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What Does Archive Mean On Instagram


What Does Archive Mean On Instagram?

Online slang terms for digital content creators and influencers

If you are new to creating content online, you may be wondering about some of the tools that Instagram offers to creators on the platform.

One of those tools is the archive button. 

What Does Archive Mean On Instagram?

What does archive mean?

When you archive a post on Instagram, you are hiding the post from public view. If you are unsure about a post but don’t want to delete it permanently, archiving is a great way to temporarily hide posts. 

The official definition of archive is a collection of historical records or materials. Many social media platforms don’t offer the ability to archive posts. Twitter, for example, is one platform that if you delete a Tweet, the Tweet will disappear forever.  

How to Archive a Post on Instagram

How do you archive a post on Instagram?

Archiving a post is easy and best of all, temporary. Perhaps you are launching a new product and want the option to hide the rest of your posts so that the focus can be on your new launch. Simply go to the post that you want to archive and click the three buttons at the top of the photo.

You will see the options listed below. 

In addition to archiving a post, you can also edit, hide the like count, pin the post to your profile, or permanently delete the post.

What Does Archive Mean On Instagram?

When you hit the archive, there is no warning that the photo will disappear from your profile – but don’t worry, below we will show you how to access your archived posts!

How do you see your archived posts?

You can view all your archived posts by visiting your profile. Click on the three lines at the top right of your profile, and choose archive.

What Does Archive Mean On Instagram?

When you visit your archive, you will first see all of your story archives. 

These are all the stories you have posted on your account, whether or not you have saved them to your highlights.

The stories will be organized in chronological order.  There will also be the option to post memories on your story on the anniversary of you posting the story.

To view posts instead of stories, you must click the stories at the top of the page, as seen below.

What Does Archive Mean On Instagram?

You can also view posts and your past live streams. 

Instagram also gives the option to view your past stories through a calendar, or by location through a map. 

If you post a lot of stories, this is a great way to see all your past content.

What Does Archive Mean On Instagram?
What Does Archive Mean On Instagram?

How to Un-Archive A Post on Instagram

If you are ready to add a post back to your profile, you’re in the right space. Once you can view all your archived posts, simply click on the three dots at the top of the profile again. 

Benefits of Archiving A Post On Instagram

What are some of the benefits of archiving posts on Instagram?

  1. Posts keep all the likes and comments 

One of the major benefits to archiving posts is that the post won’t lose your likes and comments that you have already accumulated. This means that when you want to temporarily remove something, you won’t lose all the engagement you have received, and will still be counted on your professional dashboard.

  1. If a post is time sensitive, you don’t have to keep it on your profile.

Perhaps you are posting about a sale that is happening this weekend only – you don’t need to keep that up on your profile. This could be confusing to those who have missed the sale. It may be better to just archive it once the sale has finished. 

  1. Instagram doesn’t limit the amount of time your posts stay in the archive. 

Unlike drafts, which Instagram only allows you to keep for a certain amount of time, there is no limit to the amount of posts you can have archived, or how long they can be in the archive for. This is great for digital content creators who have a lot of posts! 

What other digital slang terms would you like to learn about next? Let us know down below. 

What Does Archive Mean On Instagram?

Your options are to show the post on your profile, delete it permanently. Remember, when you delete a photo, there is no getting it back on your profile, so make sure you think it through.

Once you hit the ‘show on your profile’ button, your post will automatically return to your profile.

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