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Viral TikToker Abby Baffoe’s Advice For Aspiring Creators & Handling Negativity Online


Viral TikToker Abby Baffoe’s Advice For Aspiring Creators & Handling Negativity Online

Lifestyle, fashion, and beauty TikToker Abby Baffoe never intended to blow up online. However, her passion and natural camera presence led to many of her TikToks exploding, leading to an impressive audience of over half a million followers. Today, she shares her advice for aspiring creators, how she handles negativity online, and her method for brainstorming content ideas.

About Abby Baffoe

Abby Baffoe is a full-time TikTok creator sharing fashion, beauty, and humorous content. Before creating TikTok content, she ran an online fashion boutique which she created and curated photos and content for. In 2021, Abby went full-time as a content creator. 

Abby shares, “I feel like I gained a community of such an awesome group of men and women, and it really just took off. It wasn’t really something that I was planning on doing or becoming, and I think that’s probably the best part of it, that it happened naturally and organically… It’s so great to be able to communicate with all these people and have this community and this platform and works with all these amazing brands.”

Hair TikTok

Brainstorming & Creating Content 

Abby Baffoe explains that she comes up with content in several different ways. Sometimes, content ideas come to her randomly, but other times she is inspired by other people or by trying different products. 

She also keeps a notes list on her phone. Whenever an idea comes to her, she records it. Only half of these ideas see the light of day, but it gives her a reference list for content ideas when she needs inspiration. 

Abby Baffoe explains, “Right now, I mainly do fashion and beauty content, so I share favorite products, outfits, shopping hauls, tutorials, and stuff like that.”

Her most popular TikTok has over 20 million views and features Abby making fun of her small butt. 

She adds, “I post a lot of humor. I’m a girl that has very small boobs and a small butt, and I like to make jokes around that and keep it more lighthearted. It was honestly like a dumb video that took off way more than I ever could have expected.”

Makeup TikTok

Negativity Online

The biggest challenge for Abby Baffoe as a creator is the negativity she faces online. 

She shares, “I feel like you don’t really realize how miserable some people are until you’re on the Internet and you’re getting unwanted opinions from a lot of people and seeing video stitches. Other than that, if you really just keep your head out of the gutter of all the negativity and stuff, just keep looking forward, it’s really a great job, and it’s great to connect with all these people.”

She adds that there are so many more positive people and comments than negative ones, which she tries to focus on instead.


Another new @soldejaneiro obsession added to my life 🤤 their first pop up event is in soho 2/11-2/20 🥹🤭 ya girl is freaking out!! #soldejaneiro #nyc #bodyoil

♬ original sound – Abby Baffoe

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Brand Collabs & Revenue Streams

Abby Baffoe shares that she has a dream brand collab coming up soon but can’t reveal the brand just yet. However, one of her favorite brands to collaborate with has been Tresemme

In the past, she has traveled to Coachella and attended New York fashion week with Tresemme. For New York fashion week, she created content around their styling suite. 


Um, Secret hair weapon?! @tresemme NEW #TRESProInfusion collection provides movement, shine & #FluidHair 🫶🫶#TRESpartner (linked in bio 😘)

♬ Fluid Hair Sounds – TRESemmé

“For them, I’ve created hair tutorials. They recently launched a new line of hair products that’s a bit more eco-friendly, biodegradable, clean, so right now we’re doing a collaboration on that and then also just content around events that I will go to.”

Brand deals are a significant part of Abby’s revenue streams. However, she shares that commissions from the Amazon Influencer program are another important revenue source for her. 

Abby’s Advice for Aspiring Creators

Abby Baffoe shares, “Consistency is always key. I feel like when you’re consistent, you’re able to see that in your numbers. I think for me, as long as a majority of my following is seeing my videos, I feel that I’m doing something right.”

In short, only some videos will go viral, but the engagement is there if most of your followers see your videos. 

Another critical aspect of creating online is staying inspired and avoiding burnout, a common problem many creators face. Abby shares that her love for creating content helps her remain inspired. 

“It’s something that I’ve always loved to do. I feel like even before Instagram was big, I was always creating content. I’m just a very girly girl. I love makeup. I love doing my hair. I love all of that, so, for me, it just comes naturally, and it’s something that’s fun and easy. It’s not like I really need to light a fire under my ass to keep going. It’s just something that I’ve really enjoyed doing.”

Keeping content creation fun by choosing topics you’re naturally passionate about is a huge way that Abby stays inspired and keeps her content fresh and authentic. 

Overall, her biggest advice for aspiring content creators looking to build a career in this field is consistency and doing your own thing. 

She explains, “I know it’s hard not to follow what other people are doing, even though you’re seeing that they’re having success with that, but do your own thing. There is only one of you. Just really believe in what you are creating, and if you truly love products that you’re sharing or tutorials, people will be able to recognize that through your videos and resonate with you.”

Abby Baffoe adds that it’s important not to expect overnight success. Stay focused on your goals and create the best content possible regardless of what others think about you. 


Had to try this one 🤭 hair inspo @Tina Prokas & miss Bella Hadid #hairstyle #hairtutorial #hairinspo #bellahadidhairstyle

♬ poker face – elay

Hair TikTok

The Future of the Influencer Space

Abby Baffoe shares that she would love to see more diversity. 

“I think for these brand trips. It’s just content creators that have some of the biggest platforms. It’s not a very diverse community, so I would definitely love to see that [change]. I think that we’re honestly stepping in the right direction of that and just being a little bit more supportive of each other.”

She adds that seeing creators and people using social media apps support each other more would be another step in the right direction. 

As for herself, Abby Baffoe wants to continue focusing on new opportunities. 
She shares, “I’m really focusing on more opportunities rather than collaborations. I really want to travel for work. I really want to meet more people in the industry, and I just want to create a genuine platform with a community of people. It’s a place for all of us to just hang out.”

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