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All About tnkgrl - Mobile Tech Podcast With tnkgrl Myriam Joire A Review Of The Latest Mobile Tech Trends And Devices


All About tnkgrl – Mobile Tech Podcast With tnkgrl Myriam Joire

Are you an avid fan of mobile technology? 

Do you constantly catch yourself scouring the internet for the latest updates on smartphones, personal gadgets, and car technology? 

Then you have come to the right place because we are introducing you to the Mobile Tech Podcast with tnkgrl – your one-stop shop for all things mobile.

This podcast is hosted by renowned tech journalist Myriam Joire (aka tnkgrl), produced by Theo Joire, and published by World Podcasts

It brings you the most comprehensive coverage and in-depth analysis of the latest mobile tech trends and devices.

Each episode of the mobile tech podcast features in-depth discussions with tech experts, industry insiders, and other thought leaders in the world of mobile technology.

From product reviews and analysis to industry news and trends, this podcast covers everything you need to know to stay up-to-date in the fast-moving world of mobile tech.

The Creator behind the Podcast

Myriam Joire (tnkgrl) is a well-known technology writer and podcaster based in the United States.

Her journey in technology started as a tape game programmer.

In 2010, she launched her blog tnkgrl Mobile, which later led to her appointment as a senior editor at Engadget.

She also worked as a technology evangelist for the smartwatch company Pebble Technology until October 2014.

Myriam has also written for other publications such as Chip Chick and co-hosted “All About Android” on TWiT.

She has advised numerous startups on media and product strategies, leveraging her experience and knowledge in the technology industry.

Since 2017, Myriam has been hosting the Mobile Tech Podcast, where she shares her insights and expertise on the latest mobile technology trends.

She was later joined by Theo Joire, a reporting expert, and together they launched the most informative and entertaining talk show on mobile technology.

After its launch, the program swiftly thrived larger and larger.

Reach of the Mobile Tech Podcast

The Mobile Tech Podcast has 26.2k Subscribers on YouTube and 2.9k followers on Instagram.

On YouTube, where view statistics are readily available it appears that the average podcast receives between 585 views to 866 views per episode.

As of January 2023, The Mobile Tech Podcast had a 4.6 rating in Apple Podcast Review.

Based on this analysis, we estimate that the talk show is listened to at least 10,000 times each time an episode airs on Apple Podcasts, Google, YouTube, and Spotify.

Themes and Topics Covered

Tnkgrl’s Mobile Tech Podcast strikes a careful balance between casual anecdotes and hard-hitting journalism, which keeps the listeners coming back week after week 

It provides a unique blend of serious and relaxed content that appeals to a broad range of tech enthusiasts. 

A great illustration of this can be found in episode 285  September 9th, 2022.

The podcast starts with a lovely song and its colloquial tone stands to be one of the things that fans seem to relish a great deal.

Then it offers a synopsis of the major events happening in the tech world in that week.

Later. the hosts are joined by Camila Rinaldi of Nextpit, a tech journalist who has a lot of experience in reviewing smartphones and tablets, and other related gadgets.

In a candid conversation, Camila delves into her illustrious journey in the world of tech and shares her perspective on the subtle nuances that differentiate the iPhone 14 Pro from the iPhone 14 Pro Max, and the much-anticipated release of the Apple Watch Ultra.

Moreover, she also shares her insights on the recent buzz surrounding Poco, Google, and Qualcomm.

In episode 231, aired on August 26th, 2021, the podcast features reviews of the One Plus buds pro, Samsung Galaxy Z flips 3, and Framework Laptop.

These reviews are enriched by the presence of podcast guest Florence Ion from Gizmodo, who brings her expertise as a journalist in the tech industry.

Florence Ion also shares insightful details about One Plus, Xiaomi, and Oppo, making the show more interactive and eye-catching. 

The episode is a perfect blend of information and entertainment, keeping listeners both comfortable and engaged. 

In episode 223 of the Mobile Tech Podcast, the ever-entertaining host, tnkgrl, is joined by the Jon Fingas of Engadget, and together they delve deep into the world of tech. 

This episode has everything from a summary of MWC 2021 to a discussion of the latest news, rumors, and leaks.

One of the highlights of the episode was the discussion of Samsung’s Galaxy Watch 4, which was unveiled at MWC 2021. 

The hosts share their thoughts on the smartwatch’s design, features, and performance, and were particularly impressed by its integration with Google’s Wear OS.

The Galaxy Watch 4 was just one of the many exciting products unveiled at MWC 2021, and tnkgrl and Jon does a great job of recapping the event and highlighting some of the most noteworthy announcements.

The Format of the Podcast

The Mobile Tech Podcast is a captivating audio experience that takes you on a journey through the world of mobile technology. 

With its lively and engaging format, the podcast features insightful discussions, in-depth analysis, and informative reviews of the latest gadgets and devices in the market.

The precise range and forum cases of each episode of the mobile tech podcast vary extensively.

Regardless, there’s adequate understanding and viscosity to maintain a decisive and thriving listener base.

Episodes start with a more general dialogue; the hosts update the listeners on what they’ve been up to over the past few days or bring new reports on a conversation that happened towards the end of a previous episode.

In a while, a better-detailed dialogue topic might be hurled right from the start.

This might contain crew actings, announcement updates on a typical latest mobile tech, or the latest smartwatch review from the previous week’s launch.

The podcast relies heavily on its healthy roster of incoming guests. 

Some prominent guests on the podcast include Michael Fisher (aka MrMobile), Rich DeMuro (Tech Reporter at KTLA), Matthew Miller (aka ZDNet’s Mobile Gadgeteer), and many others. 

Reception and Impact

The Mobile Tech Podcast has a considerable number of listeners who are inspired by the moderators’ contributions every week.

One of the reviewers had the following to convey:

“Great Tech Podcast

Tnkgrl has a long history in technology. This podcast highlights the information she acquired and the connections she made. Her visitors each week are of the highest caliber. I wholeheartedly suggest this podcast.” (source)

Another shared the following:

My Favourite Podcast

Miriam Joire is fantastic! She is extremely informed about mobile technology. I am a phone fanatic. I discovered this podcast early this year and was very impressed! (source)

While some listeners love the casual chit-chat between the hosts, others like the podcast less when the discussion diverges from its real focus.


In a world where technology is constantly evolving, the tnkgrl mobile tech podcast serves as a beacon guiding tech enthusiasts through the choppy seas of the mobile tech industry.

With Myriam Joire at the helm, this podcast has cemented its place as a go-to source for the latest updates and analysis of mobile phones, personal gadgets, and car tech.

The Mobile Tech Podcast has something for everyone, whether you’re a tech lover, an industry insider, or simply someone who likes to stay updated on the latest gadgets and trends.

Listen to it via the links provided below:

●    pcasts

●    Spotify

●    podcastsapple

●    YouTube

●    GoogleFor more tech reviews and how-to guides check our resources here.

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