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The Secret To His Multi-Passionate Success With Fik-Shun Of Dance10FikShun


The Secret To His Multi-Passionate Success With Fik-Shun Of Dance10FikShun

Dancer, martial arts expert, and content creator Fik-Shun has been dancing his entire life. His multiple passions led him to create online dance and fight scene content, launching him into a successful career as a content creator. Today, he shares the secret to his success, biggest challenges, and favorite creator moments.

Fik-Shun is a dancer, content creator, and the winner of So You Think You Can Dance season 10. He began dancing at five years old after watching his dad dance. 

Fik-Shun shares, “My dad used to always wave in front of me, make a wave go through his arms. I thought it was the coolest thing in the world because it just looked so unreal. So I kind of got addicted to that, so I practiced it every day. And then as I started to find other people that danced, different street styles, I just was influenced heavily, and I never looked back.”

When YouTube started to gain traction, Fik-Shun recalls seeing fun, exciting dance videos and decided to create his own. 

The Secret To His Multi-Passionate Success With Fik-Shun Of Dance10FikShun

He explains, “And just being in front of a camera in general, I think it’s always fun for me. I think it’s always cool to look back at yourself and be able to capture a moment or an idea or something you’ve created, and it’s forever there. Especially when you like it and it’s good, so I kind of got addicted to that process, and I just love creating.”

Fik-Shun became addicted to creating and shared his passion for dance and entertainment online, focusing on Instagram and TikTok. Today, he has nearly two million followers on Instagram and 4.4 million followers on TikTok.

Instagram Post

The Secret to His Success

Fik-Shun takes different approaches to Instagram and TikTok content creation. 

On Instagram, he feels it’s best to stick to one niche. 

“For Instagram, I feel like that was where most people followed me for my dancing. And Instagram is a little sticky because once you are known for something on Instagram, they don’t really want to see you do anything else. So you’re not trapped in a bubble, but it’s definitely hard to sway your audience to accept other parts of you that may be artistic.“

He also collaborates with others regularly on Instagram and tries to post once a day. However, if he doesn’t have a great idea or piece of content to post, he will skip a day because he feels that the quality of his content is more important than blindly posting each day. 

The Secret To His Multi-Passionate Success With Fik-Shun Of Dance10FikShun

On the other hand, Fik-Shun focuses more on creative content across several niches for TikTok, which he feels is a platform that rewards originality more. 

He explains, “For TikTok, you just got to try some things, and you got to organically just really make what you want. Honestly, on TikTok, dance helped a lot of it, but recently I’ve been gaining a lot of following on TikTok from not even dance videos. It’s been from fight scenes, and every single one of them has been popping off really well.”

His biggest advice, regardless of platform, is to be very consistent with your quality and how often you post on your social media platforms. 


Martial Arts Videos

Before he started dancing, Fik-Shun was in martial arts. Today, his fight scenes are some of his most famous and highly viewed TikToks and Instagram reels. 

He shares, “I found myself coming back around full circle because I love action movies, I love Marvel movies, I love old kung fu movies, I love Jackie Chan, Jet Li, Bruce Lee, Claude Van Dam, all these old action stars. And I’ve always wanted to see what I look like on camera doing those types of things, and I’m already used to fighting, so now you just had to take someone else to go back and forth with. And they all tell little stories because I’m big, or I love intention.”

The primary intention behind his fight videos is to inspire and make others laugh. 

“I really went viral for doing this dance called Chain Hang Low, and I was wearing a red patch shirt. And anytime I post that video, it just does great. So I did it on TikTok, and it got 60 million views, and then I reacted to it. And then for my fight scene, I just filmed it, I just posted it maybe three days ago, four days ago, and it’s at 20 million, so those are my two top ones. “

A recent January post received over 34 million views and 2.1 million likes and featured Fik-Shun and another trained professional performing a fight choreography. Fik-Shun shares that these choreographies typically perform very well for him, so he continues to post choreographies. 

“It’s consistency. If it’s working, don’t change it. Just keep doing the thing that works”

Dance Insta

Fik-Shun’s Biggest Challenges as a Creator

The biggest challenges Fik-Shun faces are feeling uninspired and handling criticism for the content he creates.  

He explains, “You have to always take responsibility for why you feel your content isn’t working… Getting through bad comments and feeling down and depressed about content not being good enough and views being low, feeling like no one wants to watch you. And it’s kind of sad that we can get that way, and a number of views or likes can change our mood, but for us who are content creators who make money from it, it makes a little more sense why that is important to you because that is how you generate your revenue.”

Another challenge Fik-Shun faces is not understanding the best ways to monetize his content. Fik-Shun monetizes his TikTok and Instagram through brand deals and going live on TikTok. However, he would love to learn more about this aspect of content creation to maximize his platforms’ earning potential. 

Dance Collab

Favorite Moments as a Creator

One of Fik-Shun’s favorite brand collaborations is Mini.Katana. After getting into martial arts, Fik-Shun learned how to wield a sword, which caught Mini.Katana’s attention. They reached out to him and sent him free swords. He has also been paid for sponsored posts where he shares videos of himself cutting fruit, bullets, and other items with their katanas. 

One of his favorite moments was hitting one million followers on Instagram. He also deeply enjoys collaborating with others and learning how to succeed on TikTok. There is no in-between for growing on TikTok. Typically, it’s no growth or explosive growth, so once Fik-Shun found a rhythm with TikTok, this was an incredible feeling for him. 

In the future, Fik-Shun wants “to make a short film, a movie or series involving action and incorporating maybe some dancing too. I feel like I’m getting a sign, and I really want to work towards that, and I want to build a community kind of around, coming together and helping create this project. I would love to film my own miniseries or movies, so I’m kind of working on that right now.”

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