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Unleashing the Power of Creators A New Paradigm in Influencer Marketing


CreatorIQ Report: Unleashing the Power of Creators: A New Paradigm in Influencer Marketing

About CreatorIQ: Unleashing the Power of Creators

In a recent report titled ‘Unleashing the Power of Creators’, CreatorIQ, an influential player in the creator marketing platform sector, demonstrated the potential of advanced influencer marketing programs. The findings showed an impressive 6.2x YoY increase in annual revenue for brands investing significantly in influencer marketing. A pioneering force in the development of the Return-On-Creator-Spend (ROCS) metric, CreatorIQ assists advertisers in comparing the efficacy of creator-led initiatives against traditional digital channels.

Aberdeen Strategy & Research, an independent firm, conducted the study, revealing that brands with advanced influencer marketing strategies outstrip their less sophisticated counterparts in returns on their marketing efforts. These Influencer Marketing Leaders—brands within the top 20% in metrics such as impressions, engagement, conversion, and revenue attributed to influencer marketing—demonstrated impressive improvements across KPIs in all stages of the funnel.

Crucially, brands saw a 6.2x greater YoY improvement in annual revenue, resulting in a ROCS of $4.70 on every dollar invested in influencer marketing programs. In response, brands in the top 20% of influencer marketing spend are planning to increase their investments by 30% on average.

CreatorIQ Report: Unleashing the Power of Creators: A New Paradigm in Influencer Marketing

“The time to adopt and scale creator marketing efforts is now,” says Tim Sovay, Chief Business Development & Partnerships Officer at CreatorIQ. He added that brands who take the plunge into creator marketing solutions will see a widening gap between themselves and competitors across all KPIs, including revenue.

The study was based on a survey of over 200 marketing executives in the U.S. and U.K., cutting across industries such as Beauty, Consumer Electronics/CPG, Gaming, Media/Entertainment, Retail/Fashion, and Food/Beverage. This comes in the wake of a similar survey, where 67% of marketers reported an increase in their investment in creator marketing YoY.

Gary Orellana, SVP of Influencer Marketing at Dentsu Creative, sees a massive appetite for a consistent measurement framework in the Influencer Marketing industry. He stresses the importance of a consistent measurement framework, noting that clients investing in Influencer Marketing and Content Creators have seen increased follower growth, a positive shift in consumer sentiment, and sales upticks.

Estee Lauder’s Doug Jensen, SVP Go-to-Market Analytics & Activation and Learning Center of Excellence, recognizes the power of working with creators and influencers in driving all parts of the consumer funnel.

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