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11 Best Keto Influencers To Follow For Recipes and Motivation


11 Best Keto Influencers To Follow For Recipes And Motivation

The ketogenic diet has gained popularity in recent times owing to its weight loss benefits and reduction in blood sugar. A keto diet can be hard to keep up, but that’s where these 11 keto influencers come in. Follow them for motivation, recipes, and meal prep tips.

Whether you’re on the lookout for some motivation to get on that keto diet, searching for some new recipes, or simply wish to learn more about the keto fad, these 11 keto influencers on Instagram are here to help. 

But remember to always get the green light from your physician before you hop on the ketogenic diet. Let’s dive in!

11 Best Keto Influencers on Instagram

Check out these keto influencers and achieve all your low-carb high-fat diet goals. 

1. Suzanne Ryan (@ketokarma)

Followers: 329k

Suzanne went from being overweight for most of her life to losing 100 lbs in just a year after she shifted to a keto diet! She’s on a mission to share her journey as well as tips with others like her. She posts a lot of low-carb recipes that are easy to whip up, grocery hauls, and keto reviews. 

One of her favorite things to do is taking classic recipes and turning them keto-friendly. You’ll find recipes for everything from keto smoothies and cookies to short ribs and French toast on her Instagram and blog! Suzanne has also authored two books called “Simply Keto” and “Beyond Simply Keto.”

2. Lynn Terry (@lowcarbtraveler)

Followers: 96.9k

Lynn travels a lot and still manages to maintain a keto diet while out on the road. After gaining a lot of weight in her 40’s and almost being diagnosed with fibromyalgia, she went on a low-carb diet. Not only did she manage to lose 8 lbs in 10 days, she also currently lives pain free! 

Her page (and blog) are geared towards people who live a busy lifestyle and cannot spend hours in the kitchen cooking complicated items. All of the food she makes and posts about is very simple. Her page is perfect for those who eat out a lot and still want to stick to a keto diet. 

3. Carolyn Ketchum (@fooddreamer)

Followers: 281k

Who says you need to give up on your sweet tooth if you go on a keto diet? Carolyn has a major sweet tooth and loves baking. After being diagnosed with gestational diabetes, she found that she could make low-carb versions of all her favorite foods without sacrificing taste. Her mission is to prove that low-carb gluten-free dishes can be better than their sugar/ flour-filled counterparts. 

On her account and blog, you will find keto-friendly recipes of pretty much every dessert imaginable in addition to soups and main dishes. She’s also the author of several cookbooks that contain mouth-watering keto recipes. 

4. Christina (@cheeseisthenewbread)

Followers: 158k

Christina believes in sharing keto recipes that are low-carb but “high yum.” She’s the creator of micro tacos and cheese buns that can be customized any way you wish. Her cheese buns recipe is literally using cheese as the new bread (more info in her highlights). In addition to her very detailed recipes, she also shares her keto grocery hauls and snacks as well as her favorite keto companies!

5. Mellissa Sevigny (@ibreatheimhungry

Followers: 138k

After realizing that the reason many people give up on their low-carb diet is because they found the food to be boring, Mellissa decided to start sharing her keto recipes on her account and blog. Her goal is to get people to look and feel their best while eating delicious food. 

Mellissa’s mouth-watering recipes are perfect for people with a lot of dietary restrictions. Not only are they easy to make, they will also satisfy your cravings. She has authored several books chock full of amazing keto recipes. You can also follow her free Keto Weekly Menu Plans for some great results. 

6. Craig and Team (@ruledme)

Followers: 237k

Ruled me is a veritable treasure trove of everything keto and is all about ruling the keto diet and getting healthy. Founded by Craig, Ruled Me’s team consists of doctors, biologists, pharmacists, and dieticians, so you can be sure that the information you’re getting is legit! 

In addition to amazing low-carb recipes, their website contains everything you need to get started with keto and keep up with it. This includes a comprehensive beginner’s guide, a keto food list, an FAQ, how to fast intermittently while on a keto diet, and how to maintain a keto lifestyle while on a budget! They also have an app called The Keto Academy where you get meal plans tailored for your body. 

7. Martina Slajerova (@martinaslajerova)

Followers: 165k

Martina went on a low-carb diet during and after her pregnancy due to Hashimoto’s, an autoimmune condition. On her Instagram, she posts several delicious keto recipes and even includes how many carbs, protein, fat, and energy they contain. As a bonus, you even get to see cute pictures of her toddlers!

Martina’s blog has comprehensive articles and guides on low-carb alternatives to pretty much every food you can think of. She’s also the creator of the Keto Diet app that gives you a complete guide to the ketogenic diet, lets you plan your diet and create custom foods with over 2000 recipes, and even helps you track your goals! 

8. Sarah Kadison (@sarahsfitfood)

Followers: 294k

Are you a dessert lover who doesn’t want to give up your sweet tooth for a keto diet? You can have both! Sarah is a healthy dessert creator who posts tons of keto-friendly dessert recipes. Whether you’re craving some brownies or cookie truffles, head to her account and follow the cooking instructions. 

Sarah is also the founder of FitBake, a company that sells dessert mixes and frostings that are low-carb, gluten-free, and contain no refined sugar. The company sells everything from buttercream to cake mix, and it is all keto-friendly!

9. Alese (@lowkarbkhaleesi)

Followers: 126k

After going through a diabetic pregnancy, Alese went on a ketogenic diet. She was able to control her blood sugar levels without insulin or medication during her second pregnancy. On her account, she posts appetizing keto recipes, keto shopping list for beginners, product reviews, and how to stick to your low-carb diet at restaurants. She also shares her journey with gestational diabetes, gives you a peek inside her shopping cart, and answers any questions you might have.

10. Jeny (@keto_with_jeny)

Followers: 102k

Jeny was able to lose 47 lbs after just 4 months of being on a ketogenic diet! She wants to help others lead a healthy lifestyle by sharing easy-to-make recipes that don’t use a lot of ingredients and can be whipped up pretty quickly. All her dishes look scrumptious and will make your mouth water!

11. Irick Wiggins (@ketosnackz)

Followers: 1.3M

Irick is a huge foodie who shares recipes for low-carb snacks that are super easy to make and taste delicious! Going on a keto diet helped him shed 80 lbs and turn his life around. He wants to help others live a healthy life by motivating them and spreading positivity as well as awareness about the keto diet. He wants to be the wingman to everyone who’s breaking up with carbs.

He’s also the author of a cookbook called “Care Free Keto.” On his blog, he shares a lot of guides about starting a keto diet, including what to eat and some of his favorite kitchen essentials for making snacks. 

So, what do you think? Ready to let go of carbs and switch to eating healthy instead?

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