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What Is The Most Disliked Video On Youtube


What Is The Most Disliked Video On Youtube?

The top 5 most disliked videos on Youtube. 

Have you ever wondered what the most disliked video on Youtube is?

In this article, we will be taking a look at some of the most disliked videos on Youtube since 2021. In December 2021, Youtube deactivated the ability to see the number of dislikes. So, while you are still able to dislike a video, the dislike view is hidden from view for the public. 

Most Disliked Youtube Videos 

  1. “YouTube Rewind 2018: Everyone Controls Rewind”
What Is The Most Disliked Video On Youtube?

The most disliked video on Youtube was posted by Youtube itself.  Posted on December 6th, 2018, the video currently has over 200 million views. There is a dislike ratio of 19 million dislikes to 3 million likes. 

What is the video about?

Youtube Rewind is an annual video that Youtube creates each year to celebrate creators on the platform, as well as to showcase all of the great moments from the year. In 2018, the video starred creators such as Ninja, and Lele Pons, and even actors such as Will Smith.

Why was Youtube Rewind 2018 so disliked? 

The reception of the video was poor due to Youtube being seen as “out of touch” and pushing an unrealistic version of Youtube to corporate advertisers. Although the video was meant to celebrate a diverse set of creators and the year 2018, the video is now the most disliked video in history. 

  1. “Baby Shark Dance”

This video was posted on June 18th, 2016, and has over 12 billion views. It is also the most viewed video on Youtube. The video was posted by PinkFong, a children’s music channel. It has 14 million dislikes and over 40 million likes. 

What is the video about?

The Baby Shark Dance is a video showcasing the song “Baby Shark.”

Why does Baby Shark have so many views and dislikes? 

Some theories are that since the video is made for children, children will often be replaying the video multiple times, therefore pushing up the number of views it receives. The song is also generally received poorly by adults, with many claiming the song is annoying and repetitive. 

  1. “Sadak 2 Trailer”

The third most disliked video on Youtube is the Sadak 2 official trailer, posted in August 2020. The video currently has over 81 million views, 740,000 likes, and nearly 13.6 million dislikes. That means there are over 94% dislikes on the video. 

What is the video about?

The Sadak 2 Trailer is a trailer for the 2020 Indian film Sadak 2 that was released in August 2020 on Disney+ in India and in theatres in the United States. The film is a sequel to the first film that was released 20 years prior. 

Why is the Sadak 2 trailer so disliked? 

The reason the Sadak 2 trailer became so disliked was due to the fact that there was a boycott of the film. After the suspicious death of one of the main actors,  Sushant Singh Rajput, many believe that the actor was mistreated on the set and the working conditions led him to take his own life. Within one week, the video became the second most disliked video on Youtube, though has since been passed by Baby Shark. 

  1. “Baby” by Justin Bieber ft. Ludacris

The 4th most disliked video on Youtube is the music video for “Baby” by Justin Bieber. The video was posted on February 19th, 2010, and is the oldest most disliked video. The video currently has over 2.9 billion views, with a like-and-dislike ratio of 22 million likes to 12 million dislikes. 

What is the video about?

The video showcases Justin Bieber’s hit song “Baby” and features the Canadian singer himself, as well as Ludacris. This was Bieber’s first song to hit the charts and is what skyrocketed him to success. 

Why is Baby so disliked?

When the song first came out in 2010, Bieber was hit with criticism for the song and quickly became the subject of mass amounts of online hate and mockery. Despite this, the song became very popular and the singer is still popular to this day. 

  1. “Johny Johny Yes Papa

This children’s video has  1 billion views and has 11 million dislikes to 3.5 million likes. It was posted in 2016 by LooLooKids.

Why is the video so disliked? 

The video sparked mass amounts of attention due to a clip of the song going viral on Twitter making fun of the song for its poor quality. 

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