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The Most Popular Examples Of Partnerships And Collections For Casetify


The Most Popular Examples Of Partnerships And Collections For Casetify

If you’re a fashion and lifestyle content creator with a passion for accessorizing your phone as if it were an extension of yourself then this article is for you. 

In this guide, we’ll be taking a deep dive into what exactly the Casetify affiliate program is all about, how you can sign up, and what type of content other creators are sharing online to promote the brand. 

What is Casetify?

The company known as Casetagram Limited, which trades as “Casetify”, is based in Hong Kong and helps people and companies to design and produce customized Phone cases or electronic accessories. 

First founded in 2011 by Wesley NG and Ronald Yeung, in Hong Kong, the company first entered into production with phone cases that were able to be customized with photos from Instagram and would later offer a more broad range of designs and other accessories. This is one of the many reasons behind their success and why they have been one of the fastest-growing tech accessory brands worldwide boasting over 25 million sales in phone cases alone.

Currently, the company has its official HQ in Hong Kong and its personnel offices run out of  Los Angeles.

You can find their physical stores across the USA, Japan, South Korea, and Hong Kong where they have their flagship shop inside of the Landmark Mall. They also have various pop-up stores in Thailand’s capital city of Bangkok.

The brand wanted to provide its customers with more art-centric cases and to do so Casetify started to partner and collaborate with various renowned artists, fine art galleries, and top museums around the world. 

One notable partnership was that of the Metropolitan Museum of Art which gave the licensing for their paintings by artists such as Vincent van Gogh, Degas, and Monet

Some of the other more notable collaborations that Casetify has under its belt include Pokémon, DHL, and Pixar, to name a few.

Who are the Casetify influencers, and what do they do?

Casetify is not new to influencer marketing either, they have partnered with many celebrities, studios, and brands in the past in order to amplify sales for capsule collections. The company has made a name for itself doing so and has a reputation for generating waitlists and fast sellouts for limited releases.

They’re now branching into micro and macro influencers, with one of the first being  Vivian Ho, who is an artist out of Hong Kong with a little over 35,000 Instagram followers. 

The Most Popular Examples Of Partnerships And Collections For Casetify

Another influencer Casetify collaborated with was a YouTube content creator by the name of  Jayme who owns a digital art business in Canada called Sleepydaze. This is one of their more notable collabs as it’s generated a total of 1.3 billion views on TikTok under the searched term “Casetify Sleepydaze”.


Which one would you choose as your daily case?! 💗🤩 “SLEEPYDAZE” for 15% off my @CASETiFY collection ends this Thursday Sep 8!! #cutephonecases #cutecases #iphone13 #cutephone #casetify #artist #digitalart

♬ Forever – Single Version – The Little Dippers

What are the Casetify influencer requirements?

Casetify is known to be the internet’s number-one choice for custom and high-quality phone cases. They allow anyone to upload and print the image of their choice onto their mobile cases, this feature is great because it gives consumers and even professionals a way to print any image and create merchandising thus empowering creatives, artists, designers, photographers, and even influencers.

The Casetify affiliate program offers good commission rates and has a variety of tools to help monitor your results. 

To join the Casetify affiliate program you’ll need to email them via

And that’s not all! If you’re an influencer with an already established following, you might be better suited to their brand representative program. 

Influencers are expected to create and share Casetify-related content on their social media accounts with their discount link. 

Some of the requirements for joining include:

  • You need to be 18+ years old
  • Be active on multiple social media platforms
  • Have a passion for fashion and lifestyle
  • Create posts in the English language

Some of the perks of being a brand representative for Casetify include:

  • The chance to get featured on the brand’s Instagram account with over half a million followers. 
  • Commission payments for any sales generated through your partner link.

To join the Casetify representative program you’ll need to email them via

How to promote Casetify products as an influencer and make money

How Influencers Promote Casetify on Tik Tok

Here we have brinqo.ka a TikTok account dedicated to sharing all things gaming, kawaii, and snack related. The feed is incredibly pink, with nearly every video featuring pink products, filters, and background staging. The account has a whopping 1.3 million followers, so they must be doing something right!

The video features the unboxing of the Sailor Moon case by Casetify. It’s filmed at close range for an ASMR experience. If you like ASMR and find it soothing, then you’ll love this TikTok.

Next up we have virgohabits run by Alexa Esco. The account is home to 840,000 loyal followers and Alexa shares content related to lifestyle and wellness. She considers her TikTok account a video diary of her life.

In her Casetify post, she can be seen showing off different cases. She uses the caption to entice her audience to “twin with her” and purchase the same cases using her discount code.


twin with me!! get your own @CASETiFY case using my code 15HEYALEXA for 15% off yours #casetify #casetifypartner #phonecasehaul #phonecaseinspo

♬ Brooklyn Baby – Lana Del Rey

Lastly, we’ve got montan.nah a TikTok micro-influencer who shares all kinds of content to her account.

In her recent reel, she shared an unboxing-style video with her audience that featured some of Casetify’s phone cases. She goes on to state that she is absolutely obsessed with the products.

Remember, you don’t need a massive following in order to sign up for Casetify’s affiliate marketing!


@casetify OBSESSED is an understatement 🪩🕺💕💕 #casetify #phonecase #harrystyles #cinema

♬ cinema – sped songs – kyla

How Influencers Promote Casetify on Instagram

First up on our Instagram content examples is style_tonic a social media influencer who shot to fame thanks to her Youtube channel earning her close to 48 million views. She is based in France and shares content related to lifestyle, fashion, beauty, travel, and even vlogging. 

She recently did a paid partnership with Casetify, where she shared a reel to her Instagram in which she can be seen in an elevator filming herself in the mirror. A variety of clips from different days have been placed together and by doing so, the phone cases are highlighted. 

Next up we’ve got faanpeeti an illustrator and storyteller from Thailand.

In her recent reel, Fan can be seen sharing the process that goes into designing a phone case. 

Lastly, we’ve got geuliswanita a content creator, model, and pilates aficionado with over 124,000 followers on Instagram alone. She normally posts a lot of beauty, lifestyle, and fashion content on her social media channels. 

In her recent, she shares a Casetify unboxing. In the video, she can be seen opening the box and packaging and then showcasing the different cases. She used a text overlay feature to highlight the names of each phone case and the phone models they are for. 

How Influencers Promote Casetify on Youtube

First up on our Youtube roundup, we’ve got Callie Danielle an illustrator and designer that recently did a collaboration with Casetify. 

In her video, she can be seen unboxing each of the cases that are featured in the collection. 

We love the fact that Casetify amplifies independent artists, illustrators, and graphic designers.

Here we have Naomi, a micro-influencer with 1.290 subscribers on Youtube. She doesn’t have many videos on her channel, but Naomi has done a Casetify haul in the past, in fact, it was her first-ever Youtube video.

In her recent video, she can be seen doing an iPhone 14 pro unboxing that she later pairs with a Casetify case.

Lastly, we’ve got Kendrick Lee a micro-influencer based in Toronto, Canada. Kendrick has 61,000 subscribers on Youtube and shares mostly lifestyle-related content. 

In her recent video, she can be seen unboxing an iPhone Pro 14 and then Kendrick proceeds to do a brief Casetify haul with different cases she’s purchased for her new mobile.


The Casetify affiliate program is an ideal option for content creators within the fashion, and lifestyle niches who are looking for a new source of passive income or another affiliate program to add to their content creation mood-board for the year.

If this sounds like you, then make sure to follow the exact steps we’ve outlined in this article to get started as a Casetify influencer or affiliate and start earning commissions today.

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