowing every type of worker to benefit from this platform. 

What Is the Fiverr Influencer Program?

As a way to further dominate the freelance market, Fiverr is now looking to collaborate with influencers and content creators to help bring more awareness to its brand The Fiverr Influencer Program allows creators to produce a selection of engaging content relating to the business which they will then be required to share on their personal social media platforms. 

Currently, the program is only recruiting YouTubers but hopes to expand to other social media personalities in the near future. The program aims to give more insight into Fiverr’s wide range of services and encourages YouTubers to recruit a Seller that they can promote in their videos.

This influencer program also looks to be competitive against others in the market, providing influencers with a vast collection of payment methods as well as an easy application process. Thus, this is a suitable option for video creators who are looking to expand their portfolio of active revenue streams. 

All of the Details About Fiverr’s Influencer Program


What Partnership Plans Are Available?


This partnership plan asks influencers to produce at least one video per month and share an affiliate link with their subscriber base. The video must relate to Fiverr’s services and is required to include various links in the descriptions. Influencers will be rewarded with an increased fixed CPA of $30 (USD) as well as $300 in Fiverr Credits. It should be mentioned that this plan is best suited for channels with a minimum of 5,000 subscribers. 


The second option requires influencers to produce two dedicated videos within three months and share a collection of affiliate links. This will allow creators to earn a CPA of $40 and up to $600 in Fiverr Credits. Since this is a more active plan, Fiverr recommends that this option is ideal for those with over 20,000 subscribers. 


The Ambassador partnership plan allows creators to produce three videos in six months and also promote a variety of affiliate links. Since this plan requires a lot more work, influencers will earn an increased fixed CPA of $50 and up to $1000 in Fiverr credits. In addition, these influencers will also receive a custom promo code that they can send to their audience as well as $100-$1000 per video.

All of the Details About Fiverr’s Influencer Program


What Perks Are on Offer?

Fiverr Credits

In order to diversify itself from its existing affiliate program, influencers will have the chance to earn Fiverr Credits. These are virtual tokens that can be used to purchase a freelancer’s services on the platform. For example, a Fiverr influencer could hire a video editor using the funds earned through Fiverr Credits. 

High Rate of Commission

Depending on which partnership plan they choose, Fiverr influencers have the potential to earn a very high rate of commission.  This program works in a CPA (Cost Per Action) format, meaning that users will earn a vast income every time an audience member completes an action such as clicking a link or purchasing a service. Since these are increased commission rates, influencers have the ability to truly upscale their earnings. 

Promo Code

To help Fiverr influencers to build a stronger connection with their audiences, the program offers them an exclusive promo code to share with their most loyal subscribers. This code is worth 10% and can help your subscribers to gain a discount on their first Fiverr purchase. 

How Do I Join?

In order to become a Fiverr influencer, creators will have to complete a simple application form. Here, they will be asked to present some key information such as their personal details as well as the metrics associated with their YouTube channel. 

Once your application has been approved and your partnership plan has been verified, you can begin creating content relating to some of Fiverr’s best-selling services. 

Benefits of Joining Fiverr’s Influencer Program as a Content Creator

The Fiverr Influencer Program showcases the versatility of the gig economy and also helps to shine a light on the hard work of many influencers. The added bonus of Fiverr Credits means that influencers can also improve their content with the use of self-employed professionals. By utilizing the work of other Sellers on Fiverr, influencers can delegate various tasks to other workers, freeing up their time to make more engaging content. 

The high rate of commission related to this program means that Fiverr influencers have the chance to earn more income whilst still producing content that adheres to their niche and their audience. Moreover, the requirements of each partnership program allow influencers to increase their output, leading to more views and engagement in the process. 

Fiverr influencers can also share various promo codes with their audiences, helping to form a stronger bond between the two. Now that your audience can receive a discount from your videos, they may be more inclined to act on your other brand sponsorships in the future. As such, this helps creators to build a more loyal audience base which is attractive to other businesses who are looking to reap the benefits of influencer marketing. 

All of the Details About Fiverr’s Influencer Program


The Fiverr Influencer Program notes how some of the leading businesses in the world are looking towards influencers to help them promote their services. This program can also help influencers to exceed their standard levels of income, whilst also increasing their engagement rate. 

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