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Controversial Twitch Streamer Teams Up With KSI For An Eye-Catching Business Collab (1)


Controversial Twitch Streamer Teams Up With KSI For An Eye-Catching Business Collab

Twitch streamer Amouranth, known for her entrepreneurial endeavors beyond content creation, has announced a new business collaboration with YouTube personality KSI. 

Amouranth, whose real name is Kaitlyn Siragusa, has built a career on Twitch despite courting controversy due to the nature of some of her content. The platform has banned her eight times, most recently in January 2023 for undisclosed reasons before quickly reinstating her account. However, Siragusa has made it clear she does not solely depend on the streaming platform for income.

In a recent interview with YouTuber Caleb Hammer, Amouranth revealed she is creating her own energy drink and teased a collaboration with KSI on another business matter, hinting at “a lot of fun things on the horizon.” The YouTuber himself is no stranger to business ventures, having co-founded the sports drink company Prime with colleague Logan Paul.

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While Amouranth did not provide specifics on the project with KSI, fans have speculated they could be working on a special Prime flavor together. However, the collaboration may be entirely separate from Prime’s offerings. Amouranth has previous experience in the beverage industry, having worked with brands like G Fuel and The Order of Yoni.

The energy drink market is highly competitive, so Amouranth would likely need to create a unique flavor profile to stand out. She had previously joked about potentially making a “bathwater-flavored” drink, referencing the infamous stunt where she sold jars of her bathwater.

Amouranth and KSI are part of a growing trend of online celebrities translating their influencer status into business opportunities beyond content creation and merchandising. For example, Twitch star Pokimane recently launched Myna Snacks, a healthy cookie brand, while YouTuber Jacksepticeye owns the Top of the Mornin Coffee company.

As details of the KSI-Amouranth collaboration remain secret, the partnership highlights how major influencers are leveraging their platforms and audiences to build entrepreneurial ventures spanning multiple industries and product lines. The mysterious project is one to watch in the evolving creator economy.

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