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Influencer Brittanie Lynn on Handling Hate Online & The Ever-Changing TikTok Algorithm


Influencer Brittanie Lynn On Handling Hate Online & The Ever-Changing TikTok Algorithm

Brittanie Lynn is a makeup, travel, and lifestyle influencer making content for TikTok and Instagram. Until a few years ago, she wasn’t a big social media person, but like many, she began posting on TikTok during the pandemic out of boredom. She continued working in the healthcare field during COVID but eventually quit after an outbreak in her facility forced her to stay away from her children.

Brittanie’s Social Media Journey

Brittanie Lynn’s first viral hit was a quick video she threw together of her and her fiancée, which took her from 60,000 followers to 150,000 TikTok followers. From there, Brittanie shared more about their relationship and prank war content, growing her account to 250,000 followers.  


Today would have been three years with you. Even though our time was cut short i am forever thankful for the time i got with you. In that time you showed me what a relationship should be and how I deserved to be loved. I cant wait for you to show me around ❤️

♬ Show Me Around – Carly Pearce

In March 2021, her fiancée passed away in a car accident, making worldwide news. The news around her fiancée’s accident grew Brittanie’s account quickly, and brands began contacting her. 

Brittanie says, “My page just blew up for all the wrong reasons. At that point, I had companies reaching out to me. A few months later, I started responding to the brand deals and everything so that I could be home more, travel more, and do the things that I love to do.”

While the last few years have been difficult for Brittanie, she shared that she has grown a lot and learned to have thicker skin with unkind people online. She has also expanded into creating content for other platforms, like Instagram

One of the biggest opportunities she’s had as an influencer was working as an affiliate through the beauty brand JustBreCause. This relationship eventually led her to launch her makeup line through the company.

Handling Hate Online

Unfortunately, every creator experiences hate online. For Brittanie, dealing with hate was particularly difficult because she lives in a quiet town in Maine where people are generally kind to each other. 

She shares, “There’s always going to be people that aren’t so pleasant, and it’s just a learning process… I had to learn how to respond differently because I was never big on social media or anything like that. When all the hate started coming, it was after my fiancée passed away.”

This devasting timing hit hard because Brittanie was already grieving. 

At this time, she would respond to hate comments more aggressively. Now, she’s learned that killing haters with kindness is the best approach, and it’s not worth letting them ruin her personal peace. 

Brittanie’s Niche

Brittanie creates content on various lifestyle topics, including makeup, fashion, and mental health. Additionally, she is open about her grief over losing her fiancée because many of her followers were on their grief journey when they found her platform. 

She also loves hopping on transition trends. 

Brittanie says, “I like turning trending sounds that aren’t normally used for transitions, like dance trends, because I can’t dance. I have no rhythm whatsoever – props to all the people that can dance. It’s not for me. I’ll turn the trending dance sounds into transition sounds as well.”

In addition to her open and honest content, Brittanie loves interacting with her audience on lives. She typically sets aside two and a half hours to do her makeup and hair while she hangs out with her followers and responds to their comments. 

@brittanielynnnn I forgot to respond to a comment but here yall go 🥰 #hair ♬ original sound – Brittanie Lynn

The TikTok Algorithm

When Brittanie started posting on TikTok, she felt she could figure out the algorithm more easily. Nowadays, the algorithm is more complex. 

She shares, “They’re stepping up their game with their editing and everything that you can do on the app, so I no longer have to use CapCut and TikTok. I can do everything on TikTok, which is nice. Honestly, I am behind with the social media aspect of things. I barely know how to work Instagram. I’ll go on there and post my stuff, but that’s really it. My boss had to call me and walk me through doing collabs on Instagram.”

One of the ways that Brittanie assesses the TikTok algorithm is by paying close attention to what is going viral on TikTok. She pays particular attention to whether videos use hashtags or not. 

ClicksTalent Agency

Brittanie is signed with ClicksTalent Agency, which she shares has been an excellent experience. 

Previously, she hadn’t worked with a manager, but she loves having a lot of admin and brand deal work taken off her shoulders.

She explains, “I did luck out with brand deals prior [to working with ClicksTalent Agency], but there’s been a couple where it was so stressful. I didn’t want to deal with talking to these brands and going through this and having to chase them for payment or anything like that. ClicksTalent has been so good.”

ClicksTalent Agency has significantly reduced Brittanie’s stress around brand deals by giving her the information she needs, like how much a deal will pay and what’s required, but handling the other details and negotiations for her. 

@brittanielynnnn @Chris✨🌈Marie_1988 you can stop harrassing me now 😏🔥 #challenge ♬ UNHOLY X PONY BY ALTÉGO – ALTÉGO

Brittanie’s Approach to Brand Deals

Brittanie is selective about what brands she works with, sharing that she has no problem turning down any brands she doesn’t wholeheartedly stand behind. 

For example, if a brand sends her a product to try out and it breaks easily, she won’t do a brand deal with them because she is putting her name on that product. 

Her followers trust her opinions, and she doesn’t take that lightly.

Brittanie also shares weight loss content and is brutally honest about products that claim to help you lose weight. She reminds her audience that expensive products don’t always mean results and that working out and eating healthy foods is much more critical. 

She says, “This [product] is fantastic to add, and you do lose weight with it, but you also have to put in the effort. It’s not a magical potion, and it’s expensive. I don’t want them to spend $200 a month on something that won’t work.”

Brittanie’s brand includes being brutally honest during brand deals and reviews, which she plans to hold true to by standing wholeheartedly behind anything she promotes. 

Influencer Brittanie Lynn On Handling Hate Online & The Ever-Changing TikTok Algorithm

The Future of Influencer Marketing

Since COVID, Brittanie has noticed that influencer marketing has become many brands’ primary marketing strategy.

She explains, “Everybody is now on social media, and that’s where everybody does all their shopping. That’s why they have TikTok and Instagram shops because small and large businesses rely on influencers to sell their products. I feel like it’s just going to evolve from that.”

As the market becomes more saturated, Brittanie has noticed that some brands seemingly work with so many influencers that it’s hard to find brands that don’t work with everybody else already. 

She is sometimes nervous about taking brands like this on because she never wants to jeopardize her audience’s trust. 

“One bad product can completely ruin it for you. I feel like people lose sight of that because they just see they’re getting paid to promote this. Even if they offer you $5,000 to promote a product, you’re setting yourself up for failure.”

As for her future, Brittanie is actively working on more products for her makeup line with JustBreCause, specifically eyeshadow palettes. She is also expanding the brand, starting with more skincare and makeup products. 

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