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Chastin J. Miles A Journey From Struggling Agent To Entrepreneurial Success


Chastin J. Miles: A Journey From Struggling Agent To Entrepreneurial Success

Chastin J. Miles, a real estate entrepreneur and thought leader, shares his inspiring journey from a struggling solo agent to success. Overcoming challenges and embracing discomfort, he harnessed the power of content creation and social media to build a strong personal brand. Chastin’s insights on YouTube, content monetization, and the evolving creator economy offer valuable guidance for aspiring entrepreneurs and content creators from all industries.

Chastin J. Miles, a real estate entrepreneur and thought leader, shares his inspiring journey from a struggling solo agent to success. Overcoming challenges and embracing discomfort, he harnessed the power of content creation and social media to build a strong personal brand. Chastin’s insights on YouTube, content monetization, and the evolving creator economy offer valuable guidance for aspiring entrepreneurs and content creators from all industries.

Chastin’s Journey and His Success in Becoming an Entrepreneur, Author, and Thought Leader in the Industry

Chastin J. Miles recounted his journey from a struggling solo agent to success. He tells us, “I got into the real estate industry back in 2013 after I moved from Atlanta, Georgia, to Dallas, Texas, for a fresh start. I didn’t know anything about real estate, and everyone told me not to do it, but I did it anyway.”

After facing numerous challenges and even having his electricity disconnected before hosting an open house, Chastin had a moment of doubt. “I felt like I was a complete failure. I was 23 at the time, and I had moved across the country, telling everyone I’d be a successful agent,” he shares.

However, he decided to persevere. “I had to figure out what my problem was. I had a choice: I can go and get a job, or I can continue to try to make it work in this real estate industry,” Chastin explains.

He identified that not having a network and not being known were the main obstacles. “The journey I went on was how do I get people to know who I am? How do I get this network of people around me who want to do business with me?” he says.

To overcome his introverted nature, Chastin started pushing himself outside of his comfort zone. “I am a naturally introverted person. I don’t just talk to any and everybody,” he admits. “But I knew that in order for me to make it as an entrepreneur, I had to put myself out there.”

His dedication to personal growth and embracing discomfort became pivotal. “I became obsessed with putting myself outside of my comfort zone because every time I did that, something great would happen, or I would get further to my goal.” 

Chastin J. Miles: A Journey From Struggling Agent To Entrepreneurial Success

His Inspiration for Starting His YouTube Channel

“My YouTube journey actually started back in 2015 after I attended a mastermind event where they were discussing social media and how to grow on it,” Chastin explains. During that time, not many real estate professionals were utilizing video content, so it was uncharted territory.

At the event, they challenged attendees to film business videos, and Chastin, who had never recorded a video before, felt extremely uncomfortable and nervous. However, he saw this discomfort as an opportunity for growth. “Hey, if this is making me this uncomfortable, there must be something good behind it,” he shares.

Determined to overcome his fear, Chastin set out on a mission to record a video every single day, experimenting with various topics. His early videos were simple, often filmed in his car, but he didn’t fully grasp the power of video and its potential for building influence at that time.

Despite not fully understanding the potential impact, Chastin trusted the advice from others who believed that creating videos could lead to business opportunities. So, he embraced the challenge and started producing content regularly.

Throughout his YouTube journey, Chastin believes in the power of content creation to level the playing field for entrepreneurs from diverse backgrounds. Video content allowed him to connect with a broader audience and establish himself as a thought leader in the industry, regardless of his introverted nature.

How Content Creation Platforms Helped Chastin in His Entrepreneurial Journey

Chastin highlights the significance of content creation and personal branding in his journey. He explains, “One thing that I noticed that has been extremely helpful to me launching businesses is my personal brand.” Initially, Chastin started by branding himself as a real estate agent, but he soon realized the power and leverage in creating a brand around himself as an entrepreneur.

By sharing his knowledge and experiences while trying to build his business, Chastin attracted the attention of other entrepreneurs. They reached out for collaborations, partnerships, and speaking opportunities, even unrelated to real estate. This revelation led him to understand that he is the brand, and the brand is him.

Chastin emphasizes the importance of entrepreneurs thinking about how they want people to perceive them as a person, not just their business. “Businesses come and go, and there’s a gazillion of them out there,” he says. “But what you can’t hide is you.” 

His personal brand serves as a foundation for all his endeavors, making it easier for him to navigate different platforms and business opportunities. “I know that it won’t be as hard because I’m not trying to figure out all the technicalities of just social media in general,” Chastin adds, highlighting the power of having a strong personal brand.

How YouTube Can Be a Powerful Marketing Channel for Real Estate Professionals

According to Chastin, “YouTube is really great today and still relevant because it allows you to bond more with the person who’s watching the actual video.” He highlights that his videos created a bond with people, leading them to approach him in public, treating him like a friend, even though they had never met in person. “People want to hang out with me and be around me,” he says, showcasing the power of YouTube in building relationships.

To make the most of YouTube as a real estate professional, Chastin suggests going beyond traditional virtual tours and neighborhood insights. “Be sure to insert your personality into it,” he advises, encouraging Realtors to share their likes, dislikes, and favorite features during home tours. By doing so, they create common ground with the audience and make the content more relatable.

Chastin also stresses the significance of addressing topics that genuinely interest the audience. He points out that real estate professionals have the opportunity to stand out by becoming the go-to source for such information, but this can only be achieved by showcasing one’s personality and unique traits. “My hair, that’s not typical Realtor,” Chastin mentions, highlighting how his distinct appearance helps him build trust with his audience.

On Coaching and Supporting Other Real Estate Agents

Chastin provides valuable insights on leveraging content creation and social media to enhance businesses. He shared a specific strategy known as the “180 capture method,” which he considers essential for real estate professionals looking to build their personal brand and connect with their audience effectively.

The “180 capture method” consists of a video broken down into three parts. Chastin explains, “The first part is what problem did you have? Where were you previously? What issue did you have going on?” By addressing a relatable problem, real estate professionals can attract their target audience.

In the second part, Chastin emphasizes the importance of sharing what steps the individual personally took to solve the problem. Being educational and offering valuable tips during this segment helps create a bond with viewers, showcasing the Realtor’s expertise and approachability.

The third part of the “180 capture method” revolves around demonstrating how the Realtor can help their audience achieve similar results. Chastin states, “Hey, by the way, I did it for me. I can help you do it too.” This call-to-action approach encourages viewers to reach out and seek the Realtor’s assistance, ultimately leading to potential client acquisitions.

Chastin mentions that the “180 capture method” serves multiple purposes, including attracting an audience, bonding with viewers, and acquiring new clients. He believes this script allows real estate professionals to tell their stories, showcase their personalities, and demonstrate their ability to help others effectively.

How Content Creators From Different Industries Can Monetize Their Platforms More Effectively

Chastin shares valuable insights on how content creators from various industries can effectively monetize their platforms. He says, “None of us own Instagram, TikTok, or Facebook; we don’t own those platforms. They are not our digital real estate. So you wanna start by building your list.” He talks about the importance of building an email list to have a direct line of communication with the audience, which is a valuable asset.

Regarding monetization strategies, Chastin advises, “Sign up for any affiliate program that pretty much allows anybody. Amazon is one of those.” He highlights the potential of affiliate programs, especially for entrepreneurs who recommend products or books in their content.

Furthermore, Chastin encourages content creators to monetize their presence on social media platforms like YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram, where they can earn money through various monetization features.

Discussing the importance of community building, Chastin recommends, “Monetizing your community. This list that you created, it can be memberships, it can be educational products, it could be training.” He stresses that the best place to monetize is one’s own digital real estate, where content creators can offer valuable products and services to their audience.

How Social Media and Content Creation Contribute to Societal Progress, Financial Security, and Personal Growth

Chastin talks about how social media and content creation can contribute to societal progress, financial security, and personal growth. He highlights the significance of taking advantage of these platforms for building a business and achieving goals. Chastin continues to explain, “This is truly avenues and platforms that are free, that are literally free, that can build a business. I’ve done it many times.”

He acknowledges that some individuals may hesitate to embrace social media growth due to perceived complexity, saying, “Everybody thinks that it’s a secret formula around being big on social media, right? Yeah. There’s strategies and things you can do, but the first thing is putting yourself out there and actually doing it.”

Discussing societal challenges, Chastin recognizes that the abundance of information can lead to skepticism and a lack of trust, which may hinder people from acting on valuable advice. He shares, “Today, the information is so available that it’s ridiculous. When I first got started in a business, I had to pay so much for just like little bits of information, and now it’s readily available.”

Chastin urges individuals not to procrastinate and emphasizes that the right moment to start is now. He says, “Either you start now, or you’re gonna get left behind. Everybody’s pushing an agenda. Everybody has their reasons for being on social and creating content. And you will literally get lost. You will get lost in the mud if you are sitting back waiting for an opportunity or waiting for the right moment; the right moment was yesterday.”

How Chastin Sees the Creator Economy Evolving in the Future

Chastin shares his perspective on the evolving creator economy and its potential opportunities for aspiring content creators and entrepreneurs. He envisioned the creator economy becoming the “new Hollywood,” where more creators would be featured in commercials, TV shows, and movies due to their cost-effectiveness and substantial fan bases.

He states, “You’re gonna see more creators on commercials, on TV, in movies. For one, they’re probably a lot cheaper. Well, I know we’re a lot cheaper than some of the Hollywood actors. But then, second, we have the fan base. We have the followers.”

Chastin emphasizes that the value of creators lies not only in their talents but also in the size of their audience, which has become crucial for attracting investments from production companies and corporate entities. He notes that creators could venture into various fields, such as advertising, events, and corporate partnerships, further solidifying their status as new celebrities.

Regarding the future of celebrities, Chastin believes that the traditional “untouchable” celebrity outlook would shift, and celebrities would need to engage more with their fans, partly influenced by the approach of creators. He says, “I don’t think celebrities moving forward are gonna be so untouchable. Because I think right now, even celebrities themselves, they’re having to engage more with people. More than they ever had to, right? They have to talk to us, fans now who started that it’s the creators.”

Chastin expresses excitement about the prospects of the creator economy, acknowledging the potential for creators to become more valuable and earn higher incomes as the industry continues to grow. He concludes, “Creators are gonna get more expensive. And it’s gonna be interesting, but I’m excited about it.”

Trends or Innovation Chastin Foresees Happening in the Future

Chastin sees exciting prospects for content creators, stating, “The amount of platforms that are coming out to support content creators… makes things so accessible to everyday creators.” He believes that creating content will become even easier with improved smartphone cameras but warns, “That means it’s gonna be a lot harder to break through and to break into… more competition.” Nevertheless, he remains optimistic about the future opportunities for aspiring content creators.

Future Plans and Goals

Chastin is enthusiastic about his future plans and goals, sharing, “I’m excited about the podcast we just relaunched… taken a different direction.” He also looks forward to hosting his annual conference, which keeps growing in size and impact. 

Additionally, Chastin hints at the possibility of writing another book this year. Collaboration is another area of excitement for him, as he mentions, “People are more open to collaborating these days” with both influencers and fellow entrepreneurs. Amidst speaking engagements and travels, Chastin’s ventures are constantly evolving, and he’s ready to embrace the opportunities that come his way.

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