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10 Best Blogs and Resources for Moms Living in Canada


Top 10 Blogs and Resources for Moms in Canada

If you’re a mom living in Canada, there are tons of blogs and resources out there to help you with everything that comes with parenting. 

As a mother, you’re faced with making complex decisions every day that go far beyond the basics. Blogs can be a huge resource which can assist and influence you in your day to day chores and decisions.  

Blogs can give you advice on how to handle problems like finding time for yourself, dealing with your partner’s schedule, and maintaining your house.

Bloggers are not only providers of information; they’re also people just like you who experimented and figured out practical solutions to problems. 

Our team of researchers analyzed the motivations behind the behavior of Canadian moms online, and we found that moms are passionate about blogs run by other moms like them. 

Check out these stats. 64% of them search for information on parenting,  58% on lifestyle, and 54% on entertainment. 

If you’re a mom in Canada, it’s probably a little bit easier to get information and support from other moms, because of the vast variety of Canadian mom bloggers.

Check out some of the most famous and trustable mom blogs across different verticals that you can bookmark. 

1)  Simply Stacie:

10 Best Blogs and Resources for Moms Living in Canada

Simply Stacie blogs about recipes, craft ideas, household tips, seasonal celebrations, and exciting local events particularly for Canadian moms. 

She has more than 350K followers on her Facebook account and she posts almost once every week.  

2)  Ottawa Mommy Club:

10 Best Blogs and Resources for Moms Living in Canada

Ottawa Mommy Club is one of the most informative websites in Canada. It’s a great place for Canadian moms to get useful tips and local information about their kids. 

The website is a great source for new parents that are still discovering their parenting skills. It has almost 14.7K followers on its Facebook account and it posts once a day. 

3)  Rebekah Higgs:

10 Best Blogs and Resources for Moms Living in Canada

Rebekah Higgs is the woman of the phrase “If you can dream it, you can do it.”  When she was thirty-three years old she was featured on the popular home renovation show, “Love It or List It”. The show exposed her talents to the country and so she decided to start her own blog, DIY Mom. 

Rebekah shares tips and tricks for other single mothers like herself who are looking for help in decor ideas, renovations and budget.

4)  Today’s Parent:

10 Best Blogs and Resources for Moms Living in Canada

Today’s Parent is a Canadian parenting blog, tailored to Canadian moms who want advice on pregnancy and all aspects of raising a child from birth and onwards. 

It covers subjects like child discipline and meal planning, as well as how to handle common problems like sleep troubles and toilet training. The articles are updated by experts 6 times a month. 

5)  Educhatter:

10 Best Blogs and Resources for Moms Living in Canada

Paul Bennett, the owner of Educhatter, started Schoolhouse Consulting in 2009, with a focus on educational policy research and commentary, as well as consulting. 

Educhatter consists of two parts: Educhatter News and Educhatter Blog: 

The news section on the site consists of short articles about every day updates and happenings about Education in Canada. 

The Blog consists of application based informative posts related to Education that are mostly driven by opinions and ideas of the locals, especially for Canadian moms.

6)  BC Parent News Magazine:

10 Best Blogs and Resources for Moms Living in Canada

BC Parent News Magazine is the lower mainland’s original and most trusted resource for local families. Every issue is packed with inspiring, informative, and helpful articles covering every aspect of being a parent. 

From an overview of the provincial system to stories about life with special needs children; from parenting tips to interviews with inspirational women; and from reviews of new toys to contests for kids—this magazine has it all. 

It is the best choice for Canadian moms looking to stay connected to what’s happening around them, whether they’re new to town or raising their children there. 

7) The Recipe Rebel:

10 Best Blogs and Resources for Moms Living in Canada

The Recipe Rebel is a food blog that focuses on healthy and family-friendly recipes. It was started by Ashley Fehr, a Canadian home cook who was tired of eating bland and boring meals while she was trying to lose her baby weight. 

She started blogging to give herself an outlet for creative cooking, and to share this passion with the world. In addition to traditional recipes, The Recipe Rebel also features crafts for kids, meal planning tips, and general lifestyle advice for busy Canadian moms.

8)  City Parent:

10 Best Blogs and Resources for Moms Living in Canada

City Parent is Canada’s largest regional parenting publication. It has the best tips and products to make your everyday life easier. 

It offers advice, trends, products, and events for parents living in the city. The blog is updated 4 times per month with parenting advice and tips, and also broadcasts breaking news, stories on parenting trends, and reviews of new products as they become available to the public.

City Parent has a large social media presence and they also have a regular print publication.

9) Feldstein Family Law Group Blog:

10 Best Blogs and Resources for Moms Living in Canada

Feldstein family writes blogs regarding family law and divorce in Canada, helpful for individuals thinking about beginning the divorce or separation process or who has recently separated. 

Their blogs discuss topics such as division of assets, child custody issues, spousal support, marriage breakdowns, common mistakes made in divorce proceedings, and more. 

They also provide a list of resources for people facing various legal issues pertaining to divorce and separation that they hope will be helpful in Canada.

10. ParentsCanada:

10 Best Blogs and Resources for Moms Living in Canada

ParentsCanada is the one stop parenting destination for Canadian moms. Its mission is to “inspire, equip, and empower Canadian families.” 

The best part is that the website includes some of the topics which are considered taboo and discussing or talking about them even with your partner becomes a bit awkward.

For example, check out the conversation posted on the site between a doctor (Dr Marla) and a mother whose son is concerned about the size of his genitals.

Issues like these make parenting hard. Some parents need content that’s been vetted, and some need answers to questions given by experts. And blogs like these make parenting better and easier. 

This is one of the important reasons ParentsCanada has a lot of social media influence. On facebook they have 16.5K followers.

Final Words

Blogs can be important sources of information for mothers, because they come from real people, just like you and me. You can connect with these bloggers via mail or message, like you connect and meet friends! 

They can help you understand what other moms are going through, which can help you feel less alone in your struggles and more confident in how to handle them.

You also get a variety of viewpoints on an issue affecting you directly or indirectly and some blogs even allow you to share your side of the story.

And most importantly, they’re just fun to read! 

Check out the blogs reviewed by us in the article and let us know which ones you find the most resourceful. 

Do message us if you come across another great blog or resource for Canadian moms. We will include it in our list. 

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