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Master Impressionist Ami Kozak On Creating Viral Celebrity Impressions


Master Impressionist Ami Kozak On Creating Viral Celebrity Impressions

In this interview, we sit down with AJ Comedy creator Ami Kozak, the creator behind much more than just online comedy. 

A creative by all means. Ami found his golden ticket to viral content by attempting various relevant techniques until one clicked and unveiled new levels of comedic success. 

Read along as we interview Ami and learn more about his journey as a multi-talented content creator and master impressionist of modern-day celebrities. 

Who is Ami Kozak?

Master Impressionist Ami Kozak On Creating Viral Celebrity Impressionst

Writer and lead singer for the band Distant Cousins, Ami’s online success is attributed mainly to his light-hearted creative comedy skits. Taking advantage of recent exposure, Ami now hosts a collaborative podcast, invests endless hours in music, and does stand-up comedy on national level. 

Ami tells us, “I’m just a creative individual who found a profitable outlet of expression that has made doing what I love easier. Before content creation, my focus was very much narrowed down to music since that’s what I went I am a Berkely’s College of Music graduate.”

Impressions and How It All Started 

If there is one thing that Ami is known for more than anything else online, it is his impressions of famous people and social media Icons. 

Unlike many impressionists that can only pull off one or two characters, Ami’s lifelong practice and interest in imitating people allows for a diverse portfolio of different characters. 

Some of the most popular characters that Ami plays include Gary Vee, Jordan Peterson, Prince Harry, and more. 

“I’ve always naturally been good at observing and mirroring different people. Ask any impressionist, and they’ll tell you that they’ll do whoever they can; there are no limits or biases,” explains Ami. 

Some of Aj Comedy’s most viewed videos include impressions of Prince Harry, duets of Gary videos, and the meet-up video with Gary Vee and Neema Naz, another popular comedian we’ve recently interviewed. 

The Creative Process

Ami stands out from the competition with his imaginative content and mix of diverse scenarios. With various creative tasks, Ami has an efficiently optimized process for every kind of new idea. 

He explains, “Depending on the form of the continent I’m looking to create that day, the process varies; if I’m doing long-form, then I’m behind my computer writing, whereas short-form content is based on the gathering of different spontaneous ideas.”

Whenever an idea or script is not complete, Ami likes to leave it to finish itself under no pressure or rush. Instead, the longer some skits and impression videos take to make, the better their performance. 

Influencer, Comedian, Or Singer?

Master Impressionist Ami Kozak On Creating Viral Celebrity Impressionst

With a broad range of creative work, it’s difficult to put a title on how followers perceive Ami. Some may know him from his band Distant Cousins, while others have only seen him perform live stand-up comedy. 

Ami tells us, “I think the most appropriate tag would be creative since I wear so many hats on a regular basis. An influencer is someone who enjoys creating content and building an audience for no financial or transactional incentive. To me, content creation is more of a tool.”

He elaborates, “I enjoy all my creative endeavors equally, but I see everything as a transactional value exchange. So in a sense, it’s like I’m telling my audience, you like what I do; it brings you joy, so how can you support it?” 

What’s Your Favorite thing about being a creator? 

“The validation and recognition” summarizes Ami. Although I don’t do it all for the fame and recognition, having that on your side is a big boost towards the ultimate destination.”

It’s not even about likes and shares at this point for Ami, as he tells us, “When I say validation, I mean the unexpected moments that are like a bonus boost to my career, getting mentioned in the news, this interview, Ben Shapiro reacting to my content. Those moments are what keep you motivated and work as a sign that you’re doing the right thing.” 

What Does Brand Deals Look Like For Ami? 

Ami tells us, “I’m more aware of this aspect now than during the start of my online career, and it’s only getting better. I had opportunists reach out to me with ridiculously cheap deals,  but better deals are attracted by understanding the value offered.”

He adds, “Although we’re openly looking for podcast sponsors, we’re not going to rush things and sign with a brand that does not represent what we stand for, of values and relevance. 

 As long as brands are willing to pay the right amount and share relevant values through their products or advertising, I see it as an opportunity to expand and support my many artistic ventures.”

Tips for Aspiring creators and comedians

Before delving further into the strategy to Ami’s online success, he makes it clear that content creation is not for everyone, but if the creator is serious about what they do, here are the two most important aspects. 

Keep pushing what works:

If you’re just starting, finding what people engage with may take some time, but until something goes viral, you need to focus on output. The impression videos were not the first videos I created, but perhaps because I genuinely enjoy making them, they blew up,” explains Ami.

He adds, “Another aspect to the equation is the algorithm, which almost favors related content, series, and different scenarios for one character are the perfect example of this on TikTok specifically.”


Consistency is key like any successful creator will tell you. When asking Ami, he says, “It’s just like anything else in life; take fitness, for example. You can’t transform whatever body you have in less than six months to a year.” 

“You need to keep putting out content. There were times when I was posting up to 3-4 different videos a day. It was a combination of many elements, but consistency and direction by market demand works.” 


While many may focus on recreating what made them go viral, Ami finds ways to integrate them into different skits, POVs, and more. Ami is using the exposure and attention that the celebrity impression content and acting skits are getting and branches out from there, 

Everything ties together as a personal brand, whether perceived as a comedian, musician, impressionist, or artist. You can find Ami on the Buckle up podcast with Michael Weber or on TikTok, Instagram, and Youtube

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Moe is freelance writer and content creator who enjoys interviewing influencers and learning about their journeys to success.

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