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Amelia Dimoldenberg The Influencer Behind The Popular Brand Chicken Shop Date


Amelia Dimoldenberg: The Influencer Behind The Popular Brand Chicken Shop Date

No one has been on more dates than Amelia Dimoldenberg who started her popular podcast “Chicken Shop Date” while studying at university. The whole premise for the show consists in Dimoldenberg taking U.K. rappers out for fried chicken and asking them random questions. This concept paired with a dry sense of humor is a match made in heaven, with millions tuning in to her series whenever new content drops.

Over the last couple of years, Dimoldenberg has become an internet sensation, leading to countless red-carpet gigs and the famously awkward Golden Globes interview with Andrew Garfield.

In this article, we’ll be taking a look at everything there is to know about Amelia Dimoldenberg.

Who is Amelia Dimoldenberg?

Amelia Dimoldenberg was born on 30 January 1994, she’s an English comedian, Youtuber, journalist, presenter, and the founder of the popular web series Chicken Shop Date.

In the web series, she interviews musicians, YouTubers, footballers, and other A-list celebs from all over the world. The interviews are filmed in fried chicken restaurants, and Dimoldenberg is mostly known for her deadpan sense of humor, sarcasm, and awkward personality that take center stage in each episode. 

Amelia Dimoldenberg was raised in the City of Westminster, Marylebone where she attended school. Her father is a well-known member of the Labour Party and also part of the Westminster Council. The main subjects she went on to study at school were art, IT, and politics – she later went on to study fashion communication at Saint Martins in London. 

Chicken Shop Date

Originally, the popular web series started as a column penned by Amelia for The Cut. It was during this time that she discovered people’s interest in the grime scene which led her to start interviewing artists within this niche as she wanted to learn more about the music industry as a whole. 

Amelia came up with the idea to stage the interviews as dates in a local fried chicken shop. According to the podcaster, she wanted to pick locations that usually wouldn’t be first on anyone’s list as a date venue. The first episode was filmed and released in 2014, featuring an interview date with MC Guetts. 

Each episode runs for approximately 8 minutes, and Amelia has gone on to describe her character as an exaggeration of her true self, stating that the magic happens during the editing process, where her team cuts and chops to make things seem a lot more awkward. 

The humor of Chicken Shop Date may not be as popular as some of its U.S.-based competitor shows such as Carpool Karaoke and Hot Ones, but it has received rave reviews over the years from journalists and celebrities alike. Many praise the show’s ability to tap into subculture niches and capture audiences across the globe. 

When it comes down to it, the concept is simple yet highly entertaining. Once Amelia Dimoldenberg takes her interviewee to a London fried chicken shop she goes on to spark up a conversation where the questions span from personal and intimate to more generalized, exactly the type of interrogation you’d experience on a first date.

The format manages to come across as informal and awkward, leading to hilarious moments, some of which have gone completely viral. The show seems to take celebs way out of their comfort zone, leaving the highly manicured style of traditional TV interviews, and paving the way for a more raw and uncut style that allows for barrier-breaking and never seen before disclosures. 

The show is one to watch, from the all-star guests to the simple interview format, the team and Amelia have found a formula that works to keep their fanbase happy. 

Chicken Shop Date has mastered social media, with short-form videos of episodes going out on platforms such as TikTok where many a time these posts end up going viral. This is how the show has managed to grow such a fanbase over the years, with audiences resharing content. And while the show could be compared to other chicken-related Youtube series such as The Hot Ones by Sean Evans, it definitely has its own qualities that allow it to stand out from the crowd.

What is Chicken Shop Date’s Podcast Reach?

Nowadays, more and more people are taking an interest in the rap scene, specifically, its sub-niches such as grime. While many newcomers want to better understand the subculture of these scenes and learn about the music, seasoned pros are also interested in hearing what their favorite artists have to say. 

The Chicken Shop Date’s youtube channel has well over 1.8 million subscribers, which has allowed Amelia Dimoldenberg to focus her energy on this project full-time. Most of the videos have over 1 million views, with some of the most popular ones hitting highs of 4 million. 

Dimoldenberg went on to create a merchandise shop for her series that features popular clothing items such as hoodies and t-shirts with the show’s logo, food menus, and funny quotes. 

To get a better idea of what the show is all about, let’s take a closer look at some of the most popular episodes.

Best Chicken Shop Date Episodes:

Nella Rose

In this episode with popular Youtuber Nella Rose, Dimoldenberg brings some of the best comedy. The pair laugh, dance and mix up their sentences during what seemed to be a perfect match and a truly fun-to-watch episode.

Nella Rose is a Youtuber who shot to fame a couple of years ago after one of her videos went viral and became an internet meme. 

Jack Harlow

In this episode, it seems like Harlow and Amelia have great chemistry. With Harlow seemingly coming close to getting Amelia to break character. 

Yet, it’s not hard to be completely charmed by his bad boy persona, banter, and British accent to boot. 

Daniel Kaluuya

In this episode Kaluuya enters the fried chicken shop with his A-game, ready to flirt with the show’s host. Throughout the episode Kaluuya flirts with Amelia, trying his hardest to deflect some of the more personal questions regarding his love life or lack thereof. 

There’s definitely underlying chemistry present, which makes this episode a great watch due to the awkwardness that comes across.

Keke Palmer

In this episode, Amelia catches up with Keke Palmer an American actress and TV personality who rose to fame due to her role on the hit Nickelodeon TV series True Jackson. 

Everything that Palmer says comes across as entertaining, and pairing her with Amelia delivered a hilarious episode. 

The two stars come across as best friends rather than a conventional dynamic of host and interviewee. 

Louis Theroux

Before writing this article, I had no idea that the origin of the iconic 2022 TikTok sound “My money doesn’t jiggle, jiggle” was a Chicken Shop Date episode. 

In this episode, Amelia interviews famous TV broadcaster, journalist, and documentarian Louis Theroux. In the show, Louis goes on to share his now-famous rap jingle in the most wholesome way possible. 

This episode is definitely one to watch.


Last on our roundup of iconic episodes is Amelia’s interview with rapper Aitch. 

In this episode, the two don’t seem to have much chemistry, and the show is somewhat plagued with awkward silences, especially after the host tells Aitch he looks like a prawn. 

Nevertheless, although the interview came across as extremely awkward the two ended up dating in real life, with Dimoldenberg going on to make a star appearance in his music video. Some fans claim that this was a massive PR stunt, although this has never been confirmed or denied. 

When the rapper’s single “Baby” was nominated for the 2023 Song of the Year at the Brit Award, Amelia congratulated the star during his red carpet appearance by greeting him with a box of stuff he’d left at her apartment. 

Some of the shows’ more recent episodes include Flo, Shania Twain, and Central Cee.


Who knows what we can expect to see in the future from Chicken Shop Date but what is plainly obvious is that Amelia Dimoldenberg isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. 

The popular British celeb will most likely continue to churn out incredibly awkward yet entertaining episodes featuring some of the most prolific names in the rap and grime scene. 

If you’re interested in this underground music scene, watching awkward interviews, and learning more about your fave celebs then make sure to check out his Youtube channel. You can find Chicken Shop Date on the following platforms:

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