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Yocheved's Journey Exploring Texas With Texas Wanderers


Yocheved’s Journey: Exploring Texas With Texas Wanderers

Yocheved, the creative mind behind Texas Wanderers, has embarked on a captivating journey through the heart of Texas, capturing the beauty, authenticity, and spirit of this remarkable state. With a background in digital marketing and a passion for adventure, Yocheved’s path to becoming a content creator and travel enthusiast is both inspiring and relatable.

Her journey into the world of content creation began unexpectedly, catalyzed by a simple comment from a friend during the summer of 2020. Having been laid off from her job amid the pandemic, Yocheved saw an opportunity to channel her energy into a passion project.

Having relocated to Texas with her family over a decade ago, Yocheved discovered the allure of the vast landscapes and diverse destinations that the state has to offer. Family road trips became a way of life, with her young children dictating the itinerary by necessitating stops at intriguing locales along the way. The accidental experts in Texas travel gradually gained recognition among friends and acquaintances for their deep knowledge of the state.

She recounts, “We moved down to Texas about 11 years ago, and we had little kids at the time. Whenever we had a vacation, flights were really expensive, so we decided we would go on road trips instead. We ended up going to so many different places.”

The pivotal moment arrived when a friend playfully suggested the idea of starting a blog to share their wealth of Texas travel experiences. This casual remark served as the catalyst for Texas Wanderers to step into the world of content creation. Thus, a digital journey infused with authentic Texas exploration began.

This wanderlust-driven exploration sparked the birth of Texas Wanderers, where Yocheved would share her family’s experiences, insights, and recommendations about various Texan destinations.

With a dynamic mix of vivid storytelling, family-oriented adventures, and a commitment to showcasing the beauty of the Lone Star State, Texas Wanderers have captured the hearts of both nature enthusiasts and families seeking memorable getaways.

Yocheved’s Journey: Exploring Texas With Texas Wanderers

A Path Carved by Authenticity and Family Values

What sets Texas Wanderers apart from the myriad of travel influencers is the dedication to authenticity and the spotlight on family adventures. While many influencers curate meticulously staged content, Texas Wanderers chooses a different path, offering a glimpse into the unfiltered reality of family travel. The content is as real as it gets, with candid shots of her children and the captivating landscapes taking center stage.

Rather than conforming to the stereotypical solo traveler or couple-centric narratives, Texas Wanderers embraces the family aspect of exploration. This choice resonates with audiences seeking relatable experiences, as they are guided through journeys that reflect the true essence of a family’s connection with their surroundings.

“I kind of just do very down-to-earth, very real. It’s just me and my kids mostly,” she explains. Her posts capture genuine moments, whether it’s her kids exploring the landscapes or the raw beauty of the locations they visit. This relatable approach resonates with her audience, creating a unique niche in the travel content sphere.

“I wanted to create content that reflects our actual experiences as a family. While I appreciate the beauty of staged photos, I believe that showcasing real-life moments can connect with people on a deeper level,” Yocheved shares. Her commitment to authenticity has forged a strong bond between her and her audience, who see her as not just an influencer, but a fellow traveler and parent sharing relatable experiences.

Unveiling the Hidden Gems of Texas

One of the most memorable experiences for Yocheved and her family was their journey to Big Bend National Park in West Texas. She describes it as an awe-inspiring destination that offers a unique sense of untouched vastness. “It really makes you realize how huge the world is and how small we are,” she marvels. The rugged beauty of Big Bend, with its expansive landscapes and untouched wilderness, left an indelible mark on Yocheved and her followers.

“Big Bend is a place of contrasts—vast desert landscapes, meandering rivers, and towering mountain peaks. It’s a microcosm of the diverse beauty that Texas holds within its borders,” Yocheved reflects. Through her lens, she encapsulates the essence of these natural wonders, inviting her audience to immerse themselves in the breathtaking landscapes of Texas.

Navigating the Landscape of Content Creation

Navigating the world of content creation and social media requires staying current with trends, algorithms, and changes on various platforms. Given her digital marketing background, Yocheved maintains a pulse on industry developments. 

While she acknowledges the value of trends, she maintains her authenticity, avoiding the trap of conforming to fleeting fads. “I don’t really do a lot of the reel trends. I just try to find a song or something that kind of goes with the content I’m posting,” she shares, highlighting her focus on staying true to her content’s essence.

“There are numerous influencer experts who often share their thoughts on how they would approach social media if they had to create a new account tomorrow and start from scratch. However, my perspective is quite different. In my opinion, if these experts were to truly begin their accounts anew, the chances are high that their accounts might struggle to gain traction. The reason behind this is that a significant portion of an account’s success seems to be influenced by Instagram’s unpredictable algorithms.

Certainly, there are strategies and actions one can take to enhance visibility and potentially increase the viewership of videos. But, I hold the view that a considerable part of achieving success on Instagram depends on being in the right place at the right time.”

As Texas Wanderers’ influence grows, the challenge of catering to a diverse audience arises. While rooted in nature-centric explorations, the content’s recent expansion to include more commercial destinations and family-oriented attractions aims to strike a balance between authenticity and a broader appeal. Texas Wanderers acknowledges the need to cater to varied interests while remaining true to the family-focused, unfiltered style that has endeared her to her audience.

In an era where consistency and adaptability are key, Yocheved’s commitment to her niche and audience shines through. “I think the family aspect, along with the very down-to-earth aspect kind of appeals to my following,” she notes. Balancing her content to cater to both nature enthusiasts and those seeking family-friendly destinations, Yocheved navigates her evolving audience landscape with thoughtfulness.

“I envision Texas Wanderers becoming a platform that not only offers travel recommendations but also serves as a source of inspiration for families seeking unforgettable experiences,” Yocheved envisions. Her aspiration to provide a space where families can connect, explore, and create lasting memories reflects her deep-rooted belief in the power of shared adventures.

Navigating Collaborations and Unforgettable Experiences

Collaborations have been a significant aspect of Yocheved’s journey as Texas Wanderers. She detailed her experiences partnering with tourism boards, which allowed her to delve deeper into Texas towns and regions. “When I work with a tourism board, I feel like I get to do more than I might do on my own. They introduce me to unique places and activities,” she shared. These partnerships have not only enriched her adventures but also provided her audience with fresh insights into the diverse facets of Texas.

One collaboration, in particular, stands out in Yocheved’s memory – her visit to KidZania in Frisco. This imaginative destination captured the hearts of both children and adults alike. 

“My favorite collaboration to date also happens to be one that gained the most visibility (currently at around 5 million views on IG and almost 3 million on TikTok). The collaboration centered around a town in Frisco called KidZania. This unique place can be described as a miniature town designed exclusively for children. Here, kids have the opportunity to take on various jobs and earn money, which they can then spend on a range of activities. For instance, there’s a sort of simulated rock climbing activity, though it involves scaling the side of a building. Another attraction includes a firetruck experience, where kids can interact with a firefighter and participate in simulated fire-fighting activities.

What makes it particularly fascinating is that I’d never encountered anything quite like it before. It appears that KidZania in Frisco is the only one of its kind in the United States, but similar establishments exist in various other countries around the world. It was truly captivating to witness individuals from places like India and Mexico, as well as numerous other countries, sharing their versions of this concept.” she enthused.

TikTok and the Pursuit of Diversification

Beyond her blog and Instagram, Yocheved has ventured into the realm of TikTok, offering yet another avenue for her content to flourish. Although she initially struggled to grasp the platform’s dynamics, her persistence paid off as several of her TikTok videos gained substantial traction. “I just post there because it allows me to put content out there and see what happens,” she noted. This diversification allows her to tap into different audiences while staying true to her travel-focused content.

“For TikTok, I don’t create new content; I primarily repost existing content. I’ve noticed that on TikTok, there seems to be a somewhat reduced sense of community because the viewers of your videos aren’t necessarily the same individuals who follow you. When I scroll through TikTok, I often come across videos from random users. This dynamic leads me to feel that the platform operates more on the premise that you share your content, and then it’s open to be viewed by a diverse range of people. Some might be your followers, but many could be entirely new audiences.

I’ve also experimented with sharing my content on YouTube shorts since the format is quite similar, and that includes my travel-related content as well. However, on YouTube shorts, it feels like I’m in a similar position to where I was on TikTok about a year ago, which is a bit amusing.”

Navigating this landscape isn’t without its challenges. “Consistency is key,” Yocheved emphasized. She shared her insights on maintaining motivation during times when algorithms seem capricious. “Recently, my views on Instagram were down, and it was discouraging. But I reminded myself that I can control the content I put out, not how Instagram promotes it.” This perspective has helped her weather fluctuations in engagement, focusing on what she can influence – the quality and authenticity of her content.

Striking a Balance Between Public and Private

As a travel influencer and a parent, Yocheved faces the delicate task of balancing her adventures with her children’s privacy. She admitted to being cautious about sharing real-time content when traveling with her kids. “I typically won’t post to my stories until I’m back, just for safety reasons,” she explained. Maintaining a balance between showcasing her travel experiences and protecting her family’s privacy is a challenge she approaches thoughtfully.

Yocheved also delved into a more personal aspect of her life. She spoke candidly about her recent separation, a decision that prompted her to share her journey with her audience. “I wanted brands and followers to understand that my trips might involve different dynamics now,” she explained. Opening up about this aspect of her life, while maintaining her boundaries, reflected her commitment to authenticity while respecting her personal space.

Nurturing Growth and Resilience

For aspiring creators venturing into the travel niche, Yocheved’s advice echoes the sentiment of many successful content creators – consistency and dedication are paramount. “Commit to it and give it your all,” she advised. Yocheved believes that consistent effort and a willingness to adapt to changing algorithms and trends can lead to eventual success. “It could be slow at first, but eventually it’ll take off,” she reassured.

“It’s a two-way street. I believe that when a video becomes remarkably successful—let’s say it goes viral—there’s a temptation to think, “Great, I’m gaining hundreds of new followers each day without needing to post anything,” right? But this mindset can backfire in the long run. The truth is that consistency remains crucial, regardless of whether you’re experiencing a surge in popularity or a decline.

Whether you’re riding the wave of a high or navigating through a low point, maintaining consistent activity is what matters. The momentum from a high will eventually diminish, and the downswings will also reach an end.”

Embracing the Texan Spirit

Hailing from the vibrant energy of New York, Yocheved found herself captivated by the palpable patriotism of Texas. “In New York, nobody knows what the state flag looks like. In Texas, the state flag is flying everywhere,” she reminisces. This deep-seated Texan pride became the driving force behind Texas Wanderers.

Yocheved’s goal is crystal clear: “With my account, my objective truly centers around showcasing the incredible aspects of Texas. Having moved here, I’ve come to realize that this state is often underestimated and overlooked. I firmly believe that Texas holds numerous hidden gems, and my goal is to shed light on these lesser-known treasures. There’s an abundance of natural beauty and captivating places that deserve recognition.” 

In a world where the allure of far-flung destinations often steals the spotlight, Yocheved is on a mission to uncover the hidden gems of her own backyard. She seeks to kindle the flame of appreciation for Texas, showcasing its natural wonders, vibrant culture, and undeniable charm.

A Vision Beyond Travel

Yet, Texas Wanderers is more than just a travel account; it’s a testament to Yocheved’s commitment to fostering connections and experiences. In addition to sharing stunning vistas, she envisions creating products that make family travel more enjoyable. 

One such creation is the Texas Road Trip bingo game—an ingenious blend of her captivating photography and the joy of travel. “I just kind of want to create more products like that, for example, hiking journals and just tools to help people get out and enjoy nature,” Yocheved shares. It’s a heartfelt endeavor to help families savor the journey as much as the destination. And while these expeditions fuel her wanderlust, she’s also focused on launching her printable products—tools designed to enrich travelers’ experiences and deepen their connection with nature.


Looking ahead, Yocheved’s vision for Texas Wanderers is driven by gratitude and a desire to share her discoveries with the world. Her love for photography, nature, and Texas radiates from every post, captivating hearts and nurturing a community that appreciates the beauty of the Lone Star State. With an authentic voice and an eye for the extraordinary, Yocheved’s journey unfolds, enriching lives one Texan wonder at a time.

To keep up with Yocheved’s travel escapades and insights, you can follow her on Instagram as @texaswanderers and on TikTok as @texaswanderers. For more travel inspiration, visit her website at

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