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Carmen Rouse Shares How Sintillate Talent Opened Opportunities For Her As A Content Creator


Carmen Rouse Shares How Sintillate Talent Opened Opportunities For Her As A Content Creator 

Carmen Rouse isn’t new to content creation but admits that her efforts weren’t getting anywhere. She reached out to Sintillate Talent and applied to join them. This partnership caused her career as a content creator to take off. Today, she shares more details about her partnership with Sintillate and how it paved the way for her success in the content creation space. 

Who is Carmen Rouse

Carmen Rouse is an influencer and events promoter with over 10,000 followers on Instagram. Despite her success in running her own business, she wanted to do more as a content creator, but to no avail. She came across Sintillate Talent and started working with them. This partnership opened countless opportunities for Carmen to start her career as an influencer. 

“Since joining them, I’ve actually had people come to me and ask to do content for them. So, it’s opened up a wider spectrum of companies to promote for.”

According to Carmen, joining Sintillate Talent has changed her career and confidence. 

Carmen’s Niche

Presently, Carmen creates content for various brands, like skincare, lingerie, and clothing. But browsing her Instagram profile, you’ll see she also loves making fitness content. 

“I do that myself. I try and influence everyone out there to get into fitness. I’ve always been known as the fitness influencer rather than [the] products. It’s only since I’ve been with Sintillate Talent that I’ve been able to influence products.”

Carmen works with brands and makes content for them but admits that her fitness content still performs best in terms of engagement. She explains, “If I go for my own fitness post, I tend to have more engagement there. Whereas when I go for brands, I don’t really have much engagement.”

Creative Process

To come up with ideas for her content, Carmen looks at other people’s online content, like reels. She’s constantly on social media, so it’s easy for her to get inspiration online. 

“I look at a lot of reels for ideas. I have my head in social media quite a lot.”

Challenges as a Content Creator

For Carmen, one of the biggest challenges she’s facing as a content creator is having the consistency of having brand deals. Although some brands have reached out to her, it’s not always the case, and there are weeks when she’d go without any brand collaborations

“I go through stages where a lot of small companies come to me, and they want me to influence their products. But then I go through a stage where I’m really struggling to get anyone to send me any products at all. I don’t think I’ve had anyone come to me for about three weeks.”

Since Carmen started, three weeks is the longest amount of time she hasn’t had any brands come to her and ask her to promote their products. 

Favorite Brand Collabs

Carmen cites her collab with Luvlette, a lingerie line from Shein, as her favorite to date. She enjoyed working with the brand because it boosted her confidence and allowed her to show her feminist side. 

The support she got after posting pictures in lingerie made her love the collab even more. She adds, “All the support I got from Sintillate Talent, social media, and the people online was very uplifting.”

The collaboration involved six different products, so Carmen had to post content for six different sets of lingerie. She had to post more than usual because other brands only sent her products for a one-time project. 

Was it a success?

When asked whether the collaboration was successful, Carmen proudly shares, “Yes, definitely. Since doing that one, I’ve had a lot of photographers, and even Miss Swimsuit UK, approach me. I feel that the Luvlette collab has brought loads of people towards my page, which is good.”

Even Carmen’s followers were happy about the collab. She received a lot of compliments from her followers and questions about where they could buy the sets she wore. She adds, “It felt good because you’re actually supporting these businesses, as well. I felt like I helped them massively to get more sales from my content.”

The collaboration Carmen had with Luvlette was made possible by Sintillate Talent. She gives us more details by stating, “They did set it up for me, I really enjoyed doing that.”

Monetizing Instagram Content

As of this writing, Carmen has three jobs altogether. She posts content on Instagram during her spare time but loves to do it full-time in the future. 

“I think I need to be a lot more consistent so companies come to me. Eventually, I would like to have a contract with a company to promote for them.”

Carmen earns from brand collabs but would like to make money from fitness brands more than anything. 

How Carmen Continues to Grow As a Content Creator

Carmen feels she has received the same amount of engagement ever since she started. But despite that, she loves everything that goes into content creation. 

“I actually enjoy the network behind it, as well. Just speaking to loads of different people makes it more exciting. The agency also supported me the whole way and gave me advice. There’s so much fun behind it and so many people to meet.”

Favorite Moment as a Content Creator

“I’d say my favorite moments are the events that I got through it [influencing]. I found that a lot of clubs have come forward, and they’ve asked me to attend their events and post them. And you get to meet some amazing people.”

Carmen’s Advice on Aspiring Content Creators

Carmen advises anyone who wants to make a name as a content creator to research first. She also encourages them to consider joining an agency instead of doing everything themselves. For Carmen, working with an agency gives you the right guidance, and working alone increases your risk of committing mistakes. 

“I’ve learned so much from the agency, and it has worked for my followers, comments, and likes — they’ve all increased.”

What’s Missing in the Content Influencer Space

Carmen wants to see more diversity in the content influencer space in the future. 

“I think we’re slowly getting there, but there are not enough different types of people in the industry. On Instagram, everyone follows a trend, and every kind looks quite similar. I feel like a larger range of different sized- and shaped-people and different personalities should become influencers.”

As for her goals for the future, Carmen wants to make it on TV. She also wants to gain at least another 10,000 followers on her social media and get a contract with a fitness brand or clothing wear.

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