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Optimizing Facebook Groups For Growth With Content Creator And Productivity Coach Jenae Spry


Optimizing Facebook Groups For Growth With Content Creator And Productivity Coach Jenae Spry

How can entrepreneurs quickly absorb and implement the best systems and tools for success? Content Creator and Productivity Coach Jenae Spry recently launched Productivity Stacks to give entrepreneurs a leg up. Productivity Stacks shares expert articles, tools, interviews, and more, highlighting how successful entrepreneurs get things done.

Productivity Stacks shares information about systems, tools, and people that have helped entrepreneurs create success. 

Content Creator and Productivity Coach Jenae Spry shares, “We’ve launched it to help entrepreneurs by profiling those entrepreneurs who have achieved success and the systems, tools, and people that help them do that so that they can learn from those things and then take action in their own businesses.”

Jenae explains that Productivity Stacks breaks down everything entrepreneurs and business professionals need to increase productivity. This includes information about overcoming challenges and their solutions. Information about specific tools and systems that successful entrepreneurs use to achieve their goals, such as hiring a virtual assistant, is also shared. 

Jenae Spry explains, “The tools range from maybe a CRM, customer relationship management tool, to maybe Quickbooks, or project management tools. For example, we had a real estate agent that came on and shared a lot of really cool industry-specific tools. When I started looking into it, I realized I could use those tools for my business, and I’m nowhere near a real estate agent.”

For example, one of the real-estate agent’s tools was a service that allowed them to mail customers a physical, custom-created gift each quarter for a small fee. This is a perfect way to thank long-time customers, which is a valuable tool for many business owners. 

Optimizing Facebook Groups For Growth With Content Creator And Productivity Coach Jenae Spry

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The Free Doer Entrepreneurs Community

Productivity Stack’s Free Doer Entrepreneurs Community is designed to help entrepreneurs who overdeliver to their customers but underserve their business and themselves with impactful podcasts, videos, and other information-packed content. 

It started as a Facebook group and eventually developed into several private communities. 

The information prioritized within The Free Doer Entrepreneurs Community is actionable and engaging. Many members share interesting approaches to their work. For example, business owners sharing how they use virtual assistants for unique tasks beyond admin work. 

Jenae Spry shares, “Seeing how our successful entrepreneurs have been able to leverage that assistant so that they’re not by themselves having to do everything, and even before they’re really ready to hire full-time, they can get some assistance to take some things off their plate. Seeing that progression and how that success has been built is really cool.”

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Jenae’s Favorite Tools

Jenae’s favorite creator tools are Descript and Canva. Descript is an all-in-one podcast and video editor that allows you to cut up video and transcribe captions easily. Jenae primarily uses Canva to clean up what she produces in Descript. 

Using Descript, Jenae Spry creates audiograms, small snippets of audio from the interviews she conducts with other entrepreneurs. 

Then, she feeds the content to a social media management tool, MeetEdgar, where she schedules her content to post automatically to Instagram, Facebook, and more. One of her favorite MeetEdgar features is that the software recycles her content so it doesn’t get lost. This allows her to repost evergreen content quickly. 

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Maintaining Engagement in Facebook Groups

Jenae Spry shares, “One of the things that people really tend to respond to is authentic connection. So, having gone through some struggles myself over the course of the eight years I’ve really been running Facebook Groups – one of the things that I’ve seen that makes content do well… is sharing a real story that happened either to me or somebody I interviewed.”

She shares that content featuring real stories always performs well, regardless of what the algorithm is favoring. Details like how she or another person overcame a struggle are always inspiring to others. 

For example, Jenae’s garage flooded just days before her honeymoon. Then, she found out that the location for the honeymoon was shut down due to the pandemic, all while she was trying to run her business. 

Her solution for remaining productive during highly stressful periods received a lot of engagement, specifically when she shared her action plan. 

Another way that Jenae maintains engagement in Facebook Groups is through webinars. She always asks the group any questions they may want to be answered during the webinar and invites the presenter into the Facebook Group to start the conversation. 

Jenae Spry explains, “I always invite the presenter into the group so that people can start the conversation, start getting engaged and excited about the webinar. Likewise, during the webinar, we will pull content if there was anything relevant from the group discussions into the webinar.”

By referencing questions in the Facebook Group during the webinar, Jenae creates greater engagement. 

Facebook Group Challenges

The constantly changing algorithm is the biggest challenge of running a successful Facebook Group. Jenae Spry shares that the algorithm has changed dramatically during her eight years running the group. 

However, she shares, “It goes back to creating genuine discussion. That always works and as long as you get a few fans, people that really care about what I specifically have to say, they’re likely going to comment or engage with that. Once they do, it puts the post just a bit in the algorithm for other people to see it.”

Building loyal, long-term relationships within the Facebook Group is essential for creating engagement, even when the algorithm isn’t working in your favor. Jenae Spry always takes time to respond to as many people as possible, further driving engagement and conversation in the group. 

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Expert Articles

In addition to Productivity Stack’s case studies and interviews, Jenae Spry also creates expert articles. Expert articles are guides on various topics, from hiring a virtual assistant for real estate agents to using ChatGPT for graphic designers.

Jenae Spry shares, “No only do we get people thinking about what their options are in our case studies based on what our entrepreneurs say, we then take that information and create actionable articles that really give people a way to implement that advice beyond just purchasing a tool of some sort.”

Productivity Stacks aims to lay the groundwork and blueprint for entrepreneurs working on bootstrapping their businesses to a successful six or seven-figure revenue model. 

Jenae’s biggest piece of advice isFacebook Groups have a lot of potential, especially because they are search engine optimized, meaning that if people are searching for a certain topic, they search on Facebook. One of my groups that’s really growing and doing well right now is called Free ClickUp Templates. ClickUp is an awesome tool, and people who are interested in learning more about how they can leverage ClickUp to the fullest are going to Facebook and typing ClickUp.”

She adds that ensuring your Facebook Group’s title is SEO-optimized is critical to helping your group appear more often in searches. She always approaches Facebook more like a search engine than a social media platform, which allows her to prioritize this tip. 
As for the future, Jenae Spry shares, “We’re just really excited about interviewing as many entrepreneurs as possible. Our goal is to get to a hundred by the end of this year, and we are doing pretty well on that. People are really interested in reading about it.”

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