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Dr. Linnea Passaler On Nervous System Regulation, Audience Engagement, And The Importance Of Teams


Dr. Linnea Passaler on Nervous System Regulation, Audience Engagement, and the Importance of Teams

After not getting insights from doctors about the cause of her symptoms, Dr. Linnea Passaler decided to make content to help people who have been in the same situation. Today, she has become one of the most reliable sources of information about nervous system regulation.

About Dr. Linnea Passaler

Dr. Linnea Passaler is a surgeon and a Chief Executive Officer of a digital health startup. Juggling different responsibilities caused her to develop burnout, rosacea, IBS, and other symptoms. Doctors helped reduce her symptoms but didn’t provide insights about the cause. Doctors told her to reduce stress, and that’s it. 

This situation motivated Dr. Linnea to take matters into her own hands. She says, “This led me to study the neurobiology of sensitivity and nervous system regulation. This approach led me to heal myself completely and reverse the damage to my body and mind.”

Dr. Linnea became a content creator because she wanted to empower people with similar conditions. She decided to make content that provides long-lasting relief and does not only “fix” other peoples’ symptoms.  

Dr. Linnea Passaler on Nervous System Regulation, Audience Engagement, and the Importance of Teams

How Dr. Linnea’s Background Influenced Her Content

Dr. Linnea recognizes the prevalence of inaccurate and false information available online. Because of this, she made it her goal to share up-to-date and research-proven data to help people understand the nervous system.

“It has been my goal to help people better understand this essential idea using a simple language they could understand. This is what drives me: making things simple, accessible, and understandable by a vast audience, yet at the same time, keeping information scientific and accurate. I find that so much content online can be misleading for people.”

Dr. Linnea’s background in science allows her to provide in-depth information about nervous system regulation and share stories from her experience. She wants to teach people how to improve their well-being by making lifestyle changes rather than relying on medications all the time. 

Dr. Linnea’s Success in Her Chosen Niche

Dr. Linnea credited her success as a content creator to hard work and consistency. She exerts time and effort to research and create high-quality pieces that capture attention and keep readers engaged. 

“From the beginning of my journey, I made sure that everything I created was well-researched and thought-out. I didn’t focus on quantity; I focused on quality.”

Dr. Linnea also acknowledged her team, which helps to keep the quality of her content high and post them consistently. She understands that being a content creator can become a full-time job, and “it’s critical to get help.”

Another crucial factor to Dr. Linnea’s success is her ability to engage with her audience — whether that’s responding to comments, providing feedback when they asked for one, or answering their questions online. For Dr. Linnea, engagement is essential to creating loyal followers. 

“Engagement helps build loyalty among followers, which is invaluable because they will stick around even if you’re not producing content at all times.”

Dr. Linnea also shares that having an open mind to new ideas helped her as a content creator. She experiments by trying new things and keeping her eyes open for trends and opportunities. 

Balancing Her Roles As a Doctor and Content Creator

Aside from being a doctor and content creator, Dr. Linnea is also a mother of four. Juggling different roles is no longer new to her, so she understands the struggles but also sees the good. She explains, “That’s also one of the great things about pursuing passions — you find ways to make them work.”

Dr. Linnea balances different roles by focusing on her “why.” By identifying her purpose, she’s reminded of why she started this journey in the first place. It also helps her keep an eye on her ultimate goal. 

Dr. Linnea also avoids focusing too much on perfection. For her, getting caught up in perfectionism can lead to procrastination as people wait for something to be perfect before they share it. She adds, “One thing that has helped me is thinking more positively to reframe what perfection means. Instead of striving for perfection, focus on improvement.”

Working with and thinking as a team also made it easier for Dr. Linea to wear different hats at the same time. She believes in the proverb, “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together,” and is always on the lookout for strategies to maximize her team’s capacities.

Additionally, Dr. Linnea doesn’t hesitate to invest resources to help her team do better and complete more fulfilling tasks. She’s also willing to have someone step in and help her complete certain tasks.

Collabs and Partnerships

Dr. Linnea shares that she plans to pursue collaborations and partnerships that help expand her reach and impact. She has yet to start working with other brands due to time constraints.

But she assures us that brand collabs and partnerships are already in the works. She mentions, “My intention is to explore collaborations and partnerships that focus on how the nervous system regulates body processes. My goal is to raise awareness about this topic through media and podcast interviews.”

Her Approach to Creating Content That’s Informative and Engaging

Learning about the nervous system is important. But not everyone has the interest, as many online resources are too complex or scientific. This makes it difficult for the average person to learn and digest the topic. 

Dr. Linnea understands this status quo and has a unique approach to creating content. 

“I focus on having a strong voice and writing conversationally to ensure that everyone I reach can understand quickly and accurately what I’m trying to communicate without feeling overwhelmed or frustrated by overly-complex sentence structures. I make sure to maintain clarity throughout every sentence, so readers will stick with it until the end. Otherwise, they might miss out on some really beneficial information.”

To achieve this goal, Dr. Linnea focuses on making information practical and easy to understand, regardless of the readers’ knowledge level. She breaks down complex topics into easy-to-digest chunks and provides guidance using real-life examples or scenarios. 

Biggest Challenges As a Content Creator in the Field of Nervous System Regulation

One of Dr. Linnea’s biggest challenges as a content creator is letting people understand that there’s no one-size-fits-all approach. She says, “Each person’s experience with nervous system dysregulation may differ depending on their bodies, needs, and other circumstances.”

Dr. Linnea also added that people tend to look for quick wins that need little effort. This often misleads people, thinking they can get simple answers to anything, including questions about their nervous systems. 

Dr. Linnea clears out this misconception by explaining, “In reality, these [nervous system dysregulations] are complex topics, and so there are often complex answers and nuances that are difficult to convey on social media. Moreover, healing dysregulation is actually a long-term commitment, not a quick fix.”

In short, learning about nervous system regulation is a process. It’s the opposite of what people often see on social media, which is instant gratification. Thankfully, Dr. Linnea has a community where people can learn this early on. 

Staying Up to Date With Research and Development on Nervous System Regulation

Nervous system regulation is an evolving field as constant research leads to developments. When asked how she’s able to keep up with the changes in her chosen niche, she mentions her efforts and the hard work her team puts into the process.

“I constantly read scientific articles and books published by top scientists in the field. I take part in cutting-edge training as often as I can. I also have a fantastic team of professionals and researchers leading a large part of our programs now.”

How Dr. Linnea Evolved as a Content Creator

Dr. Linnea has come a long way in her career as a content creator. She now uses the connection she has with her audience to create high-quality content tailored-fit to their needs and interests. 

“I believe that listening to and engaging with my audience is the key to success when it comes to evolving my content. I take into account questions they may be asking or topics that interest them and then adjust my approach accordingly.”

For Dr. Linnea, this strategy improves her content creation process and helps her stay up-to-date as trends in the digital world change. 

Dr. Linnea has developed systems for measuring engagement using different metrics, like website visits and blog comments. As a result, she can determine which topics resonate best with readers. She also uses that information for future content creation plans. 

Dr. Linnea’s Creative Process in Developing New Content

Dr. Linnea’s content creation process begins by identifying the needs of her audience and how she can meet those needs. She also uses feedback from her previous content to make better ones moving forward. 

“I review the feedback they have given me on past projects—what was successful and what could be improved? This helps me form a clear picture of where gaps exist in the knowledge base and what content might be most useful for them.”

Once all these pieces of information are ready, she proceeds by brainstorming ideas. One crucial part of this process is looking at an idea from a different perspective. This way, Dr. Linnea’s content appeals to a broad range of people or caters to specific interests if needed. 

She researches possible topics by looking into current research trends and data from surveys and industry reports. Dr. Linnea adds, “This helps shape my opinion on what’s the best approach to creating something meaningful and impactful for my audience.”

After settling on an idea for her content, she outlines and writes based on the key points she researched. This process requires a lot of time to ensure that points flow naturally and information is conveyed in a clear, easy-to-understand manner. Dr. Linnea avoids overwhelming her readers with unnecessary details or jargon-heavy content. 

Before publishing content, Dr. Linnea double-checks information to ensure accuracy. She also cites resources when needed. And while the internet provides unlimited information, Dr. Linnea still takes the traditional route of acquiring information: reaching out to experts.

“It’s always wise not only to rely on online resources but also to explore talking with experts in similar fields. Their opinions provide invaluable insight into what kind of material works best based on the industry standards.”

Measuring the Impact of her Content

“The top metric I look at is engagement. I track metrics such as views, reach, and click-throughs that can show how people interact with your content and where improvements may be needed.”

Dr. Linnea also assesses the type of engagement each post receives (if it’s shares or likes), as this helps her gain insight into how her audience reacts to each post or what topic generates more interest. 

Dr. Linnea also uses social media to build and expand her email list. She adds, “We put a lot of effort into keeping our list engaged and happy with exclusive content.”

Advice for Aspiring Content Creators

For anyone interested in creating content about nervous system regulation or other similar topics, Dr. Linnea has this advice:

“The most important thing in building a loyal audience is to listen to your followers and understand their language. Then find your own voice, your own message to answer them. Finding that sweet spot between your message and their language is the secret hidden in plain sight when it comes to growing your audience.”

But even with this recipe, Dr. Linnea tells us that “getting there” doesn’t happen overnight; it takes a lot of time. 

Future Plans

Dr. Linnea believes in overplanning. So instead of having everything figured out, she chooses to take one day at a time and not overthink. “I’d love to be able to add one more platform this year, so I’d say that’s my plan right now.”

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