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Alexa Cappelli on Her Viral Music Career & New Single, “Temporary”


Alexa Cappelli on Her Viral Music Career & New Single, “Temporary”

Alexa Cappelli is a singer and artist who recently went viral on TikTok with her single, “Could’ve Just Left Me Alone.” This single received over 15.7 million views and over 15 million streams worldwide, Today, she shares about her latest release, “Temporary,” her future plans, and how she promotes her music online.

Alexa Cappelli has always loved music. From a young age, her mom noticed she could carry a tune alongside her dad, who sang and played guitar around their home. As a result, her mom signed Alexa up for voice lessons in the second grade. Alexa began performing at recitals and gigs around the city shortly after. 

At the age of 12, she participated in a vocal contest and won in her age group. This accomplishment led her to realize that music was something she wanted to pursue. Later, Alexa attended an art high school where she studied musical theater. During her senior year, she was featured on a televised singing show. 

Alexa Cappelli on Her Viral Music Career & New Single, “Temporary”

Alexa Cappelli has had a crazy few months after her song “Could’ve Just Left Me Alone” went viral on TikTok and gained over 15.7 million views and over 15 million streams worldwide since the original release. She also recently signed with David Massey at Artista Records. 

Her new single, “Temporary,” has the label’s full support, an impressive 10,000 pre-saves, and a massive amount of fan momentum since they began teasing the release.

“Temporary” is a fall anthem that she hopes will inspire fans to stay true to their standards and not compromise what they deserve. Many of her fans love Alexa’s intentional storytelling and the substance she brings to the music industry. 

Today, we speak with Alexa about her new release, “Temporary,” and how she promotes her music online. 

Alexa Cappelli on Her Viral Music Career & New Single, “Temporary”

Releasing Her New Single, “Temporary”

Alexa Cappelli shares that the inspiration behind her new single, “Temporary,” came from her dating life and staying true to herself. 

She explains, “I hadn’t dated in a while, and I was talking to this guy over last summer, and he was a friend of a friend, and he was super sweet and kind and everything, but the more that I talked to him, I kind of had a feeling things were not going to work out. It’s something my gut was just saying that we had too many differences.”

Alexa Cappelli on Her Viral Music Career & New Single, “Temporary”

This gut feeling led her to end the relationship. 

“It took a lot in me to end it [the relationship] because the feelings I had were real, but we just didn’t want the same things, and that was really difficult. So, the song is like me validating myself and my perspective.”

She adds that there are many songs about being broken up with. However, not many discuss how hard it is to break up with someone. 

“In this song, there’s the line in it where it says, “We haven’t talked in four months when I saw you, it clicked, and it’s like if we were so together by this point, we’d be arguing about these things… I’m proud of myself for ending it and being okay with leaving something good for the potential of something better in the future.”

Promoting Her New Song “Temporary”

Alexa Cappelli shares that one of the primary ways she is promoting her new song is through her TikTok account. 

“I like to do it in ways that aren’t necessarily predictable. Sometimes, I’ll sing with my friend or producer or something like that, or I’ll try and lean into trends or some fans of mine that have posted videos of the song with little trends that they’ve come up with, so that’s really fun.”

@alexacappellimusic Reply to @xx.felicity.boeynaems.xx ⚠️⚠️⚠️ #whatsloveifitstemporary ♬ Temporary – Alexa Cappelli

Alexa Cappelli adds that she loves sharing behind-the-scenes clips and photos showcasing the process of making the song and content on Instagram. On TikTok, she enjoys going live and interacting with fans in real time. On YouTube, she focuses more on music videos and behind-the-scenes videos. 

Alexa Cappelli on Her Viral Music Career & New Single, “Temporary”

Alexa’s Viral Music Career

A previous release, “Could’ve Just Left Me Alone,” went viral a few months ago, jumpstarting her career. Alexa shares that she created a variety of content for that song to promote it. 

Alexa Cappelli shares, “I wrote that [“Could’ve Just Left Me Alone”] the day before I posted about it. The video that took off is actually the second video that I posted about it, not the first one. It was just me jamming out to the song. I love the music that I make, and I’m so honored to get to make it. My friend recorded me on the couch, and I was just singing along.”

She adds that she frequently squeals or screams in the studio because she gets so excited about the music. 

After posting that video, Alexa shared that her comments were flooded with people telling her to add the scream into the video. 

“So, me and my producer racked our head against the wall trying to figure out how to add this scream into the song. Now, it’s tucked in really nicely into the song, so I love it. It was a journey of what the process was like to get the song out.”

She shares that the scream has become a bit of her signature in person when she gets really excited. 

Alexa Cappelli on Her Viral Music Career & New Single, “Temporary”

Alexa’s Future Plans

Alexa Cappelli shares that she is currently working on her debut album, which she is very excited about. She has also teased several songs from the album on her social media accounts. 

“[I’m] continuing to write new songs with new people and collaborators that are being set up by the label that I’m signed to now, which is amazing. I honestly could not be more excited. I’m obviously really excited about each individual song, and I pour my heart into it, and I do my best to be very intentional with what I’m saying and putting out into the world.”

In closing, she shares, “There’s power in numbers, and I said this the other day… but I just feel like if we can work harder at lifting each other up, there’s going to be a lot more chances that we’re going to get uplifted as well. So, lean on your people. Tell them you love them.”

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