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The Best Barbie Parnerships


The Best Barbie Partnerships

This Barbie is an influencer! 

Chances are, you’ve probably noticed a lot of pink marketing lately. That’s because with the release of the new Barbie movie, Mattel and Warner Brothers have launched the marketing campaign of the summer, with even Burger King launching a pink burger for a limited amount of time.

According to public copyright records, there has been an increase of over 2,000 registrations for dolls, games, songs, and more for Barbie. 

Influencers are the lifeblood of these campaigns and have helped push this marketing strategy to the next level. 

So what have been the best Barbie sponsorships so far?

The Best Barbie Partnerships

  1. Barbie Dreamhouse Airbnb
The Best Barbie Partnerships

This Malibu mansion is allowing influencers to spend the night in the pinkest house in the neighborhood. 

In this EliteDaily TikTok, the brand tours the house and shows off some of the most luxurious amenities of the house, including a waterslide, a pool, outdoor lounge, and more. The experience was free of charge, allowing influencers to experience Barbie and Ken’s life up close and personal.

Lauren Godwin was one of the most popular influencers to visit the Malibu Barbie Dreamhouse. Godwin has over 22 million followers on TikTok and a combination of 2 billion likes. 

The Best Barbie Partnerships

In her TikTok video exploring the house, Godwin explains how “bougie” Barbie and Ken are in the one-bedroom estate. 

This sponsorship not only brought mass attention to the Airbnb brand, (which has been under fire recently as more and more people are choosing to forego Airbnb in exchange for hotels or independent holiday rentals), but 

  1. NYX Barbie Collection

NYX is an American cosmetics company and is one of the most popular makeup brands across the globe. NYX is no stranger to collaborations and special collections, so the Barbie partnership was a no-brainer. 

On Instagram, the official NYX cosmetics account has over 14 million followers. They consistently recieve hundreds of thousands of views on their reels, and are one of the most popular makeup brands.

Below are some of the products available in this exclusive collection. Click on the photo to see all the products available on NYX’s site.

The Best Barbie Partnerships

Some of the hottest makeup artists and influencers were a part of this campaign, including Sydney Bell, an Emmy-winning model with over 260,000 Instagram followers. 

The Best Barbie Partnerships

Another influencer that had a viral video in this campaign is Thuy Le, a British fashion influencer with over 2 million followers. 

NYX’s Instagram page even showed the Barbie movie’s director, Greta Gerwig, using some of the products on the red carpetclick here to watch the video! 

Several of the Barbie campaign videos on NYX’s Instagram have over 300,000 views, with some even reaching to over a million views. 

One of the best parts of NYX’s Barbie campaign is that they reached out to smaller makeup artists and micro-influencers to show off their products. 

Not only does this show that their makeup is affordable and accessible to everyone, but NYX proves that you can have high-quality products that both celebrities and non-influencers will enjoy.

NYX even participated in a project with Save The Children, a nonprofit organization that helps children around the world in multiple humanitarian causes.

The Best Barbie Partnerships

By using the official Barbie filter on Instagram and tagging NYX, you will be helping out the charity as well as bringing awareness to the film and the product launch. 

This is by far one of the most popular Barbie sponsorships that has come out of this current marketing campaign. 

  1. Boohoo 

Another famous brand known for its popular collaborations, Boohoo, the online fashion empire that has taken the Internet by storm in the last few years, has one of the most diverse Barbie collections ever, with their sizes ranging from Double Zero to 24. 

Boohoo is a British fashion empire that was founded in 2006, aiming at an audience of girls from 16-30. The company currently has an annual networth of over 45 million GBP.

The Best Barbie Partnerships

Boohoo has over 12 million Instagram followers and are constantly posting with the hottest new influencers, as well as celebrities, as they promote their collaborations 

The Best Barbie Partnerships

In this product photo, you can see influencer, actress and model Cinthy Carmona show off her all pink Barbie attire in a fashion shoot for the brand. Cinthy has 350,000 Instagram followers and this photoset from Boohoo received over 100,000 likes. 

Lana Jenkins can be seen modeling the official Barbie x Boohoo sweatshirt on Boohoo’s official Instagram.

The Best Barbie Partnerships

For all of the Boohoo x Barbie collection, you can visit their site by clicking on the photo below.

The Best Barbie Partnerships

  1. MeUndies

Another brand that is no stranger to influencer collaborations and sponsorships, MeUndies is an inclusive underwear brand that strives to help women feel more confident in their bodies with sustainable fabric and practices. 

Each year, MeUndies partners with local and global charities to help give back to the community, as well as promising that all of their products are made with the most sustainable practices possible. 

The Best Barbie Partnerships

So, this is a perfect brand to team up with Barbie and allow for everyone to show off their true selves. 

In this product launch, the models can be seen in pink and blue matching sets. These sets are perfect for both men and women, as well as gender-neutral options as well. 

The Best Barbie Partnerships

MeUndies has previously been the sponsor of several influencers, Youtubers, and podcasters, including The No Sleep Podcast, a horror fiction podcast hosted by David Cummings, and Tyler Oakley a wildly popular Youtuber who specializes in comedy and popular culture.

  1. Aldo Shoes

No outfit would be complete without the shoes. The last of the collaberations on this list, Aldo Shoes have multiple pink, sparkly, and perfectly Barbie shows in their latest collection.

Aldo Shoes currently have nearly 4 million followers on Instagram, and their Barbie collection reels have gained millions of views. 

The Best Barbie Partnerships

In one of the more popular reels, influencer and model Kristy Sarah unboxes her Aldo x Barbie shoes and accessories with her husband.

The video has over 16 million views and is one of Aldo’s most popular videos ever.

Click here to watch the video! 

Another popular video from the Barbie collection shows Samantha Jade Duran, a micro-influencer who specalizes in content about disabilities and how companies can become more accessible to this community.

This video showcases Duran showing off her Barbie heels and how to style the shoes with multiple different outfits. 

Aldo is also known for having partnerships with several different brands, such as an ongoing collaboration with Disney. However, this Barbie partnership has proven to be one of their most popular ever, with the company already restocking the heels dozens of times in the past few weeks.

Runner Ups

What are the runner-ups for the best Barbie Collabs?

  1. Barbie x Burger King – Who wouldn’t want a pink burger?
The Best Barbie Partnerships
  1. Barbie x Crocs. Who wouldn’t want to be comfortable and wear the color of the summer?
The Best Barbie Partnerships
  1. Forever21 x Barbie. Another company that is no stranger to partnerships, you can find fun and classy pieces in this collab. 
The Best Barbie Partnerships

Which Barbie collaberation is your favorite? Remember, a lot of these partnerships are for a limited time, so if you’re interested in any of these products or experiences, you better act quick. And if you’re an influencer looking to cash in on these Barbie brand deals, now is the time to reach out and make sure you’re getting in on this trend before it’s too late!

What collaborations do you want to hear about next? Let us know down below.

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