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Next-Level Content Creation With Canadian Comedian Brian Herzog


Canadian Comedian Brian Herzog: Next-Level Content Creation

Finding the right content for your audience can be a tedious process. While some creators focus only on what they believe in, others test and tweak to find a content strategy that mixes their creative energy with the interests of their audience. Today, we sit down with Canada’s very own Brian Herzog, a creator who has recently gained massive nationwide attention for creating relatable content.

Many elements play into Brian’s recent upward spiral, so read along as we learn more about his creative career and what it took to reach the level of influence he enjoys today. 

Who is Brian Herzog? 

Next-Level Content Creation With Canadian Comedian Brian Herzog 

(Photographer: David Leyes)

A working comedian with over ten years of experience, Brian Herzog, once an underrated creator, is now a Canadian comedy visionary who has garnered much attention with relatable TikTok skits like the ‘Welcome to Canada’ video. 

When we asked him who he was off camera, he replied humbly, “I’m an introverted goofball who likes to make people laugh. I can be the life of the party, but generally, I’m the quiet thinker.”

Brian Herzog describes his content to be well-thought-out and communicated, telling us, “I like to take my time and incorporate relatable elements, and work to make the videos as impactful and long-living as possible.” 

What Does It Mean To Be A Constructive Comedian?


Baby Name Officiator – Maybe there needs to be a person in the hospital helping choose names , so we don’t have too many of the same out there. I dunno, consider this the random / obscure video of the week 😂 – #comedy #babynames #satire #funnyvideos #names #baby #relatable

♬ original sound – Herzy1000

“I created ConstructiveComedy as a brand to build something bigger than me as an individual. The name comes from constructive criticism. A content structure that is clear, direct, and very honest, like the recent POVs of everyday life situations.”

“A ‘constructive comedian’ tries to bring something new and fresh to the table and always aims for an overall positive outcome.”

Brian’s online content stands out using an imaginative, humorous, and concise format that makes it more personal and engaging. 

What Does Your Creative Process Look Like? 

“Most of my ideas come from real-life interactions, and then the scripts build in my head over time. A lot happens between 1-3 am when I should be asleep. When I’m shooting a video, I like to let loose and ‘find the funny’. It could take me a minute or much, much longer.”

Brian Herzog explains that his creative process isn’t limited to a specific timeframe. You can improvise a video or give the idea time to reach its full creative potential. A short video idea can stay marinating for weeks before being brought to life.

Do You Have Professionals Working With You? 

Next-Level Content Creation With Canadian Comedian Brian Herzog 

(Photographer: David Leyes)

After watching some of Brian’s videos, we also touched on the topic of whether or not it’s all a one-man job or if there’s a creative team behind the flawless content.

Brian Herzog answers, “I’m usually a ‘one-man band.’ My brain seems to function better when I’m doing multiple jobs simultaneously. Working on your own can be very limiting, though, so it’s nice to have a team to help execute a grander vision.” 

Despite his exceptional solo work, Brian isn’t oblivious to the fact that he needs to outsource and collaborate with like-minded creatives to scale and expand. 

He wraps up his answer with, “It’s hard for me to imagine someone else editing the videos, but I’d like to bring someone on board soon to help in various areas so I can be more efficient with my time. I’m still figuring this whole thing out, and I’m in no rush”.

How Long Have You Been Creating Content, and What Inspired You To Start? 

“I’ve been at it for a long time, but only in the last year have I remained consistent and taken it seriously, which is why I’m starting to see results.” 

“I’ve always loved sketch comedy shows, so creating online comedy is an extension of my admiration for the arts. Time flies, and now I’m at the stage of transforming my passion into something greater.” 

Brian Herzog elaborates that even with doubling down on creative efforts, content creation still doesn’t feel like work to him and that no video or skit is ever a forced process. 

Is There a Strategy that Makes Your Content Appeal To The Masses? 


Canada be like … #satire – Things feel different now . Not everything I’m saying is true, of course, but this is how it feels sometimes . Are we a strong country with strong leaders? – #comedy #relatable #funny #funnyvideos #canada #canada🇨🇦 #country #family #travel

♬ O Canada – Canada – Ian Post

“Choosing a broadly relatable topic,” he quickly answers. “My main shift of focus this year was to make it easy for people to ‘like, comment, and share.’ If they can see themselves or their own experiences in your work, you’ll reach a larger audience.” 

“The recent feature in Narcity Canada was unexpected and greatly appreciated. It showed me that I’m moving in the right direction”.

The shift from creating what he perceives as amusing to content that inspires more opinions and comments drastically changed the overall performance of his work. By incorporating his constructively relatable strategies, viewers have more than one reason to engage with the videos, not only because it’s funny. 

What is Your Ultimate Objective as A Creator? 

“To make whatever I wanna make and have people love it.” I’m just focusing on small goals right now. To Gain traction online, and then dream big when the foundation is built”. “I like to keep the larger goals to myself until the time is right.”

Shifting on to bigger things, there are endless possibilities on how smooth and rewardful his creative journey will be from here. Approached by agencies and brands with quality deals, Brian tells us he’s excited about what’s yet to come. 

What Tips of Advice Do You Have For Aspiring Creators? 

“Stay consistent. Do the work. Figure it out.”

“You have to constantly re-evaluate what you’re doing. If something isn’t working, look for outside opinions, and be open to receiving constructive feedback”. 

“When it comes to consistency, think about it like this: You won’t have water blasting out the well if you only pump it once a week. Don’t quote me on that.”

Brian’s story is a lesson of patience, persistence, and adaptability. Aiming for content that resonates with a larger demographic and learning the ins and outs of video production were the main factors that have served him as a one-man comedic company. 

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