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AnyMind’s Aditya Aima Reveals How Their New GenAI Functionality Is Impacting Influencer Marketing Across 15 Markets

AnyMind’s Aditya Aima Reveals How Their New GenAI Functionality Is Impacting Influencer Marketing Across 15 Markets

Asian tech company AnyMind Group, which went public just last year, is making waves with its innovative platform, AnyTag. Its sophisticated AI solutions offer new possibilities for brands and influencers alike. Aditya Aima, Managing Director, Growth Markets at AnyMind, shares insights into the company’s approach to influencer marketing and its vision for the industry’s future. From advanced search capabilities to predictive analytics, AnyTag is setting new standards for how brands connect with creators and audiences across diverse markets.

Aditya brings over a decade of experience in Southeast Asia’s digital industry to his role at the fast-growing tech company. With a background in engineering and an MBA, Aditya’s career spans media, content sales, research, marketing, and digital implementation. At AnyMind, he focuses on demand generation and business development. “My job necessarily involves meeting our partners, helping them understand our propositions better, working with internal teams across markets, and driving growth,” he explains.

AnyMind has expanded exponentially since its founding eight years ago. The company now operates 23 offices across 15 markets and employs 1,672 staff. Aditya describes the company as “a bus company for marketing, e-commerce, and digital transformation” but adds enthusiasm, “When I’m presenting it with a little bit of fanfare, I kind of present it as a rocket ship.”

The company offers a suite of products and services, including digital marketing, gaming solutions, and logistics support. “For most of the agency partners that I can speak of for Southeast Asia, Japan, and greater China, we have been dealing with many business functions,” Aditya notes.

AnyTag: AI-Powered Influencer Marketing Platform

AnyMind is leveraging artificial intelligence to revamp influencer marketing with AnyTag. Aditya emphasizes the platform’s comprehensive capabilities, highlighting AnyTag’s extensive functionality, from influencer search and identification to campaign execution across multiple social media platforms.

The platform’s AI-driven features enable it to run campaigns programmatically and identify lower-funnel KPIs for clients. Aditya notes, “We can do very holistic reporting, subject to the client’s requirements.”

AnyMind’s commitment to AI innovation is evident in its establishment of an AI lab about a year ago. This initiative has allowed the company to explore large language models and generative AI applications. “We had trained our data sets,” Aditya explains, describing features like similar influencer recommendations and vector search analysis. He says that the integration of generative AI was “an organic evolution” for the company.

According to the exec, the new AI functionalities align with AnyMind’s mission to make every business borderless. “Creating a far more productive work stream and creating a sense of delivery that was on point and far more sophisticated… automatically just kind of sat in the middle of our mission statement,” Aditya concludes.

AnyMind’s Aditya Aima Reveals How Their New GenAI Functionality Is Impacting Influencer Marketing Across 15 Markets

GenAI Enhancements: Elevating AnyTag’s AI Capabilities

AnyTag has introduced new generative AI functionalities, building upon its existing AI features to offer more sophisticated and user-friendly solutions. The platform now incorporates natural language processing, allowing users to utilize prompts for better results. “We can use many chat interfaces that enable the user to be prompted by the chat user interface as well,” Aditya notes.

This enhancement mainly benefits users who may need to be more technically adept or are new to the platform. The AI assists in formulating more effective search strings and prompts, leading to more relevant outcomes.

AnyTag’s GenAI capabilities have enhanced the platform’s “lookalike” functionality. Aditya explains, “Today, the lookalikes can be done on multimodal models. So I think the GenAI tool has brought us a far greater association and sophistication.”

The system can now set broad parameters and guardrails and fine-tune outputs almost intuitively. Aditya elaborates that this advancement is compelling when combined with AnyMind’s robust first-party data sets from multiple campaigns across multiple regions and clients.

Conversation-Based and Image-Based Search

The platform offers conversation-based influencer search, which Aditya says “definitely shortens the time for users to sift through the various filters.” He describes this feature as vital in heterogeneous markets, transcending language barriers and adapting to diverse influencer cohorts.

AnyTag’s image-based search allows users to find influencers based on post images and screenshots from previous campaigns. Aditya explains, “We can find influencers, create contextual content demands, and link those across campaigns across countries.” This functionality benefits brands seeking regional expansion, as it helps identify influencers who can maintain a consistent brand tone or style across multiple markets.

Leveraging Multi-Modal Data for Enhanced Accuracy

AnyTag’s use of multi-modal data significantly improves the accuracy and efficiency of influencer recommendations. “The more dimensions there are, the better the evaluation is, the better the search results are,” Aditya notes. It allows for a more sophisticated analysis of text, images, and other content formats, leading to more precise content ideation and post-campaign analytics.

The platform’s GenAI capabilities leverage data from over 750,000 influencers and 9,000 campaigns. Aditya emphasizes the value of this first-party data: “Having done and executed over 9,000 campaigns, we can find a relevant influencer using GenAI.” Such an extensive database, Aditya says, allows AnyTag to provide insights and recommendations based on objective campaign performance metrics.

Streamlining Campaign Creation and Execution

The new GenAI features streamline various aspects of influencer marketing campaigns, from influencer selection to performance expectations and content ideation. Aditya highlights that as datasets grow, the system can help identify potential fraud, such as discrepancies in follower counts.

“Eventually [it will] help us randomly pick influencers and look at the incremental reach that those set of influencers would have versus a second set of influencers,” Aditya predicts more advanced capabilities, adding that the functionality could allow brands to optimize for incremental or overall reach, depending on their campaign goals.

AnyMind’s Plan for an AI-Driven Influencer Marketing

AnyMind’s journey in developing and implementing GenAI features for its AnyTag platform has been challenging. Aditya highlights data fidelity as a primary concern for the product and development teams.

“Being able to clean up that data and constantly look at making sure that the first-party data sets that we have, the campaign analytics that we have, we can put them in a concerted and a coherent fashion into our system so that we can derive insights out of that,” the entrepreneur explains.

The company focuses on accurately tracking influencer metrics and campaign performances to ensure reliable outcomes. Aditya underscores data cleaning and deduplication to drive better results.

To ensure data quality and reliability, AnyMind leverages its direct relationships with influencers through its influencer management platform. “Because we help them and they see us as a partner in their growth as well, not just about bringing the demand to them, there is a far more symbiotic relationship,” Aditya notes.

Looking to the future, AnyMind plans to expand its AI capabilities beyond influencer marketing. Aditya envisions GenAI assisting with script editing, improved creativity, and technology-based analysis. He anticipates more sophisticated bottom-funnel conversion campaigns using affiliate marketers to drive sales and revenue functions for clients.

The company also explores integrating influencer marketing data with its e-commerce and direct-to-consumer initiatives. “We are looking at GenAI’s applicability… We are bringing business solutions to our clients,” Aditya states, stressing the practical application of AI to drive tangible results for AnyMind’s clients.

AnyMind’s Aditya Aima Reveals How Their New GenAI Functionality Is Impacting Influencer Marketing Across 15 Markets

Aditya Gives His Creator Economy Forecast

Aditya offers insights into the transformative trends shaping the creator economy and his vision for its future. Over the past few years, he has observed a significant shift in the creator industry. “Many influencers understood the real advocacy they could carry,” he notes. AnyMind has played a crucial role in this evolution, helping influencers transition from content creators to brand owners and entrepreneurs.

“We’ve been able to look at this entire ecosystem as a whole instead of just looking at it from one end,” Aditya explains how the holistic approach has enabled AnyMind to support creators in growing their influence and developing their brands.

The managing director believes the creator economy is breaking down traditional silos within organizations, forcing more engagement across different departments. “The organic evolution would be that the over-index of measurement, which was on digital before, would probably now start permeating across all other legacy media units as well,” he predicts.

Aditya also foresees the potential impact of AI and avatars in the creator space. He speculates a future where AI-powered avatars could conduct interviews or create content streams.

Leveraging AI in Marketing: Advice for Agencies and Industry Players

Aditya offers valuable advice for marketing agencies and creator economy pros looking to incorporate AI into their strategies.

First and foremost, the industry veteran emphasizes the importance of trust in partnerships. “Evaluate them. Work with them, evaluate them, and drop them if you do not find that they are working for you or your future,” Aditya advises. He encourages seeking partners capable of providing insightful analysis and predictions for both past and future campaigns.

Aditya stresses the need for open communication and continuous learning. “Be open to learning and unlearn just as much and as fast,” he says.

Innovation is another key focus. Aditya urges professionals to seek innovation and actively participate in it. “That idea does not have to come from your partner alone. That idea can come from within you as well,” he explains.

In his final thoughts, Aditya envisions a more collaborative industry. He calls for greater transparency, acknowledgment of inspirational work, and cooperation in solving client problems. He encourages professionals to learn from global best practices and to be open to taking calculated risks.

“We should try and be a little bit more open towards taking a punt,” Aditya concludes, implying that progress often comes from stepping out of comfort zones and embracing new possibilities.

Cecilia Carloni, Interview Manager at Influence Weekly and writer for NetInfluencer. Coming from beautiful Argentina, Ceci has spent years chatting with big names in the influencer world, making friends and learning insider info along the way. When she’s not deep in interviews or writing, she's enjoying life with her two daughters. Ceci’s stories give a peek behind the curtain of influencer life, sharing the real and interesting tales from her many conversations with movers and shakers in the space.

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