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All About the Abercrombie Influencer Program


All About the Abercrombie Influencer Program

Abercrombie is a retailer of men’s and women’s fashion and currently operates over 700 stores worldwide. Although the brand received criticism in the past regarding discrimination and a lack of inclusivity, the company’s rebranding efforts have seen massive success. Today, brand ambassadors from all sizes and backgrounds represent Abercrombie on their social media accounts. Find out more about the Abercrombie influencer program in this article.

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Abercrombie & Fitch Co. was founded in 1892 in New York City and currently operates over 700 stores worldwide. In the beginning, Abercrombie functioned as an outdoor specialty retailer, selling camping, hunting, and fishing gear. Today, Abercrombie is a retailer of men’s and women’s fashion, and also has a children’s clothing line. The company owns and operates several brands, including Hollister Co., Gilly Hicks, and Social Tourist. 

All About the Abercrombie Influencer Program

In the mid 2000’s, Abercrombie received a significant amount of backlash. In 2005, the company was hit with a racial discrimination lawsuit, which led to the resignation of the company’s then president. The brand also had a negative reputation for a lack of inclusivity towards plus sizes. Executives decided to embark on a massive rebranding campaign in 2016, which has been widely successful. Today, the brand focuses on diversity and inclusion, which is evident in their marketing campaigns and product offerings. 

All About the Abercrombie Influencer Program

Who Are the Abercrombie Influencers and What Do They Do?

Abercrombie brand ambassadors range from well-known online celebrities to the company’s employees and nano influencers. The brand recently launched a line of athletic wear, and here, mega-influencer and blogger Mik Zazon sports a matching red outfit. 

In this round up post on Instagram, actress, singer, and dancer Joci Scott also models some Abercrombie athletic apparel. The post features several other influencers and brand ambassadors in workout gear as well. 

Model Jordan Addesi is featured in this reel, along with a couple other male models. The group is wearing some of Abercrombie’s khaki pants, cargo pants, and jeans.

What Are the Abercrombie Influencer Requirements?

It’s clear that Abercrombie partners with influencers and brand ambassadors, as they frequently reshare content on their official social media channels. However, it’s unclear how to officially work with the brand as an influencer. It seems as though Abercrombie features social media influencers with various audience sizes, and includes a large number of nano influencers. They also work with both men and women. 

Abercrombie also frequently features their employees on social media. The hashtag #ANFAssociate accompanies these posts and employees from stores across the US are represented. Abercrombie has also made more of a conscious effort to boost diversity and inclusivity, as the brand has fallen under criticisms in the past. 

How to Promote Abercrombie Products as an Influencer and Make Money

It is unclear how to become an official Abercrombie affiliate partner, as there is no specific information on the company’s website. However, it appears that the brand works with affiliate network Sovrn Commerce. The benefits of an affiliate partnership with Abercrombie are also unknown, however we did find some clues in our research. In a recent Business Insider article, sales commissions for affiliates were reportedly 15%. 

According to the Abercrombie website, the brand does offer special promo and discount codes for social media influencers and affiliates. However, there is no information posted there regarding additional perks. 

How Influencers Promote Abercrombie on TikTok

Over on Abercrombie’s TikTok account, the brand features several affiliates and influencers. In this video, Dawn Monteith, RN tries out some of the brand’s new workout gear. Dawn shows off an all-red ensemble and gives it her approval.

@abercrombie All YPB is 40% off right now. Use code: TIKTOKYPB for an extra 20% off. @dawnmonteith.rn #YPB #Abercrombie #Active #Activewear #UGC #Workout #WorkoutSet #Fitness #Gym #GymWear #FitnessGirl #Leggings #SportsBra #Athleisure #Clothing #FitnessWear #Yoga #Style #Apparel #Hoodies #YogaWear #TryOnHaul #Haul ♬ original sound – abercrombie

Here, influencer Ayanna Alexis asks her followers “this or that” in a video featuring several Abercrombie pieces. The items she displays could be used as holiday gift ideas and include sweaters, a hat and scarf, and pants.

@abercrombie In case you need some gift inspo. @Ayanna Alexis #abercrombie #fyp ♬ original sound – abercrombie

In another clip showcasing Abercrombie’s athletic wear, Maria Ulmer warms up for some Black Friday shopping. Maria’s wearing a matching green and black long sleeve top and leggings. 

@abercrombie They call it a HIIT workout, we call it Black Friday shopping. @Maria Ulmer #YPB ♬ original sound – abercrombie

How Influencers Promote Abercrombie on Instagram

Abercrombie’s official Instagram account has just under five million followers and features professional models, influencers, and brand ambassadors. Here, digital creator Sam Stephen dresses up for a chilly day in an Abercrombie outfit. Sam models the brand’s vegan leather jacket paired with a beanie, sunglasses, and turtleneck sweater. 

Showing off some athletic wear from the brand’s men’s collection, fitness trainer Louis Lee strikes a pose in the gym. Louis is wearing a matching black hoodie and leggings, paired with athletic sneakers.

In this reel, influencer Mia Dempsey models a pair of Abercrombie’s viral Sloane Tailored Pant. Mia styles the trousers seven different ways, including both casual and more formal looks. 

How Influencers Promote Abercrombie on YouTube

Lifestyle vloggers and influencers on YouTube feature Abercrombie merchandise in try-on and haul videos throughout the seasons. Here, fashion and beauty vlogger Kelly tries on several Spring and Summer outfits. Kelly models a number of dresses and tops along with a pair of floral printed shorts.

In this Winter try-on haul, Kait Curnow models some of the brand’s trending pieces. Highlights include a pair of Abercrombie vegan leather pants, a camel colored peacoat, sweaters, and distressed denim. 

Alexis Therese Castillo features Fall fashions from Abercrombie in her try-on video. Alexis showcases several pants, tops, and dresses. She also includes some men’s clothing as well as a few pieces of athletic wear. 


Abercrombie is a well-known casual clothing brand for both women and men. Despite harsh criticisms in the past, the company is making a comeback. If you’d like to participate in the Abercrombie affiliate program, consider signing up with Sovrn

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