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All About the Brandy Melville Influencer Program


All About the Brandy Melville Influencer Program

If you love Brandy Melville and have dreamed of collaborating with them, then this article is for you!

Keep reading to find out how you can apply for the Brandy Melville influencer program and collaborate with one of the most popular teenage fashion brands.

What is Brandy Melville?

Despite their American aesthetic and California girl vibes, Brandy Melville is an Italian fashion retailer with a focus on marketing their products to teenagers. The founders, a father, and son duo launched the brand in the 1970s and the premise for the brand was a fictional intercontinental love story. Brandy, a quintessential All-American girl fell in love with an English guy in Rome.

All About the Brandy Melville Influencer Program

Brandy Melville launched in the U.S. in 2009 and since then the brand has expanded significantly. The first store the company opened was located in Westwood, Los Angeles not far away from UCLA’s college campus.

Nowadays, Brandy Melville has 11 physical stores in California, a further 25 spread across the rest of the country, as well as 3 locations in Canada. That’s not including their many European stores, which can be found in almost all capital cities.

All About the Brandy Melville Influencer Program

Brandy Melville states that the reason for their limited sizing range is the efficiency and environmental aspect of producing less of each item. So, while many aren’t able to shop Brandy Melville’s products, at least the brand is fighting the honorable fight for a more sustainable fashion industry.

All About the Brandy Melville Influencer Program

Many A-list celebs have been spotted wearing the brand’s pieces, including Ariana Grande. In fact, the brand’s overnight success is such a phenomenon that in 2014 Bloomberg labeled the phenomenon as  “IG’s First Retail Success”. 

The main driving force behind the brand’s success is its Instagram strategy. Believe it or not, Brandy Melville is similar to Primark, in the sense that they don’t use paid media as a form of marketing and rely solely on word-of-mouth… or IG virality.

Their visual style can be compared to that of Abercrombie or American Apparel. Where photos are edited to look mysterious yet at the same time effortless. Most of the time they feature teenage or young female models, all of which have a similar look: skinny, long hair, and beautiful.

Brandy Melville, like many other fashion brands such as Nasty Gal, relies heavily on the success of their IG account to create a buzz and engage with their customers. And one could say that their platform-centric approach is working, seeing as they boast an impressive 3.2 million followers on their USA account alone.

So, now that we know a little bit more about Brandy Melville’s origins and strategy, it’s time to find out how you fit into all of this. If you’re a teenage fashion content creator then you’ll want to keep reading to find out everything you need to know about the Brandy Melville influencer program.

Who are the Brandy Melville influencers, and What Do They Do?

The Brandy Melville influencer program is every teenage girl’s dream. In fact, if you scroll through the tagged section of the Instagram account, they’ve created such a desirable brand image that most of their fans are creating user-generated content totally for free, with hopes of getting re-shared or featured.

In the past, Brandy Melville has teamed up with internet sensation Madison Beer.

And one of Brandy Melville’s more recent influencer collaborations is with none other than LA-based bombshell Kelsey, more commonly known as @fatherkels on Instagram.

It goes without saying that if you’re a fashion influencer, teaming up with Brandy Melville might be the perfect fit.

What are the Brandy Melville Influencer Requirements?

There is no application to become a Brandy Melville influencer. Past content creators have stated that a representative for the brand will headhunt and reach out to influencers. It’s also common knowledge that the brand uses some of its retail store workers to model their products, even going as far as to organize professional photoshoots.

Brandy Melville uses the modeling images on their social media accounts, while at the same time, their employees act as brand ambassadors both in their physical stores and by sharing photos of themselves wearing the garments online.

How to Promote Brandy Melville Products as an Influencer and Make Money

Let’s take a look at some content examples from influencers.

How Influencers Promote Brandy Melville on Youtube

Here are some of the ways that influencers are promoting Brandy Melville on Youtube:

Summer_winter vlogs also posted a Brandy Melville haul to her Youtube channel. The video consists of the popular content creator telling her audience how she’s spent 700 dollars at Brandy Melville and then walking them through a try-on-style video.

Meg Swahlon posted a recent Brandy Melville haul to her Youtube channel. She has 17.9 thousand followers on the platform and is seen promoting the brand in a back-to-school haul-style video. She tries on different outfits throughout the video while discussing each piece with her audience.

Meg has also posted other Brandy Melville hauls to her Youtube channel. When it comes to Brandy hauls, this content creator has perfected the formula and all of her videos receive thousands of views and are top recommended. 

How Influencers Promote Brandy Melville on Instagram

Instagram has always been Brandy Melville’s platform of choice, and this is especially true when it comes to partnerships. Here, Brandy Melville’s partner Jilly Isabella is promoting the brand’s clothes by sharing a lifestyle carousel, featuring images of her going about her daily routine. 

Next, we have Jaedyn Alexandra, who’s promoting the brand by sharing a carousel style post with three full-body selfies that help to showcase the Brandy Melville garments from different angles. 

How Influencers Promote Brandy Melville on TikTok

Here are some of the ways that influencers are promoting Brandy Melville on TikTok:

Miarosebeauty posted a Brandy Melville haul that received 13.5 thousand likes and tons of comments. She’s seen trying on different “trendy” tops and the video is paired with her own voiceover discussing each piece with her followers.

Alyssanguyentn also posted a Brandy Melville haul to her TikTok account, yet her video is slightly different. She’s seen trying on different outfits and then pointing to either keep or return which have been overlaid on her video. It’s a really fun way to change things up a little and do something different, instead of the routine hauls.


I actually don’t know if I want to keep the black long sleeve either 😫 #brandymelville #haul #tryonhaul #tryonwithme #clothinghaul

♬ Escapism. – Super Sped Up – RAYE

Lastly, Rorymell posted a Brandy Melville TikTok video to her account where she’s trying on different outfits in a haul-style video while pairing the fun short-form content with a popular Taylor Swift song remix.


Becoming a Brandy Melville ambassador and being accepted into the influencer program is something most teenage girls aspire to. But, this no longer has to remain a dream and can become reality. All you need to do is follow the steps we’ve outlined in this article and reach out to the brand directly.

If you don’t hear back from Brandy Melville representatives don’t get disheartened, remember you can always engage with their accounts on social media and post your own content to help get their attention.

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